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September 2019

My Dear Friend and Fellow Member,


It is good to take some time from our busy lives to visit together via this and Doctor’s letter once again.


There is a lovely yard in the house I am sharing, and for the past few years we have planted tomatoes, cucumbers and herbs on the patio.  This year we invested in one standing raised bed, and had a small 7'x3' plot dug near the fence line.  The tomatoes are doing great. I realized we cramped too many plants in that little plot; 7 or 8 tomato, along with some broccoli, dill,  basil, and a half dozen marigolds to keep the critters away.  The broccoli was tender and delicious and the tomatoes absolutely awesome.  Next year it will have to be a bit larger or plant less.


Like all of you I am a seeker of spiritual understanding.  Wisdom is essential for spiritual awakening.   We have much knowledge in our world, after all we do live in the Information Age.  Children have more knowledge of the world today than their parents or grandparents learned in a lifetime.   However, neither intelligence nor knowledge alone constitutes wisdom.


Intelligence is the ability to learn, to understand and think clearly.  Wisdom is much more than simple intelligence, because wisdom results from applying intelligence to understanding the central issues of life.  Knowledge is the acquisition of information;  wisdom is understanding it.  Knowledge informs us; wisdom transforms us.  Knowledge is something we have; wisdom is something we must become.  Knowledge is expressed in words; wisdom is expressed in our lives.  Knowledge empowers; wisdom empowers and enlightens.


To awaken wisdom in us it is necessary to prepare ourselves for wisdom, then to turn to sources of wisdom - forgetting not that the greatest source of wisdom will be found WITHIN us. Other times it is something we hear or overhear in a conversation, in the media including a mime on social media, or a billboard.   To express and experience wisdom, we must first be open to it.  The importance of being open to receive wisdom is beautifully portrayed in a classic Zen Story of the master who is pouring tea for his student.  The master continues to pour into the full cup.   As the hot tea spills over in the lap of the student - the student cries out enough can’t you see the cup is already full.  Zen master smiles: and so a mind that is completely full of old ideas can’t take in new ones.  If we are locked into our old beliefs, how can we be open to wisdom?  We must let go of what we think we know so we can recognize and hear the inner voice of wisdom.  When we let go of the outer - we can access the inner.   In fact, Buddhism claims: One momentary glimpse of Divine Wisdom born of meditation is more precious than any amount of knowledge.


Once we ready ourselves, we can find wisdom everywhere.  In every person, in every situation and experience to which we bring an open inquiring mind.   Although it is possible to learn from all people and all things, religious traditions advise us to seek wisdom: in nature, in silence and solitude, from the Wise,  from reflecting on the nature of life and death, and in ourselves.


As members of The Theological Science Society we are blessed to have at our finger tips the knowledge and wisdom that Dr. Carruthers left us.  Our membership in and support of this Fellowship indicates our openness to it’s Wisdom.  The material Itself guides us to the Wisdom which is being awakened within us.


Doctor’s warning on page two of his letter is very important to understand: “within the first twenty-four lessons, of the first volume, the neophyte may experience much distress, disappointment, perhaps sorrow, and impatience, but attention to, in close spiritual association with, and a willingness to be guided and directed by, his or her lowly guru, will eradicate much of the travail, and by degrees The path becomes easier to tread.” 


This is one of the reasons we only get one lesson a month.  We need that time to process and absorb the information. As we call forth our inner wisdom and knowledge everything unlike goodness in our life comes to the surface to be examined and discarded, don’t be ashamed, alarmed or disheartened.  This is all part of the process and entirely necessary: these are the building blocks for the new Subconscious we are building and the strong connection we are making with the Omni-conscious, or innate, inherent, inner Mind Center.  This stage prompts us to focus our intention and determination which is essential to our ultimate success.


If you find that you will be out of town for an extended period of time consider notifying us so we know you are taking a hiatus. We can also forward your Lessons to a temporary address or simply stop sending them until your return.  Otherwise, you will find that you are months behind making it difficult to catch up.


I leave you now with my best wishes for a happy, healthy, prosperous and peaceful month.


