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October 2018

My Dear Friend and Fellow Member,


It is always a pleasure to connect and communicate with our members.  This past month I heard from some long time members and new ones too.  I'd like to share some of that with you.


A member from North Carolina included us in an email to close friends and family to let us know he and his family are well and their house safe from hurricane Florence.  That was Good News!  Some contact us about friends interested in our Course of Study, some to share their latest news – good or bad, and others for spiritual support when life’s experiences cause them to feel anxious and off balance.


We always welcome your personal communication via email, letter or phone. Sometimes it is to share your current situation be it good news or hard times, and sometimes to notify us of the health and well-being of your family and mutual friends.  In all cases we are happy to hear from you and support you in your spiritual journey.



A couple years ago one of our dear members created and maintained a “Friends of Dr. Hugh Greer Carruthers” page for us on Facebook.  I post quotes from the Monthly Chat Letter there once or more each week along with some kind of picture to draw attention.  The idea is  really two, perhaps three-fold — to connect members to one another, to re-connect with those who have been members in the past, and to attract those who hadn’t heard of us but would be interested in the Teachings of Dr. Carruthers.


Next month being November and a Thanksgiving holiday in many parts of the world, this is the time to take out our Gratitude Journals.  Nothing makes things go better than Gratitude.  Gratitude also fosters a positive attitude.  No matter where you are or what day you are celebrating this is a good time to begin your 40 Days of Gratitude.  Every morning or every evening before sleep think of at least two things for which you are or were grateful for that day.  This is a powerful practice.  Staying in a state of gratitude will attract joy, happiness and prosperity into your life.  It’s true.  Why not start today?


The format for this month’s letter is one I haven’t used for awhile. Shall we begin......


So, we begin by taking this time together to turn away from our everyday world and turn our attention toward the Truth and knowledge that sets us free.


I am using as the basis of this month’s chat, Dr. Carruthers’ letter from June 1958.

As much as possible I will change fonts when moving from my input to Doctors, although I don’t know that it will translate to the website when it gets uploaded.  By the way each month’s letter is uploaded a few days after the copies are mailed or emailed from our office.  If you don’t see it, you may need to refresh your page.  Also, be sure to check the archive file for previous letters.


What do you want above all else?  Pray for it and take it!


“For verily I say unto you, That whatsoever shall say unto this mountain, ‘Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea;’ AND SHALL NOT DOUBT IN HIS HEART, BUT SHALL BELIEVE THAT THOSE THINGS WHICH HE SAITH SHALL COME TO PASS: he shall have whatsoever he saith.”  (Mark 11:23)


“Therefore I say unto you, ‘What things soever you desire, when you pray, (when you AFFIRM) BELIEVE that you receive them, and you SHALL HAVE them’.”  (Mark 11:24)


When the Master Teacher - the great Sage of Galilee spoke this Truth to his disciples he knew whereof he spoke.  He was teaching the simple Truth that Thought is creative; the cause of action and the manifestation of desire.


When we put this Knowledge into practice for results, we must do so with full confidence.  We must declare, I CAN, without the slightest doubt of the creative nature of Thought.  We must realize the Truth, told by the wisest of Teachers in All Times, in many different ways - and proved in the lives of those who have dared to put this Truth into practice.


Dr. Carruthers’ use of the phrase ‘I CAN’ reminds me of what Wallace Wattles wrote in “The Science of Getting Rich” (first published in 1910).  He wrote: “Hold this consciousness, and say with deep, earnest feeling:


‘I CAN succeed!  All that is possible to anyone is possible to me.

I AM successful.  I do succeed, for I am full of the Power of Success.’”


Wattles goes on to say how if anyone has ever done or accomplished what you want to do, you can do it too.  I often say to myself, particularly if I am feeling stuck and don’t know what to do: I CAN succeed!  If anyone has ever done what I desire to do now, and I know that it has been done before, then I Know that I CAN do it too!  If anyone has ever succeed in this endeavor, I can succeed.  This is also known as making our demand on the Universe.


