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Sept 2018

My Dear Friend and Fellow Member,

It is now the middle of the month.  We had our early cool-ish Fall weather early in the month followed by rain then back to summer weather which may last another week or two according to the reports on my phone.  Before we know it, we will have that wonderful crisp and clear fall weather. September for many it a time to re-dedicate ourselves to whatever work or study with which we are involved.  Every new season brings it’s own gifts and opportunities.  To bring the best out of yours, begin to look for it.


The later in the year it gets to be, the quicker the days go by. Or so it seems.  Sometimes it does appear as it time is speeding up.  Yet, there are still the same 24 hours in a day, 60 minutes to an hour and 60 seconds to a minute.  To my non scientific thought process, it seems to be that we are just trying to jam too much into the same 24 hours.


As an old teaching story says, we can never step into the same river twice. The water which flows through the river is always changing and so are we.  The world around us does continue to change.  Not just the weather.  The styles change, trends, property values, neighborhoods change, everything changes.  I believe that with each change we are expanding, learning more, and being more.  We all change.



Certainly you, our Chela who are dedicated to the reading, re-reading and studying of your Monthly Lessons and Chat Letters are changing and Expanding monthly, if not daily.


There are two thing I really appreciate about the Lessons and Chats Doctor  Carruthers left for us:



  1. The material is never outdated and always true. Every time I go back and

re-read a Lesson or Chat I get something new and deeper out of it. That is why so many of our members remain with us long after they have completed the sixteen years worth of Lessons, and approximately seven years of Monthly Chat Letters.


  1. His language may be old fashioned, particularly when he is discussing

something which had not even been discovered when he wrote about it.

Yet he is discussing it accurately using words and terms with the vocabulary

that was in fashion in his lifetime.


This month’s Chat Letter was originally written in 1950.  It is filled with Knowledge and suggestions as to how to get the most out of it’s instructions.


Before closing this portion of the Monthly Chat, I wish to acknowledge the passing of two very special and dedicated Chelas, both of whom had been members for more than 40 years —  God speed, dear ones.


Going to you now are my thoughts and best wishes for all,



Rev. Anne B. Schmitt




















Prior Right Established 1950,


Hugh Greer Carruthers, B-11






My beloved Chela:


How nice it is that we can be together again for a chat in spiritual communion!  Of course, you and I understand and appreciate the simplicity of progressive imagination, but it may be that some of our new Fellow Theological Scientists - that is to say, some who have but recently enrolled to become our Brothers and Sisters in this great World Movement - should have an explanation of the reason for these regular monthly letters which issue from my Study.  Let us, therefore, bid our newer Theological Scientists welcome to us; let us say to them:


“Come in, won’t you?  Be seated comfortably in that easy chair.  Relax and be at ease.  Just “let go” of all tension, and try to forget all else but that we are together - you are here with me in my Study, or I there with you.  If you are otherwise busily engaged for the moment, and cannot visit with me now, lay this aside until later, when you shall be free, and when you can be seated comfortably, and concentrate with me.”


After all, a conversation between two persons need not necessarily be a physical meeting, but rather, a meeting of minds, or mentalities.  Even when two persons are together in the same room, they must be mentally en rapport, whether in conversation, or in silence, in order to be in harmony, one with the other.  So it is that in writing this monthly letter, I do so in much the same sense that I might have visited with you to discuss some phase of our development, and, what I may have to say to you might be in connection with your Self-betterment through Theological Science, or The Wisdom Religion.



From the gist of some of the letters which come to me, I gather that there are some who are not persistently giving strict attention to the Lesson-texts, and I cannot place too much emphasis on the necessity for doing that.  To secure a full measure of benefit from this Training I think - unless one happens to be a most unusual individual - it will be found necessary to read and re-read every Lesson-text as it is received, at least once each day, three days of each week, during the month of which the lesson is devoted.  This allows for four days of freedom from attention to this subject of Personal development, or Self-betterment, through SELF KNOWLEDGE - although I grant you ‘twere better to read and re-read the Lesson-texts every day until you have developed the ability to apply principles without conscious attention, or automatically


But, as I have said many times heretofore, it is your Life - your Future; your karma, and Your Path, and ONLY you can make of yourself what you will to BE.  It has been well said: “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink,” And, by the same token, I can lead another to Knowledge, but I can’t make him think, unless he is willing to do so.  And this matter of THINKING is of vital importance.