May the Masters guide and protect you in all ways,



Rev. Ann B. Schmitt




                       Hugh G. Carruthers



 Prior Right Established,  August 1952


Hugh Greer Carruthers, B-11






My beloved Chela,


Please come in, that we may visit together and chat for a few all too

brief minutes.  As I have so often suggested, if it may be inconvenient for you to give the time for a visit together now, lay me aside until you can become comfortably relaxed, and at ease, and then come in unto me, or “open the door” of you own Consciousness and let me come in unto you; “Lo ‘I’ AM with you always…” the Master said in His time, as he also said, “Behold, ‘I’ stand at the door (of your Consciousness) and knock.  If any man hear my Voice ‘I’ will come in to him, and…etc.”


I am often asked by my beloved Chelas for some outline which will clearly

and easily explain to their associates why they have embraced the teachings of the Masters and Elder Brothers, through The Theological Science Fellowship in preference to their former faith, or previous associations.  I shall try, therefore, to offer a succinct resume of reasons which appeal to us as sufficient, but my beloved Chelas will undoubtedly think of many other reasons, equally as good or better, which may be added to what is said here.


Let me begin by saying that my Chelas and Fellow Members of The Theological Science Society are enrolled as Neophytes, (1st Degree) and continue as such while reading and re-reading the Lessons of the First Volume of the Course of Training for Personal Development.  On beginning the First Lesson of Volume No. 2, which is Lesson No. 25, the Fellow Member becomes an accredited Initiate (in the 2nd Degree) and on completion of the Second Volume, Lesson 48, is advanced to Initiate Fellowship in the Third Degree; receiving further instruction for development on The Path to Adeptship, and I trust, to eventual Mastery.


Our Masters and Elder Brothers are as far beyond the most enlightened living scholars, or sages, in spiritual development, as one such is above the lowliest tyro, or Individual.  I might further add that our living Masters are, much like The Grand Master of Tyana, known to the unenlightened Christian world as The Christ, incomparable.  In much the same way that scholars, Initiates, Adepts, Priest-Kings and sages of His time bowed reverently in His magnificent Presence, so Those Who direct the affairs of the several lamaseries recognize our present living Masers as The Omniscient Ones Who guide the destinies of the world of humanity, spiritually.


As the neophyte Theological Scientist engages himself, or herself, in the silent but sure pursuit of The Truth of Being, the task is one of “overcoming” the erroneously developed Subconscious, and rebuilding a new Subconscious in identity with the Omni-conscious, or innate, inherent, inner Mind Center Which The Master Immanuel named “The Kingdom of God,” Which He said, “is within you.”


During this process, or during the pursuit of The Knowledge contained within the first twenty-four Lessons, of the first Volume, the neophyte may experience much distress, disappointment, perhaps sorrow, and impatience, but attention to, in close spiritual associate with, and a willingness to be guided and directed by, his or her lowly guru, will eradicate much of the travail, and by degrees The Path becomes easier to tread.


But it is during such times that strict adherence to the guru’s instructions, coupled with the care and guidance of the guru, that the necessity for “asking,” “pleading,” “begging,” or erroneous supplication becomes not only unnecessary, but objectionable, and the Chela (pupil) slowly develops an ability not hitherto imagined possible.  The seeming need for the care of an unknown Deity slowly passes as the neophyte learns that he, or she, himself, or herself, is the ONLY one who can possibly order, or institute, the Way his or her Soul will go in the earth-plane and in the next successive plane of Being.


All the old former false teaching about a mythical, unknown “hell” of damnation comes to be recognized for just what it was – a material means of bringing the child into subjection and, through fear of The Unknown, holding him in that condition of fear which will not allow of independent thinking as he grows to manhood and womanhood.  Even during periods of seeming

happiness, when all seems to be going well, and the pupil feels that the world, as it is, is good enough, he or she is learning HOW to steer Life’s bark on the turbulent seas of everyday ignorance and personal affairs.


Gradual success in improved health, increased wealth, or assets, and personal happiness is realized as effects of causes which he himself, or she herself, established in conscious mentations. When and if, however, one experiences a disturbance in his success, as may be, due to occasional erroneous thinking; when it seems as if all that he has learned is of little, or no, avail to him; when (as may be) he begins to lose something of what he has gained, and distress begins to engulf him – and even when friends and members of his own family may be at variance with him, and fail him; when human help is unavailing, and it seems that his new Knowledge does not prove Itself, he must be firm enough to steadfastly seek guidance WITHIN himself, from the Source of his Intelligence and Power in “the kingdom of God,” just as does the Captain of a ship when he turns to the North Star for guidance to the port of his destiny, when on the high seas.


