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October 2019

My Dear Friend and Fellow Member,


Wishing you a happy October.  It is a beautiful time of the year here in the mid-west.  We are having our share of sunny days, blustering winds with swirling leaves, and colorful autumn foliage.  Actually, I love watching all the Fall decorations going up – corn stocks, pumpkins, colorful mums, scarecrows and skeletons too. It’s a time for autumn drives and Fall Craft fairs.  Wherever you are, I trust you are enjoying the beauty which surrounds you and the season of your life.


This is often about the time we start thinking of gratitude.  In fact, many years I have a tradition from my church when we sent our Gratitude Journals in which we wrote down things for which we are grateful for each day.  Gratitude Journals are a good practice.  I’d suggest you find yourself a journal or small notebook and begin today, right now, to review each day and jot down in that journal that for which you are Grateful for  this day. To receive the good someone wants to give you is the highest compliment you can receive. It is actually rude to push back or otherwise refuse to let that good into our experience.





I received a lovely card from one of our members this month with a donation for two months.  I fully opened my heart to receive it.  The front of the card said: You make me so very HAPPY.  It was colorfully printed with lots of flowers, seeds, and butterflies added.  Inside, it simply said THANK YOU.  In big letters she wrote.  “I Love this Course” - the explanation mark was a Heart.  Thank you, Ms. MM you made by day!


Some people actually have trouble being good receivers.   Try not to be That person.  I believe that it is unfortunate that we have been taught that it is better to give than receive.  I believe that giving and receiving are two sides of the same coin, and we need to do both.


So, the topic for this month written by me with the knowledge and training I learned Dr. Carruthers’ Course is about being good receivers.......


The coin of giving and receiving has two sides, and each one is equally important.  In fact, you can’t have one without the other yet, many of us don’t think like that.  We think they are two separate things and that one side is way, way, more important than the other .


After all, haven’t we been taught that:

It is better to give than to receive” and  “God loves a cheerful giver.”


Einstein said:

“The value of a man lies in what he gives, and not in what he is capable of receiving.”


Calvin Coolidge said:

“No person was ever honored for what he received. He was honored for what he gave.”


We are taught from as long as we can remember,  not to be greedy or selfish.   Right?  We are taught that it is way, way better to give than receive!


But then, if we are all here to give to others, what are others here for?  Someone has to be on the receiving end.  In order for there to be giving, there must be receiving, and in order for there to be receiving, there must be giving.



Did you know, at this instant, all over the globe all of humanity is breathing in oxygen and breathing out carbon dioxide.  So is the rest of the animal kingdom.  And right now, at this instant all over the globe, billions and billions of organisms of the plant kingdom are doing the exact opposite – they’re breathing in carbon dioxide and breathing out oxygen.  Their giving is our receiving; and our giving is their receiving.


If we are only givers, we wind up resentful and frustrated, often feeling taken advantage of and like a martyr.  If we are only receivers, we become stagnate and bloated.  To truly live in a fully expressed life, we must strike a balance within ourselves.  And this month, we will explore both sides of the coin, but our focus will actually be more on the receiving side so that we can get back into balance!


19th century German poet, dramatist, novelist, scientist and philosopher Johann Wolfgang von Goethe put it perfectly when he said:


“Human life runs its course in the metamorphosis between receiving and giving.”


To set the tone for a consciousness of receiving, I would like to share a very interesting perspective on creation.  Whether or not it is actually true, I don't know, but it rings true and I'd like to share it.  It comes from a book entitled "Kabbalistic Astrology: And the Meaning of Our Lives", author Rav Berg.


Berg writes that before there was anything, there was only the Light.  There was nothing but the Light, and the Light had only one urge – that was to give and to share of Itself.


Ahaa, that does beg a question does it not?  If there is nothing but Light, then to what or to whom will the Light give and share?  Obviously, this would not do; something had to be done.


So the Light created a Vessel to receive everything it had to offer.  Receiving was the Vessel's one and only job.      That's all it was made to do, and that's all it did.  That means the nature of the Light was to share Itself fully and completely and the nature of the Vessel was to receive everything the Light had to offer.


Berg writes that the Kabbalah teaches that the Light is the  first cause.  The Vessel is the first effect.  Sounds familiar doesn’t it?


The Vessel was filling up with the Light and, because time and space hadn't even begun yet, the Vessel was filling endlessly.  The Light kept giving and the Vessel kept receiving.  It was perfect.  In fact, it was paradise.

This is where it gets interesting.  What was the nature of the Light?  What was the only thing the Light wanted to do?  It wanted to share of itself fully and completely with the  Vessel.  And that is what it did.  Therefore, the Vessel received not only Light from the Source of Light, but the Vessel received from the Light the desire to share of Itself as well.  And this desire to share felt good, very good to the Vessel.  In fact, the Vessel wanted to start doing some sharing on its own, to shed some Light of its own, so to speak!