We should all set aside, or designate, a certain time of every day for thinking.  One-half to one hour every day devoted to Thought, Self-examination, Introspection, Concentration and Visualization would compel wonders in the life and affairs of anyone.  We are becoming a race of automatons, in every part of the earth.  In almost every country of the world there are self-appointed, or self-designated, leaders, or usurpers, who are doing the thinking for the people.  Whether we call them politicians, or theologians, or doctors, or kings, or by any other name, the fact remains that they are literal rulers because they do the thinking for the majority of the people who refuse, or fail to, or cannot think independently.


It is true that we who live today are in The New Dispensation, or Aquarian Age, of Reason; and it is likewise true that what has long been the ignorant majority is slowly but surely becoming the enlightened Majority, and the time is not too far off when a true world-wide communalism, or Brotherhood of Man will have been established on earth and there shall be no longer a wealthy Few and a needy majority; when we shall see the dawn of a New Day and Time, and when men everywhere will be thinking and working toward Utopia, or true Republic.  But during these formative decades it is the duty of those of us who have already put our feet upon The Path to be so intensely interested in the betterment of the race that we shall strive to become the teachers of tomorrow; in this way do we bring “the kingdom of God on earth” for the benefit of ourselves and all others with whom we come in contact.  Thinking is an art to be developed.


We can be of benefit to others only in the measure in which we benefit ourselves, and whatever of benefit we shall ever become, must be through Personal Development, which means mental development; we must become ever more interested in SELF KNOWLEDGE because in Self Knowledge is ALL KNOWLEDGE.  Instead of blindly believing whatever we hear, or read, we should cultivate the ability to become silent long enough to give attention to meditation in concentration; we should seek to KNOW, not merely to be told, or advised.  We should argue with every statement with which we meet, if we are interested in living the highest kind of a full life.  To blindly believe that the God of religion is an aged Man somewhere on a throne unknown to any but a self-appointed select Few who do your thinking for you; that the deity created a “hell” in which to torture those humans who do not conform with the religious authorities and their rules; that the Master Immanuel, Who, through Self Development became The Christ of The Lodge of Mystics, was also God Himself merely because a religious group has declared it to be so; to further believe that the mother of Immanuel, The Master, who was a mortal, was lifted bodily up through the skies to be placed in the religious “heaven,” about which no religious leader, or other human, knows anything whatever - and to blindly believe that what cannot be sensibly understood, simply because church authorities declare their statements to be true, is a profession of gross ignorance and an evidence of the inability to think and reason.


Why should we refuse to seek Truth?  Why should we refrain from demanding facts - either from teachers, or from recorded history?  In medical science we learn that the human body, including the brain, changes at least every seven years.  This means that the brain “dies” every seven years, and the brain you have now is not seven years old!  Yet you remember many years back, more than seven, and many of us a large multiple of sevenMost of the events of childhood can be vividly and easily recalled by what is known as memory.  How can you remember back through those years when your brain is so young?  Because You are MIND; You are NOT body.  You are an all-powerful Mind and Your body, including the brain, is merely your servant.  You, Mind, are the enduring factor.  Or, to put it another way: “‘I’ AM MIND, and ‘I’ AM the enduring Factor!


Which is the Real body?  Is it the one that remains pictured or lives in the imagination for ever so long as you exist; or the one that decays in its entirety and passes into the Earth at least every seven years?  Again!  Which are the Real things?  Those imagined, or imaged, in the Mind, or those things seen in the outer world which disintegrate after a short time?  I do not for a moment suggest that you ignore these outer things, but I do emphasize that they are fleeting.  A fundamental knowledge of the operation of Mind is of primary importance to you at the very start of your Personal Development; hence the reason why your earlier Lessons convey such instruction with irrefutable evidence and proof.


You learned that there are three levels of Mind.  So that you can harness the full power of Mind, you must understand that you live by three vibrations of Mind; the autonomic mind which runs the body and functions mainly through the sympathetic nervous system; the conscious mind which indicates what is happening in the outside world of illusion; and the unconscious mind (Which is known in Theological Science as the Omni-conscious Mind) which is an inseparable part of the Universal Mind of God, (or Cosmic Mind, or Infinite Intelligence, as you please) and linked up to the body through the sympathetic nervous system.


The conscious mind forms a desire which is automatically taken up by the sub-conscious mind to the unconscious, or Omni-conscious, mind, which in turn immediately proceeds to function toward bringing forth that desire (or in bringing the desire into material manifestation).  It has not had time to run Its great force fully in that direction before the conscious mind has found some new objective, or conjured up some illusionary obstacles, and the unconscious (Omni-conscious) Mind not being in contact with the world of illusion and consequently dependent upon the conscious mind for guidance in the outer world, is force once more to divert Its power.