In attempting to seek Knowledge of the Self the neophyte deliberately undertakes his personal independent search for the “Holy Grail” – or “cup of Infinite Knowledge” – Which is, indeed, in his own Omni-conscious Mind Center.  Whereas before beginning his search for Truth he had developed a Subconscious channel between Consciousness and the Infinite Cosmic Consciousness of the Omni-conscious Mind, built upon so-called personal knowledge, advice, suggestion, instruction (most of which was false teaching) in contact with the erroneous Consciousness of humanity, he has suddenly determined to seek to Know.  In this he begins to overcome and eradicate the former Subconscious in the development of the new.  Naturally there is bound to be disturbance; the old does not easily “let go” of beliefs, fears and impressed convictions.


Before his decision to seek Knowledge he NEVER made contact with the Omni-conscious Mind Center within.  What came to his Consciousness, in the way of guidance and direction from within, he thought of as “Conscience,” which, undefined and unknown, was believed to be merely “hunches from within.”  Whenever he had a thought to act in a way which might result in distress to himself, or others, he was invariably warned and counseled by his own innate, inherent, inner Omni-conscious Mind, but in his ignorance he ignored all such guidance.  Failing to understand the Wisdom of  “Lo!  ‘I’ AM with you always; ‘I’ will in no wise forsake you,”  he naturally sought advice from whoever he imagined to be an authority on the Way of Life – seeking counsel, or confessing so-called “sins,” praying to an unknown Power which he had been falsely taught to imagine afar off in the skies.


Failing to “be heard,” or “answered,” he sought further counsel from his false teachers who explained that when his God did not want him to have what he asked for.”  Naturally, a Subconscious Mind Center so developed must react and respond similarly, since the Law of Cause and Effect is immutable.   And, naturally, in his ignorance of Cause and Effect, and his own creative Thought-Power in at-one-ment with The Infinite Omnipresence, he was taught, and continued, to depend upon a mythical Source outside of Himself.


When he undertook his search for New Knowledge he began to learn that “There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.”  He began to discover the simple, provable Truth that “As a man thinks, so is he,” and so will he BE.  In controlling his thought processes he began to create Causes which compelled results of a nature identical to the Thoughts which compelled them. At first he was overwhelmingly surprised; it was almost impossible to accept the simple Truth that he, himself, is a creator of Causes which determine the conditions of the affairs of his life.  It seemed to be “almost too good to be true,” but proof was undeniable.


Prior to his Fellowship in and with The Theological Science Society he had sought in other fields.  When he learned that what he had imagined to have been his religious knowledge could not possibly help him to Be and Do, and Have what things soever he desired, he turned to other advertised, or suggested teachings, and one after another was pursued for a time until, it,

or they, too, proved fruitless.


No matter where he sought, or what he brought, or what he read, or studied, he met with the same old formula, or basic teaching, i.e., that God, or Jehovah, or Providence, or Jesus, or Buddha, or Allah, or some titled Deity, ALONE is the Source of whatever power, intelligence, or supply he sought; and that in order to “get” what he may desire, he must grovel before that Deity, supplicate and plead and beg for his desires, without any knowledge whatever of how, or from whence, his desire was to come to him.


His earlier religious training invariably taught that he was literally doomed before he began to live; for he was “born in sin,” and destined to be “lost” unless he could get influence and prestige enough, through the clergy, to escape the mythical “hell” of damnation which, of course, he did not know how to accomplish.  He never thought to read Genesis 2:7, which might compel him to give some reasonable thought to his origin.  He never thought to refer to Luke 17:21, to be compelled to think for himself about “the kingdom of God,” or where his God might be located.  He never thought of trying to locate his God; it was enough that his teachers had told him to “blindly believe” that God is in the skies, somewhere without geographical location and, therefore, inaccessible.


And all the time his God was, and is, WITHIN him.  The old valueless, false teachings helped him to develop a Subconscious misunderstanding and, therefore, an erroneous outward expression.  When he prayed for what he desired, asking, pleading, begging for it, he never received, UNLESS, in his praying he suddenly, somehow, became convinced that what he sought would surely be realized.  When he prayed in “hope,” without any “feeling” of being granted his desire, he depended wholly on “hope,” and hope is NOT expectation; it merely “wishing,” and wishing is not a form of creative thought.  It is a form of mental dissipation and become ruinous.  “Live in hope and die in despair,” is an old, but true adage.