But how could the Vessel express the Desire to Share if its whole nature was to receive? Sharing wasn't part of its job.  So the Vessel made a decision, its first decision, and a very important one.   As part of Its desire to express what It was, the Vessel pushed back the Light and said, "No more!  I don't want to receive any more."


The moment the Vessel pushed back the Light and stopped simply being the receiver, the Light said, "Okay, I understand your need to evolve and express yourself."  Just as a loving parent who stands back to allow a toddler to take his or her first awkward steps, the Light withdrew.  It gave the Vessel the space to learn about sharing and the opportunity to become a causative force in the creation process.


The ancient Kabbalists called the Vessel's act of pushing back the Light, "the Restriction."  Science has another name for it …THE BIG BANG.


According to Kabbalah, once the Restriction or the Big Bang took place, the Vessel exploded into zillions of zillions of pieces.  The pieces of the shattered Vessel became all the fragments of matter and energy that make up our entire universe – atoms, animals, people, planets, everything.   Everything in the universe is a portion of the original Vessel, which was made by the Light and of the Light.


Berg writes:  "Kabbalistically, the Desire to Receive is the secret engine that drives everything in the universe and is, in fact, indispensable to the world's functioning.  It is when the simple Desire to Receive is changed into the Desire to Receive in Order to Share that we become most like the Light and we become the cause of our own fulfillment."


According to the wisdom of the Kabbalah:  "…the unifying link between the spiritual and the physical worlds – the World Above and the World Below – is the Desire to Receive the Light of the Creator – and humankind is the highest embodiment of that desire."

Fantastic creation story - isn't it ?!


So, what is the Consciousness of a Receiver?  Consciousness can be defined as a combination of our Thoughts, Feelings, Beliefs, Attitudes, Values, Actions and Words that all work together to be the causative force in our lives.  We create through our consciousness; we create through our Thoughts, Feelings, Beliefs, Attitudes, Values, Actions and Words.


No one is more naturally receptive than a baby.   The secret of staying young, vibrant and vital in life is to hang onto the natural receptive characteristics we all have as babies and children but which get drummed out of us.  Things like having big dreams, being curious and believing in yourself.  Being open to receive is EVERYTHING!


Let’s test that for a minute.  On the next page there is a laundry list of states of consciousness:  The first column is the receptive state (receiving);  the second is the active (giving) state.  Please realize that there is nothing wrong with the active states – unless, of course, that is where we always hang out.  In which case, we just might be pushing away our good.


Read the receptive state then the corresponding active state and reflect on where you are with them using the basis of 10.


Receptive States  of Consciousness                     Active States of Consciousness



Meditating                                                                Analyzing

Listening                                                                   Talking

Accepting                                                                  Investigating

Allowing                                                                   Controlling

Opening                                                                    Influencing

Relaxing                                                                    Promoting

Letting Go                                                                 Multitasking

Noticing                                                                     Persuading

Being Thankful                                                         Taking for Granted

Observing                                                                 Defining

Welcoming                                                                Judging

Yielding                                                                     Exploring

Including                                                                   Shaping


Embracing                                                                 Pushing

Feeling                                                                       Thinking

Hearing                                                                      Informing

Being                                                                          Doing

Contemplating                                                         Acting

Watching                                                                   Performing

Letting be                                                                  Going after

Revealing                                                                  Hiding

Attracting                                                                  Forcing

Acknowledging                                                        Evaluating

Appreciating                                                             Criticizing




The skilled receiver is one who excels in the ability to experience each of the receptive states listed above.  This doesn't mean you are NEVER in the active state of consciousness.  It is simply a matter of balance, and it is critical to living a fully expressed life.


Think of an area in your life right now that perhaps, just perhaps, isn't where you want it to be, yet!  Career, relationship, health, financial, spirituality . . . you decide.


Remember, it is the Father's Good pleasure to give you the Kingdom – but you must have the consciousness of a receiver to experience it!


So, think about that area.  In that area of your life, where could you be more welcoming rather than judging?   Where could you listen more and talk less?  In other words, to listen internally and externally - therefore, perhaps make making fewer excuses!  Where could there be more being-ness and less doing-ness?  Where is there an opportunity for greater allowing and less controlling;  more revealing and less trying to hide; and more relaxing rather than promoting?  More appreciating, less criticizing?   Just check in and see?  What could there be more of?


I’ve been reading a book by Amanda Owen entitled: "The Power of Receiving."

Owens says that there are three Steps to Receiving, which help us create this consciousness of being a good receiver as well as a good giver.




#1  Accept all Compliments.