This process is repeated until in the end the force of the unconscious (Omni-conscious) Mind is scattering Its wonderful Power everywhere but getting nowhere.  The unconscious (Omni-conscious) Mind is thwarted in Its every move towards accomplishment, because the conscious mind judges everything by the information given to it by the ears, and the eyes which report their observations almost constantly to it during the waking state.

The result is that people are taking pictures of what they experience daily in the outer world (objective), and then developing the sensitized film, to finally imprint those pictures upon their unconscious mind: the correct procedure is exactly the reverse process.  We should create our own desirable pictures in our unconscious (Omni-conscious) Mind to find them soon automatically printed upon the outer world of our environment.


The process is simple.  The conscious mind must be disciplined.  It nevertheless meets with thousands of experiences daily and so ordinary psychological methods of training may require years to accomplish results, as has been shown by the failures of the missions of the Adepts and Masters Who came into the world as gurus, such as Plato (B.C. 427-347), Aristotle (B.C. 384-322), Immanuel, The Christ - commonly called Jesus (B.C. 4- A.D. 29), Apollonius of Tyana (Who flourished in B.C. 3- A.D. 7), Albertus Magnus (A.D. 1193-1280), John Huss (A.D. 1369-1415), The Comte de Saint Germaine (A.D. 1710-1780) and Helena Blavatsky (A.D. 1831-1891).  The quickest and best way, as has been proved by results secured by The reincarnated Initiate-Adept Bodhisat (formerly The Master Saint-Germaine in His time) is to employ the usefulness of the conscious mind without taking into account its vacillating wilfulness.


Proceed in this manner: You urgently wish to reach some point - a city, or town, and some building or home therein, which is at a distance from where you are.  When you start your journey, let us say, in your car, you naturally picture in your conscious mind a certain point of destination and turn your face in that direction.  You may take many wrong turnings if you do not know the road, but each time you err you return and take the right road - guided by what?  By the picture (held in your conscious mind and imprinted on your sub-conscious mind) of the place you are making for, and you eventually get there.  You had a definite objective UNTIL YOU REACHED IT.  Thus it is with our efforts along the road of Life (karma) (on the Path), we must establish a set of definite objectives if we are to accomplish anything really great or worth while.


And Concentration does it!


You know what you wish to Be and Do in life (if you do not yet know this, you had better begin to make some decision about it) - well, then, constantly hold that picture in your conscious mind, and soon you will find yourself working along lines that will definitely bring that goal nearer and still nearer (or you nearer and nearer to your goal) until at last it is reached.


There are three reasons why a set definite objective is necessary:


FIRST.  The unconscious (Omni-conscious) Mind is the positive pole of your Being, while the conscious mind is the negative.  There could be no activity in the universe without a positive and negative value.  There would be no forward if there were no backward motion.  Without an up, there can be no down.  Good cannot exist without evil; and there would be no light if there were no darkness.  For consciousness to be a fact, there must be another opposite whereby we can compare it, or it remains non-existent to our consciousness.



The conscious mind in the average individual lacks a sense of direction, and is left to wander without a purpose and thus aimlessly wandering, it accepts everything which comes to it, or with which it meets, including reports of strife, obstacles, impossibilities and the like.  Now, a set of definite objectives firmly imaged in the mind immediately whips the consciousness, or conscious mind, to “toe the line” by giving it a fixed duty to perform, and this automatically infuses into it the positive quality of the unconscious (Omni-conscious) Mind, and since the Law of the Universe, and of your Being (Cause and Effect), cannot change its immutability and infallibility, negative conditions including individuals serve it and in so doing serve you.  At the same time positive conditions and people are attracted to you as certainly as the iron fillings, or steel needle, are drawn to the magnet.


You are literally a human radio!


THE NEXT (SECOND) REASON is that the ether in the atmosphere is filled with countless millions of thoughts which are always in motion.  The broadcasting radio stations in this world can give you only a little idea of the thoughts carried in the air.  Each one of us is a “broadcasting station” and also a “receiving set.”  This explains why telepathy works so easily with training as I have demonstrated so many times, not only in Chicago, Pittsburgh, New York and other points in this country, but in London, Algiers, Cairo, Calcutta, and elsewhere.  Unless you have a set definite objective you will be “tuning in” to everything and anything, and so living a life of confusion and distress; and so developing a “distress” consciousness which erroneously builds its own “set definite negative objective” in reverse of the positive.