Realize that because “I” AM in existence “I” MUST Be in the Infinite Omnipresence and, therefore, a definite part, or degree, of Infinite Being MUST Be IN me.  (in Mind, as Omni-consciousness; awareness of my At-one-ment with All Mind) Therefore you may safely declare with The Master Teacher, and with every other Wise One - All of Whom knew and understood this Truth of individual At-one-ment with Infinite Omnipresence: “‘I’ And The Father Are One;” BECAUSE ‘I’ AM IN existence and God, Being Infinite Omnipresence, IS in part, or degree, IN me.


The attainment of what things soever you desire, when you pray, BEGINS with you.  You MUST build (mentally create) your Ideal; as carefully as the architect creates his mental pictures according to the Law of Cause and Effect.  The principles of your Ideal are the materials with which you build; and they are eternal.  The Law of Cause and Effect is inviolable.  “Whatsoever you sow, you shall reap.”  The responsibility for the sowing is yours.  You have chosen.  The results belong to the Law of Compensation.  Knowing this to be Truth, you must willingly accept the results.


You MUST be prepared to tell yourself: “In faith, nothing is impossible to the Soul, I have deliberately chosen and have incorporated only those Principles which, in their expression, are Success, Health and Happiness.


“I” as Spirit (or spiritual Being) AM limitless.  “I” AM a Soul with vast, unlimited, desires.  These desires are born in the limitless possibilities which, as Soul, “I” AM.  But in recognition of these desires I am to be careful that I also realize my responsibility for directing them, and for holding them in check, when needful, and for giving them free rein when to do that is best.


Desire finds its first expression in emotion.  Emotion is the active expression of the soul (sub-conscious).  It is the pressing outward toward expression of the Sub-conscious.  Sub-consciously “I WILL find a way or I Will force one!”  It says, “whether in wind or torrent, in the bud or in the bird, or in the beast or the man.”  And it finds its ways by surmounting, or bursting all barriers; because it is an expression of Life, and MUST express.


But in man (or in woman) there is a mightier Power than Emotion.  It IS That which, in Man controls Emotion; that mightier Power is Thought.  My Being consists in this Power to control all the affairs, emotions and expressions of my life, and to convert them to desired, chosen ends.  For, he who controls his emotions and his thoughts controls his life and affairs.  He is self-controlled in contradistinction to him who is controlled by the objective affairs and things of his life.  One is the slave to objective being; the other is Master of The Law.



Yes, there is something more powerful than Emotion, and that something is our ability to control our Emotion, which we do thanks to our Free Will and ability to think independent of our reaction.  Let me extrapolate that a little further.  I was stunned and amazed the first time I heard someone say that ‘you can actually schedule your bad or depressed mood.’  We really can choose our emotions by controlling our thoughts.


To explain, those people who do not practice what Theological Science teaches - i.e. to Control our Thoughts at all times, are reacting to the conditions and effects in their life.  They are not using their Mind - they are using their animal instinct.


In building your Ideal, you must follow the Law of Choice (Free Will); you must plan what you wish, or desire.  You cannot be content to drift merely with the winds and tides of emotion.  YOU MUST KNOW WHAT YOU WANT - WHAT YOU WANT TO BE, AND BECOME, AND WHAT YOU WANT TO DO, AND WHAT YOU WANT TO HAVE!    One may assent, may affirm for himself...and at the same time may not attain.  There IS a DOING that is necessary to complete the Ideal.  To get and to BE what I want, I must act in the line of my Ideal.


In your efforts to bring your secret longings, or desires, into material manifestation in your life and affairs, you should be careful to maintain your secret and keep it to yourself.  NEVER TELL ANOTHER WHAT YOU ARE DOING!  When you reveal, or discuss, your plans and desires, or intentions, with another, or others, you scatter your forces, weaken your efforts and prevent, or deter, the manifestation of your Ideal.


In this wise you MUST develop the ability to KEEP YOUR IDEALS, DESIRES AND PLANS TO YOURSELF.  You MUST simply Tell yourself: “I CAN keep my Ideals Secret until they have been realized - when others may then observe the fruits of my silent efforts.”  As The Master Teacher of Galilee put it: “Tell no man what thou hast seen.”  (do not tell anyone what you have “seen” as your mental picture).  And, as the Master, Saint-Germaine, admonished His Chelas: “Think in secrecy, and you will be rewarded openly - when you can then share your realizations with others.”  (From His “Most Holy Trina-sophia”)


The time is at hand in the race-development when we must be as sure and as consciously aware of Mental Power and Law in the building of Character and the development of Ideals, as we are of Natural Law in temple building.  You must know that when you recognize yourself as Cause, as the architect and builder of your Fate, you are as sure to realize your Ideal as the Sun is sure to rise (or appear) tomorrow.