There is a very human way to test your ability to receive.   Suppose someone gives you a gift or does something special for you.  Do you accept it graciously?  Or do you protest that you are not worthy,  that they really shouldn't do it, or perhaps you quickly try to repay it?  Those are all indicators that you could open more to receiving.


Amanda Owen writes on page 61:   "Don't turn away what life wants to give you.  A huge connection exists between what you are willing to receive and what you actually get.  Your ability to receive something as simple as a compliment is significant.  It signals loud and clear that you are ready to receive."


To accept something is to receive it willingly.  When we push away or do not receive willingly, people notice – more importantly, the Universe notices!


Think about this:  You are with your three year old in the grocery store and she wants a toy.  So you buy it for her and she immediately drops it, steps on it and crushes it.  Then she starts to cry for another one.  Do you buy it for her?  Pretty ridiculous question, isn't it?  Of course, you don't buy it!


So, why do you think Universal Law is any different?  If you don't accept the gifts that are given to you already, why do you think you will receive more?  Remember it's God's pleasure to give - but it is up to us to receive.


So if you are uncomfortable with receiving a compliment,  note the feeling and receive it anyway – with a simple "thank you."  Keep in mind that the longer it takes you to do this in your life, the longer it will take for your good to find you.


#2  Count Your Blessings

To be grateful is to be receptive to life's givingness, life's abundance.  Gratitude is a state of mind, a way of seeing life, of noticing and relating to life.   Appreciation and gratitude come from within us as a way of looking at life, as a way of being in life.  Since gratitude is a receptive state, the more grateful you are,  the more you'll have to be grateful for.   As a reminder, let's briefly review that 40 symbolizes "all the time it takes for transformation."


* Noah and company spent 40 days on the ark;

* Buddha spent 40 days under the Bodhi tree;

* Jesus spent 40 days being tempted;

* It was also 40 days between his resurrection and his ascension;

* Moses and the Israelites spent 40 years in the wilderness;

* Goliath taunted the Israelites for 40 days before David stepped forth and conquered him.


The number "40" represents all the time it takes for transformation!  So, it's not literally 40 days or 40 years – but symbolizes whatever time it takes for the transformation of consciousness to occur!


#3  Be Spiritually Naked

To be spiritual naked is to be self-revealing.  It means that you don't just trot out the "good," healed and healthy parts of your personality when you are with people.   It means that you express your vulnerable, clueless, hateful, depressed, lost and lonely parts as well.   You include them in your conversations with yourself and other others.  The reason for this is that if you embrace your wholeness others will also.


It is a sign of strength to be authentic.  It takes courage to embrace all parts of ourselves and to share them with others.  Hiding inhibits both giving and receiving.   If you think about it – how can someone know how to be there for you if you have not revealed what is really going on?  If we do not reveal what we are experiencing, we don't give others the chance to be there for us or to give to us.


Let me share a few examples from p 75-76 of The Power of Receiving:


Friend: How are you making out on your job search?

Old You: Great!

Your friend concludes: She seems to be doing just fine.  I was thinking of a company that would b a great fit for her, but I don’t want to intrude on what seems to be working.  She obviously has this handled.


The New You leaves door open for new possibilities: Although the interviews seem to be going well, I’m concerned that I am overqualified and may not find the right job match for me.


Acquaintance: You are so independent?  Do you prefer being single?

Old You: I don’t need anyone to complete me.  I’m very satisfied with my life.

Friend concludes: I know someone who I think would really like her, but he is looking for a serious relationship, so I won’t mention it.  She seems to be very content.


The New You leaves the door open for new possibilities: I love my independent nature, but to tell you the truth, it would be wonderful to be in a relationship again.


Inclusion is a receptive act.  We make a statement about our wholeness when we include all of who we are.  To expand your capacity to receive, look for occasions to showcase your vulnerability.


There is a great quote from Dinah Shore:  "Trouble is a part of your life, and if you don't share it, you don't give the person who loves you a chance to love you enough."


Now that doesn’t mean we should become a complainer. There is a big difference between being authentic and simply being a complainer!  The complainer will attract more of that which he or she is complainer about.  Being authentic means we are sharing our truth and being honest about our feelings.  Besides when we keep on telling our story of why things are so bad and how they got that way, we are becoming addicted to the story and we’ll never rise above it.


Try going for 21 days without complaining.  It is not easy but it is worth the results.  It means we must focus on thinking consciously and not falling into old habits or ways of being.  This is not for a lazy thinker.  It is for a serious student of Theological Science who understand and practices conscious thought and creative thinking.


I believe that contemplation is good for the soul.  At least it is for mine, and I believe I have given you many things to think about and contemplate with this months Chat Letter.  May it bring you the rich rewards you desire and deserve.


Going to you now are my thoughts for your clear conscious creative thoughts,


Your servants, pastors and friends;



Dr. Hugh G. Carruthers

and Rev. Ann B. Schmitt