In passing, let me briefly explain what you will be able to accomplish when you have trained yourself to the ability to Master conditions.  One of my blessed Chelas whom I have never seen, and who has never seen me, told me in a letter that she had some time ago suffered a condition which continued to develop until, at the time she wrote, it was a serious condition with her.  Doctors have been unable to effect a cure.  She herself is a professional practitioner of the healing arts and has been very helpful in treating other sick persons.  But she could not seem to cure herself.


I began to treat her telepathically and spiritually; entering into my Silence and projecting My Self to her.  I took control of her body, nervous system, mind and astral body, and then worked on the etheric plane with her.  I drew her out of her body several times, but being unconscious (asleep) she knew nothing of the process.  Instead of treating her physical body (which is an illusional reflection of the astral, and so affected by the etheric influences) I affected her well being in the astral.  Naturally the physical had to correspond with the astral, and she is cured; she will never again suffer another seizure - that is, unless she in conscious error desires it, when she can destroy what has been accomplished, but which I feel sure she will not do.



My blessed Chelas who are operative in the field of the healing arts, whether in medicines, Osteopathy, Chiropractic, Naturapathy, or other practice will one day learn that to treat the physical is nonsensical; all that can be accomplished in that way is to affect a correction, or degree of ease - but no cure.  The cure must be spiritual first, and when the practitioner has developed to the ability to work with the Omni-conscious (unconscious) Mind,  “ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE IN GOD.”  Be patient!  It has been said, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.”  The ONLY reason why general medicine practice has NEVER been effective for absolute cure is because of the material approach - the use of drugs, medicines, coal tar derivatives and other foreign substances forced into the body which is easily ruled by the Omni-conscious Mind; it is the Omni-conscious Which should be directed for cure, or prevention.  My blessed Chelas who have been correcting the Breath-flow of their patients, before treatments, have accomplished wonders such as they never believed possible.


In time, as you develop, you will, or ought to be able to, see the thoughts of others as pictures, by virtue of the same Law developed in yourselves, just as you are enjoying television now.  Our Masters have long televised without use of instruments or machines.  When you have developed the ability to see the thoughts of others with whom you come in contact, you will be amazed at the simplicity of the accomplishment.  But when you do, you will know why it were better to refrain from making known your developed omniscience.


In the work the absolute objective is necessary.


Tune in to one thing.  This automatically makes you positive and so “wipes out” the other unwanted negative vibrations.  Such a person can desire anything and get it, whether it be money, health, harmony, achievement, accomplishment, or other desire of a material nature.  In fact, nothing that he tunes in for will be withheld from him, or her.  This is the Law in operation, and only requires application of its principle for the proof.  And this you will be taught HOW to do in good time.  And in that good time you will accomplish easily IF you have developed yourself by mastering the Knowledge, and practicing the exercises, of the instructions which have gone before.  You see, now, why I so insistently urge the practice of reading and re-reading every Lesson-text at least once each day, three days of each week, during the month.  In this way is your perfection.


THE LAST (THIRD) REASON why a set definite objective is necessary is, that when you set your mind on any object, you automatically transfer a portion of your life-force to that thing (object or objective), or how could it otherwise be drawn to you, or you to it?  And you continue to nourish it so long as you hold it in mind; and the greater your desire, the greater the power whereby such force is directed.  Don’t blindly believe me in what I am telling you.  Prove It for yourself.  Try it!


Should even a trained individual direct his force to, say, three objects instead of one, his force would be divided amongst the three and, therefore, his drawing force to each of these objects is greatly weakened, and the result is slow, or nil.  CONCENTRATE ON THE IMMEDIATE GOAL, OR OBJECTIVE, OR OBJECT, UNTIL YOU GET IT, AND THEN HAVING GOT IT, GO ON TO THE NEXT GOAL, OR OBJECT.



We should not only learn HOW to attain this Power, but also HOW to maintain it.  In order to do this you must observe secretiveness, which is a word that has been much abused, especially in the study of Yoga, by those who do not fully understand the Science of Yoga.  As you proceed in this Training you will, of course, be instructed fully in the Science of Yoga, Which is part of this Wisdom of the Mysteries.  But I admonish you to see to it that you practice and read carefully every Lesson-text, so as to be ready for the Mysteries when they are given to you.


There is only one “I” in existence in the Universe, and when you or I use that numeral we are unconsciously referring to one and the same thing.  In all the Universe there is but one figure “I” which we can use, and every other number is merely a multiple of that figure 1 - thus 7 is a multiple, or 1 multiplied seven times.  The “I” is the root from which the “I” came forth.