Somehow, from some source, he suddenly learned about one of the great number of teachers, or courses of training, or cults, or groups, or Fellowships; and he enrolled and began to receive the literature; or he may have been led to read some of the philosophical literature, or religious teachings of some of the writers well known for their cultural books.  While the books informed him, and led him to think, none seemed to instruct in methods; and while one course of instruction after another taught him basic principles, such as the Oneness of all life, none seemed to completely satisfy his inner urge for Self Development.


All his former instruction, his early basic religious training, the courses of training in Self Knowledge, added to all his book reading, was costly and often fruitless, but it all added up to one certainty – a muddled, confused, Subconscious development which led to the spectacle of a

living human being, endowed with Infinite Power and Intelligence omni-consciously active, but ignored.  The result is such as is observable in many men and women, and in all walks of life and conditions of being, evidencing fear, worry, lack, loss, limitation, unnecessary illnesses, misery, discord, suffering, poverty, failure, and other forms of distress needlessly.


Suddenly, perhaps, he notices that a friend, relative, or acquaintance seems to be different, changed in manner, and he asks:  “What has caused the change in you?  How have you been able to win the promotion, or increase your clientele, or number of patients, or improve your business, or develop such a noticeable personality?  What have you done to evidence such a striking change?  What do you have that enables you to be different?”


He may ridicule the reply, and imagine that his interrogation is being evaded when his friend or acquaintance replies, “For some time I have been slowly developing through the Course of Training of The Theological Science Society, and through my new Knowledge I have eradicated fear and worry.   When a man or woman realizes his or her spiritual and mental at-one-ment with The Infinite Omnipresence, Which is the Source of Infinite Supply, whether of personal Power, or Intelligence, or ability, or desire, and understands that That Source is NOT afar off somewhere, but WITHIN, one only needs to then apply the principle of his new Knowledge in his thinking.  The rest is easy.  It is the explanation of the statement shown in 2nd Corinthians 5:17:  “Therefore if any man be in Christ (that is christed in Knowledge of His spiritual at-one-ment), he is a new creature; old things are passed away (the old erroneous Subconscious has been overcome in the development of a new Subconsciousness in Truth); behold, all things are become new.”


You CAN apply the same principle for your own guidance as does the Captain of the vessel on the uncharted seas.  He seeks and locates the North Star, as does every intelligent navigator.  You only need to seek the Wisdom and guidance of The “Star of The East,” The Great Master of Wisdom so commonly, but erroneously, referred to as “the crucified Christ” said to have been God on earth, and worshipped, instead of followed in principle of Knowledge.  He never said He was God.  He said that He represented the Light of Mind Which is IN man.  “’I’ AM the Sun (not S-O-N) of Man; the Light and the Way.”  “No man cometh unto the ‘Father’ (The Divine Self within) (Which is omnipresent) save through ‘Me’.”


By that He meant that He was trying to each others by representing That “I” – or Inner Self Which IS One with The Infinite because of the omnipresence of Omnipotence.  He even said, “’I’ and the ‘Father’ are One.  ‘I’ AM IN the ‘Father’ and the ‘Father’ within me.”  When He treated the halt and the lame He treated every one spiritually.  Of course, he practiced what was then known as “the laying on of hands,” which today is known as Chiropractic adjustment, but notice that in doing so He invariably spoke as He did in John 11:41:  “Father I thank Thee that Thou hast heard me. (and 11:42) And I knew that Thou hearest me always; but because of the people which stand by I said it, that they may believe that Thou hast sent me.”  He was a Master, trained and traveled in the Orient during the misnamed “Lost Eighteen years” of His time away from Palestine.


The modern Chiropractic or Osteopathic physician will do well to THINK that same Affirmation whenever he or she attempts to adjust any patient, for after all there is greater Power for results in the spiritual-physical adjustment than in the mere adjustment of the spinal vertebrae.  And there is greater Power for results when the navigator steers by the North Star, and such action is nothing but an evidence of his trust in The Infinite Which sustains and maintains the Cosmos.