You, and Every other citizen of this [or any] country, are responsible for all wrong-doing; NOT those who are practicing illegal methods.  You must know that when you recognize yourself as Cause - as the architect and builder of your Fate, you are as sure to realize your Ideal as the Universe is under Law and Order.  When you create the cause of error you disregard your responsibility.  You will reap as you have sown.



Never underestimate the Power of Spirit.  It is important each day to build a bigger believing and a greater trust in Spirit.  It means we must deepen our understanding of our relationship to and in the Divine.  It means to see beyond the physical condition; to see with our spiritual eyes or as I like to put it, with the eyes of the heart.  Never underestimating the power of Spirit means to know that God always makes it possible where there appears to be no way. It means to recognize that in every challenge, in every   conflict, in every breakdown, there is a blessing ‑‑ and to demand that it be revealed to you.  And it means to surrender the struggle and to allow Spirit to move through you.


Having said that, there is a caveat.  With our finite intellectual mind, we really can't help but underestimate the Spirit, because the human/intellectual mind simply:

cannot fully comprehend the Omnipotent, nor completely grasp the Omniscience, or truly perceive the Omnipresence of Spirit.  While today, it may be true that we can't fully comprehend Spirit ‑‑ as we grow in consciousness of ourselves as Divine Spirit, we

can begin to know and experience the things of the Spirit more fully.  The difference of course is within us.  Within our ability to know that God makes a way where there appears to be no way.  Spiritual Truth lies beyond the physical and within our ability to call forth the blessing from our challenges.


The development of the conscious awareness of the inviolability of Creative Law in the domain of the Mental processes is rapidly becoming the line of human progress.  While the hand shall not be neglected, emphasis will be on the CREATIVE POWER OF THOUGHT.  We shall learn to build in the realm of the Unseen, well knowing that the Indwelling “kingdom of God” in Mind will care for the objective, IF and WHEN we have learned to trust It as Inward Creator under Law of Cause and Effect.


“Vast, the created and beheld, but vaster the inward Creator.”


The individual will at last realize that he can no more escape from the effects of his thinking, than he can escape from a burn when he places his hand in a fire.  This sense of personal responsibility will develop in him a self-reliance and a self-confidence that will gradually produce Men - full-grown Men.


But this Knowledge of responsibility and power TO DO and TO BE MUST have its rise in the consciousness of union with The Original Source of Power and Intelligence - The Infinite Omnipresence - The Supreme Presence-Power Which, being everywhere in unlimited existence, IS, in part, or degree, WITHIN you as well as all about the limitless possibilities of the Soul of the Human Being.


In forming the physical man “of the dust of the ground” (elements of the earth) and “breathing into his nostrils the Breath of Life,” so that “man became a living Soul,” (as see Genesis 2:7) Nature, or God, or Infinite Omnipresence, or First Cause, has not only given him personal responsibility, but through this responsibility It has endowed him with creative Thought-Power by which to control his thinking and so control all the affairs of his life; or, as in the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson, “made his a freeman of the whole estate!”



In the conscious awareness of this personal responsibility and of Power, the strong live, and Become, and Do and Have what things soever they may desire - because they Know The Law and live It.


“Then it is the brave man chooses, while the coward stands aside.  Doubting in his abject spirit, til his Lord (Law; Mind) is crucified.”


For only the man of developed self-reliance is strong.  His strength lies in his Faith in himself as Power to Be and Become, and Do, and Have  ANYTHING  whatsoever  he may desire.  To this Faith in himself, as Power to overcome environments, we owe the progress of the race from cave to palace.  By experience the individual man and woman learns more and more of himself, and herself, as Power.


THIS IS THE ONLY EDUCATION - increased consciousness of one’s self as Power to Master.  Through study and spiritual practice we all come to Know that we are One with the Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresence.   Life itself is a tool for  self-development into that consciousness of Power which culminates in the Affirmation - I CAN!