Let me, then, give you a hint of The Path To Mastership.


The “me” consciousness is the conscious-mind outlook: the “I” consciousness is the unconscious-mind (Omni-conscious) outlook in the Universal Mind.  It invokes impersonal help, personal though the “I” may seem.  If there is but one “I” it is reasonable to assume that there is but one individual “You”, this is correct.  Have you realized that if you were unconscious for a minute, that during that period the world would cease to exist and it would not exist for “you”?  When you realize the Power of the impersonal “I”, you are on the Path To Mastership.  This Training will lead you to that development if you persist and follow directions faithfully.


Progress depends upon the degree of sustained intensity in a given direction, and that progress is very rapid nowadays.  We must travel as rapidly as the world travels, or we must give up, and if we give up we at once go backwards (retrogress).  To enjoy enduring success we must travel a little in advance of the world of today.


The mind first created a picture of the motor-car and then we soon had one to see with our ordinary, human, mortal, eyes.  But mind is ever in advance of so-called material things because all material things are the outcome of mind; hence mind thought of flight and then began to visualize a means for flight, and the aeroplane resulted.  Mind creates the Cause and then draws upon the Universal (Etheric) Mind for action and results.  Mind has not stopped at the rapid mode of travel afforded by the aeroplane, and you will live to see even greater wonders, for mind is so rapidly coming into Its own, that very soon the one who knows the Law and directs It, will be supreme, and the ignorant one who refuses to see this will remain in bondage to his false beliefs.  Hence learn to think things through and DO NOT FORCE THEM THROUGH as has been the time-honoured method: the former is Mastery, the latter is slavery.


Keep your plans and ideas to yourself; be secretive, or when The “I” throws Its Power in with whatever words it is coupled and you express your plans in words verbally, they become released and their force is spent - dissipated - as the unconscious mind has then a way of escape and your purpose has lost its necessary momentum.  This is the allegorical meaning of: “Tell no man what thou hast seen.”





Like every good army you need a reserve.  Few people are capable of sustained effort and this explains our comparatively few outstanding successes.  You have been taught in the past that your great power lies in the conscious mind; but now you know it is within the unconscious (Omni-conscious) Mind.  The only power in the conscious mind is the developed ability to control thought and so draw upon the unconscious (Omni-conscious) Mind.


Think of a business man.  His power to continue in, and improve, his business lies in his capital (wealth) in the bank.  Of course, he must develop the sense of business management and direction, but when he requires the power of his business capital he draws upon the bank in which his money is deposited.  Your great wealth is within the Omni-conscious Mind in you, and you draw upon that wealth of Power consciously.  The Power is in the Omni-conscious Mind, however, NOT in the conscious mind.


You previously placed your faith in your conscious mind which is governed by false reports, and you found failure; as, for instance, when you pray to God asking for what you desire.  Your consciousness is then negative; and you do not have what you want; you are thinking lack, and limitation, when there is never any lack or limitation in the Universal Mind, with Which you are Omni-consciously One.  When you learned HOW to affirm your desire as already yours, you applied the Law of Cause and Effect, and the creative nature of your thought established the Cause of your acquisition of our desire, which was all the time in solution in the Universal Mind, or Source of All Supply.  You will always find Success in the unconscious (Omni-conscious) Mind Which is inseparable from the great All-powerful Universal Mind of god, or The Infinite Omnipresence.


It is your rightful heritage to have plenty - more than enough - including riches, position, health and happiness in abundance: this can be ensured when you know the Law of the Universe and operate It as I have directed.  If this were not true we should never see others enjoying these conditions.  What another has done, or accomplished, you, too, can do, if you will.  It is all in knowing HOW!  AND THEN DOING IT!  Poverty should not exist anywhere; anyone who preaches that poverty is a blessing and not a curse of ignorance is untrue to himself, for while such remarks are proceeding from his lips, the desire for the good things of life is in his consciousness and gnawing at his heart.




A master painter will not only put in the tree that he is painting in every detail and perspective, but every detail of the surroundings, too.  So must we “paint” our pictures with care, power, and precision upon the canvas of our mind.  The artist must concentrate upon his picture to the exclusion of all else that would tend to draw him form his purpose.  So must we!  Let nothing, and no one, distract you whilst “painting” (visualizing) the picture upon the canvas of your mind, of your goal; give due and necessary fleeting attention t these things but return to the picture.