When the ship’s navigator scans the heavens for a star whereby to steer his ship safely, he finds that all save one of the innumerable stars, planets, asteroids, constellations and worlds in the visible heavens, are in motion. To follow almost any one of the visible bodies would be disastrous.  To serve the purposes of navigation the guiding star should have to be steadfast, and immovable; and there is but one such:  the North Star.  By charting his ship by the North Star, the navigator may confidently bring his ship safely to harbour.


You have within you What The Master Navigator called “God,” in “the kingdom of God within you.”  That Knowledge is your “North Star” by Which you may steer your “ship of Life” to the “harbour” of health, attainment, abundance, peace of Mind, and developed Mastery of Self, in which condition you shall have developed Your own degree of Spiritual Power to BE and DO and HAVE whatever you may desire.  And in that ability You shall have prepared for Your Spiritual Being in the next plane of Being – for What You shall Be Hereafter must be  commensurate with What You shall have developed Yourself to BE Here.


Your whole Life, and the conditions thereof from time to time, MUST be predicated on your control of conscious mentations.  This means that as you control your thinking you control and develop the Subconscious channel of Mind in you.  It is the Subconscious channel which connects (or should connect) the personal Consciousness and the Divine Mind, or Omni- consciousness, within you.  The Sub-conscious is the plane, or level, of mind which is impressed by your conscious thoughts, which you entertain as suggestion, advice, instruction, etc., from without (from others), or create in your own ideation, or imagination.


Every thought is somewhat like a seed dropped into the ground, which will eventually take root and grow.  The thought impressed into the Subconscious must affect your personal life and affairs in one way or another.  The ephemeral, hazy, fleeting, wishful thought usually does not have vitality to be of importance, and it is, therefore, a form of mental dissipation which, as I have said before, soon becomes ruinous to the conscious attitude, for it is in such careless thinking that distress is caused.


You will see, then, that contrary to the opinions of some so-called teachers, the Subconscious – and NOT the Consciousness – is the seat of Memory.  Being the channel between the personal Consciousness and the Infinite inner Omni-consciousness, it is also the channel which affords a free flow of Intuition, counsel, guidance, direction, from The Infinite Mind within to the Consciousness; hence the reason you, and all humans who are sane and can think in one degree or another, experience what is called “Conscience,” or “the still, small Voice WITHIN.”


The control of the Subconscious is a matter of persistent conscious control of thought, and is the easiest thing you ever attempted to do.  Do not make it complicated; do not get the erroneous idea that you need a trained psychologist, or metaphysician, to be able to control your own thinking.  Beware of the unproved statements of most of the so-called authorities on Psychology and Metaphysics.  In your development you will eventually learn that most so-called psychologists and most so-called metaphysicians are actually lost in a maze of inunderstandable terms.


If you control your every thought; that is, if you are careful to engage in only constructive, right, positive thoughts which cause desirable conditions; and quickly eradicate any thought which seems to be negative, wrong, destructive, undesirable, you cannot fail.  This careful control of your own thinking is the “cross” you must carry to your golgotha (the “hill of the skull,” as it was called) (your brain).  When you allow yourself to idly entertain negative suggestions or advice from others – such as “O, my dear, what have you done to yourself.  You do not look well at all.” – or, “Why do you think you could become a doctor?  You’d never make a doctor.  You’re too dumb.” – or, “You’d better not try for that promotion.  I think the boss has another fellow in mind for the job.” – or, any other such negative, destructive hint, or suggestion, - you are NOT thinking; you are allowing somebody else to think for you, which means you are controlled, in mental slavery.  How can you win?


When you discover the “worry” thought, or the “fear” thought, or any other negative thought; when you notice that you are thinking in that vein, STOP RIGHT THERE AND THEN, and get rid of the thought.  If you attempt to eradicate such thought by thinking it negative, or wishing to get it out of your mind, or praying for release from it, you fail, because the more attention you give to such thoughts, the stronger, the more obsessive, they become; and then you can’t think of anything else.  Thought is creative, whether directed positively or negatively.  It depends upon your own attitude.


The simple formula for eradicating negative thought is to be found in the early part of Volume No. 1, of your Training.  Let me try to explain that method now.  It is axiomatic (that is, self-evident) that two or more thoughts cannot occupy the Consciousness at one, and the same, time; you cannot entertain, or create, more than one thought at a time.  When you notice that your thought is wrong – of fear, or worry, or lack, or limitation, or loss, or illness, or discordant, or expectant failure – or any other inharmonious idea – pause at once and begin to think of some other condition, person, or place.


You only need to procure another thought in place of the wrong thought, to abolish it from your Consciousness.  This means that when you “procure” another thought “in place of” the wrong thought, you automatically abolish it, and it ceases to exist for you.  It cannot, then, affect you.  Simple?  I should say so!  Do not try to complicate it.  Truth is always simple.  If any matter which concerns you seems to be complicated, be careful of it.


Reduce every idea or consideration to its easiest simplicity before you attempt to consciously consider it. That same advice goes for philosophical and religious considerations.  Be careful of titles or names or terms which do not seem to be easily understandable, such as Cosmic Mind, or Super-Mind, or “God,” without other definition, or any such inunderstandable term.  I have seemed to have easier appreciation of the title “Infinite Omnipresence,” because t me that title suggests a Supreme Presence-Power-Intelligence, or reign of Law, in existence which must be everywhere present at one and the same time, and the same at every point of Its omnipresence.


I can associate That with the “Prana” of the Yogi, with the “Life-giving Principle” of the Brahman, with the “Breath of Life” of Genesis 2:7, and with the “Soul” of that same passage; and I can understand that an infant body, newly-born, anywhere on earth, or in an airplane, or under the surface of the sea, or in a nomadic tent high in the Himalayas, or deep in a mine, will be animate the instant it respires; proving that The Same Life Principle Which endows every living creature with Life, is omnipresent.


I cannot understand the term “angel,” or the term “saint,” or “ghost,” as applied to imaginary “messengers” of a personal Man-God in human form.  These, to me, are all man-made, and I believe that men give all such ideas credence in the same way that they create their own Deity.  Instead of God creating man in His image and likeness,” it is the other way ‘round – man

creates his god in his own image and likeness; hence the reason why the bullfrog, the jackass, the mosquito, and other creatures could not possibly accept the human God.  The God of the jackass must, obviously, be a Jackass, etc.  I should not find it difficult to believe that the God of the


Christian World might even look upon His creators as a species of jackass.  At least, I am quite sure that the clergy think of most Christians in that light; otherwise how could they have exploited the majority so easily?


When your friend, or relative, or acquaintance asks you why you have embraced Theological Science as a Plan For Better Living, or a Way of Life, your easiest reply may be, “Because I CAN understand It as a philosophy for living.  I can understand God as The Infinite Omnipresence, as The Supreme Presence-Power-Intelligence Which is The Highest reign of Law of Cause and Effect in existence.  I can understand that I must be responsible for my own created errors; that I must balance the scale of karma, and be responsible for the condition of my life and affairs from time to time; that I CAN control the Causes of my actions and, therefore, of the conditions resultant from my thoughts and actions.


I cannot conceive of being at the abject mercy of a god or wrath and love at the same time.  I cannot conceive of a Deity which allows for or orders poverty and wealth in the same arena of life.  I cannot attribute responsibility for the colour of skin to a god, but I can conceive of reincarnation in bodies of races according to evolutional progression.  Nor can I conceive of a crippled body being the handiwork of a god in human form.  I am convinced that the individual is responsible for his own condition of being; and that he or she CAN quite easily control conditions as he or she controls causes of conditions, regardless of the colour of skin, or physical condition as note the late Rev. Dr. Booker T. Washington, and the late Dr. Charles P. Steinmetz, whose body was so terribly deformed.


I find it quite impossible to accept the statement that The One God in existence ordains a certain few individuals to mediate between “Him” and the creatures of earth, but I believe that I can understand how and why individuals are endowed with spiritual and mental faculties which, when developed, lead some to the heights, and allow the drones, the careless, the blind believers, and the ignorant, to wallow in the mire of fear and worry and all manner of distress.


I cannot agree that because an individual studies theology and dogma he could possibly KNOW more than the One Who reasons, applies principles and proves Truth.  In my opinion the one merely speaks and teaches according to a dogmatic philosophy which has never been proved a Truth, while the other One refuses to teach what He cannot prove a Truth.


The easily understood fact that thought is a cause, and effects and conditions are results thereof, is proof to me that thought is a form of creative energy which expresses Mind-in-motion.  The fact, then, that I CAN control my own thought processes is incentive enough for me to seek to develop the ability to do so; and the further fact that the controlled thought will compel action and results in accordance with the nature of the thought, proves for me that I am a creator – for I create the condition of my life and affairs by the process called thinking.