You want wealth?  Well, what for?  If you want wealth merely for the sake of being wealthy, your desire is wrong. If you want wealth as a medium of exchange for your actual desires, your desire is wholesome and in conformity with the Law.  No matter how much money you might have, you would find it useless until you parted with it, or exchanged it, for what you required, or wanted, or wanted to do with it.  Surround yourself, then, with a mental picture of all that wealth can give you in the form of luxury, necessities, and the like, but at the same time continue with your mental duties, for it matters little what you appear to be doing in the conscious mind; but it matters everything what you are doing in your unconscious mind.


If you cannot imagine these things, get hold of some picture from a book or paper as near to your desire as possible and look at it as often as you can every day, as this will tend to hold the conscious mind in line and hasten the materialization of your idea developing in the unconscious mind.  Whatever position you rise to, then aim at a still higher one, because the peculiarity of the conscious mind is to drop back into inertia after having been forced through to an objective.  The conscious mind argues, “I have been driven to this thing, but now I have reached the goal, I will rest.”  Say, “No rest for you, for I have already commenced you working for another and still higher goal.”  It is essential to maintain the momentum once you have attained that which you first desired.  Hold fast to it.  As the momentum increases make your progress more rapid until eventually it will be possible to reach an objective almost at once, as is the practice of Raja Yoga by the Yogi.


The course followed in bringing forth your objective can be likened exactly to the process that takes place in a seed.  It is sown in complete darkness in the soil, and it first of all dies, then unfolds the exact life-picture mentally held in its life-cell, and in obedience to Law it sends up a shoot seeking the light, and at the same time sends down a root seeking nourishment.  If any obstacles lie in the path of that shoot it does not attempt to force them out of the way, but travels around them.  If the root fails to find nourishment, then it must wither away.  Food being found, it blossoms forth having reached its goal, another seed is once more planted and in the process repeated.  Note that the development takes place in complete darkness until maturity is assured.  So it is with the thought-picture which becomes the thought-form and thing: in like manner all great ideas are made real.


Now you are going to look around and see how the thought-picture is developing, and how it works: are you?  Would you do this with the seed?  If you did, it would die.  You have set your objective and planted the seed of materialization, and just as you know the seed in the ground will, if cared for, grow to maturity without thought of how it does it, so will your thought become a thing.


Due to the persistent holding of the goal and your absolutely airtight secretiveness, the conscious mind finds no escape for its increasing energy and in desperation it plunges through, like the overload of steam through the safety-valve of a boiler, and your objective is reached.  And once having accomplished, you will go on and on to greater and ever greater achievements.  Remember that Thought is creative energy.  It is the energy which expresses Mind in motion. Since Mind in you is The Reality as a definite part, or degree, of The Infinite Mind, it follows that your Thought is the greatest Power in existence, because It is the Power which must precede and predetermine every action and every consequent result, effect, or condition in and of your life and affairs.




But all the creator ever creates is the pattern, or matrix, or mould, of his object or objective, allowing The Creative Energy or The Infinite Omni-presence to bring the desire into material manifestation.  To express this another way: Thought correlates with its objective and brings it into manifestation.


To know Mind is to know God, or The Infinite, or The Universal Mind!  Therefore respect all, but fear no man.  Mind is greater than matter.  Fear is the forerunner of failure.  Impossible is the adjective of fools.  We must know life as well as books.  The bones and sinews do not make a man, but just a corpse.  Except for Mind the body would be but a piece of mechanism.  There is no purpose without Mind and there is no effect without Cause, either in the creation of the universe or in man.  This mighty Power has conquered the destiny of man, making the word greater than the sword, and the Thought the creator of the word.


You CAN BE what you want to BE; and CAN DO what you want to DO; you CAN HAVE what you want to HAVE.  It is all in KNOWING HOW and then applying your Knowledge correctly.


I hope I have given you some measure of food for thought.  I’ve enjoyed our all too short visit and chat and shall be looking forward to our next visit together.  And I shall be with you in Silence tomorrow afternoon, and praise The Infinite every afternoon, at or about sunset, when all Theological Scientists commune together in Thought of Affirmation for the Good of All.  Join with us, won’t you?  I think you’ll find peace and plenty in making this spiritual and mental communion a daily habit; and a good habit is more effective for Good than is a bad habit for evil.


My thanks to you for your attention, and, too, for your kindnesses to me.  My good wishes and love go to you now, as every day, and I am grateful that you let me continue to be


Your faithful servant and friend,



Hugh G. Carruthers