It is a Truth which is easily proved that for any and every condition in the life and affairs of any individual there must have been a Cause; and for every Cause established in thinking there must eventuate an effect, result or condition identical to the nature of the thought which compelled it.  Therefore the control of thought is the control of conditions, and he who WILL, CAN live in a veritable “heaven” on earth Here and Now.  He who will not, or may be careless, or ignorant, must, by the very nature of Cause and Effect, experience the alternative of “heaven,” which is “hell.”  Therefore “heaven” and “hell” are states of Consciousness, induced by the individual according to his or her ability to Think and control Thought.


The Theological Scientist does not blame God for his condition, because he or she knows that the Law, being no respecter of persons, must be complied with, or conformed to, if desirable conditions are to be achieved and enjoyed.  The Theological Scientist agrees that the very nature of the Universal Equilibrium proves the existence of God, but instead of thinking of The Deity as a Man-form he or she seeks to prove that God is not The Being, but, rather, The Intelligence, responsible for, back of and behind, the Universe and all things therein and thereof.


In that respect, think of the United States of America and the President of the nation; or of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and the Ruling Sovereign of the Empire, or of any other nation or community of beings and its Leader.  The United States of America is governed by Law; the President is elected by the people to represent them as a whole as their Chief Magistrate.  He is not a ruler; he merely represents the Law of the nation, much as The Master Who was The Christ sought to represent The Divine Mind, as Law omnipresent.


The individual who lives within the limits of the country must conform to the Law of the land.  If he does so he will live in a veritable “heaven” of freedom; if he will not do so, he will experience the “hell” of retributive justice.  He may refer to the President disparagingly, but he must obey the Law.  The President is NOT the Law, but the individual “power” behind the Law.


In living the Principles of Theological Science, Which is the modern interpretation of the Ancient Wisdom Religion according to the teachings of the Mysteries of The Lodge of Mystics, Whose Masters and lamaseries have been located in many parts of the earth – as in China, Thibet, India, Persia, Nepal, South America (Peru, the Andes), Mexico, Central America, Egypt, Arabia, ancient Breton (as the Druids), parts of Europe, and later in North America – the Theological Scientist knows no fear, for there isn’t anything to fear – not even fear itself – no worry, for he knows that, being the creator of his own condition there is no cause for worry.  Even when, by error, he has compelled an undesirable condition to affect his well-being, he CAN overcome distress and create anew what he desires.


The Theological Scientist knows that he does not have to plead with, beg of, nor supplicate a Higher Power, or Being, for desires, as long as he will continue to conform to the Law of Cause and Effect in principle.  Thus is he free of the fear of any erroneously imagined destination like the “hell” of dogmatic religion, in the realization that he himself has created the “hell” of distress which he experiences Here Now.


He KNOWS that the principle of reincarnation must be true because the individual is a Spiritual Being and as such can never by anything but a Spiritual Identity in existence.  His earth-plane karma is merely a grade in the “School” of Evolution, and as he evolves intelligently, he must attain an ever higher degree of Being.  The Law of karma is Perfect Justice; we pay for what we receive; we get what we give; we evolve according to our merits.   Therefore the aim of the Theological Scientist is to merit an ever higher condition of Being and this is attained through the application of the principles of provable Knowledge, NOT in blind belief of tenets and dogmas.



Theological Science is, indeed, The Wisdom Religion, and as a Way of Life proves itself to be incomparable with any other.  True, it requires personal attention, personal effort, personal development.  It is not dependent upon blessings of other men; it is not subject to the whims and fancies of men or gods.  It is Truth in Its highest form of understanding.  He who lives It, lives well in health, peace of mind, prosperity, even to abundance, the happiness attendant upon well-being, and longevity.  Who could expect more?


The Theological Scientist who understands his responsibility to himself and his Fellow beings, realizes that in giving to help those less fortunate, less capable, or lower on the scale of human evolvement, he not only helps others, but adds to his own well-being and development, as well as to his own store of assets; for we get in the measure that we give.  As The Master put it:  “Freely ye have received; freely give.”


My thanks again to you all for your love and loyalty to me in our Mission.   It has been very pleasant visiting with you in this way.  My good wishes and love are with you always, and I am grateful that you let me be ......