Man builds Faith by realizing that he is a man like other men and logically concluding that since he is like other men he can do what other men have done.  Realizing that progress lies in doing what no one has done before he Affirms: “What no man has done I CAN DO!”


In applying his Affirmation to action he becomes a redeemer and a benefactor.  Such a man lives in the Light; has banished fear, and in full consciousness of Power fronts each new day with joy He is the Optimist whom all welcome because he carries Peace and Power and Joy wherever he goes.


“What can I do?”  Must sometime be the question in every person.  The child begins the questioning; youth continues it into adult being, and many are still asking the question until called to respond to the Infinite summons and join that “innumerable caravan which moves to that mysterious realm” in astral Being for rest and growth until reincarnated, they evolve with Life in Spiritual Being to assume another body - “even as You and ‘I’.”


But in that question, “What Can I Do?” the answer comes clear and sure - whether intuitively or in sudden conscious awareness of Your At-one-ment with Infinite Omnipresence and ALL Life; “You CAN overcome EVERY limitation that body, Time and erroneous thought would place upon you!”


This Is Faith!

This Is Trust!

This Is Courage!

This Is Health!

This Is Success!

This IS Happiness!




In the Sub-conscious IS Absolute Power to be directed by Conscious Self through Thought.  For this reason each person as Thinker is to Affirm: “ ‘I’,  as Thought,  AM Infinite in possibilities.”


And in this Thought we CAN say with the Brahmin:


“‘I’ AM the blush of the morning!  ‘I’ AM the evening breeze!

‘I’ AM the leaf’s low murmur; the swell of the terrible seas!

‘I’ AM the breath of the flute!  ‘I’ AM The Breath of Man!


God’s glitter; the light of the diamond; and the sea-pearl’s luster wan;


‘I’ AM both Good and Evil; the deed and the deed’s intent;

Temptation, victim, crime, pardon, punishment,

‘I’ AM what was, Is and Will Be!  Creation’s ascent and fall!


The link, the chain of existence!  Beginning and End of ALL.”


How can anyone debase his Being by doubt and mistrust!  How can he lack faith in his ability, through creative thinking, to realize his Ideal, when once he knows that he is both an inlet and out outlet of Infinite Power, and that his possibilities - potentialities - are as limitless as is his Power of Idealization?


When once a mental picture is made, or created and developed in Thought, that picture is eternal in the realm of Mind.  There it controls the expression and materialization of the Sub-conscious Power which each one Is.


Longing is creative in the realm of Spirit.  Man becomes the statue molded there,  for the Indwelling Life  Principle carves it into his character.


Character is the ONLY eternal possession a man can have.  Shaped thus from the Ideal it is immortal, in the real of Life Eternal.


The conscious man I AM is the result of my thinking.


I live as the Character I have made by my Thought creations.



To become thus conscious of one’s self as Power, limitless and omnipotent is the step of most importance after building a definite Ideal.  This consciousness of creative Power will express itself habitually in the Affirmation:



because as Thought I AM an expression of Infinity.


The individual in whom the spirit of this Affirmation has become a mental habit will never doubt his, or her, ability to overcome and rise above any obstacle.  Let the spirit of this poem be yours.


“This I beheld or dreamed it in a dream:-

There spread a cloud of dust along a plain;

And underneath the cloud, or in it, raged

A furious battle, and men yelled, and swords

Shocked upon swords and shields.  A prince’s banner

Wavered, then staggered backward, hemmed by foes.

A craven hung along the battle’s edge,

And thought, ‘Had I a sword of keener steel -

That true blade that the king’s son bears, - but this

Blunt thing’ - He snapt and flung it from his hand,

And lowering crept away and left the field.

Then came the king’s son, wounded, sore bestead,

And weaponless, and saw the broken sword,

Hilt-buried in the dry and trodden sand,

And ran and snatched it, and with battle-shout

Lifted afresh he hewed his enemy down,

And saved a great cause that heroic day.”           By E.R. Sill.


How like some of my loved ones who, during the past twenty years, have “hung along the battle’s edge,” trying to continue to “win the victory” of self-improvement equipped with what they have imagined to be “religious faith,” but which has been merely a “blind belief” in a philosophy about which they have known nothing whatever!


They have been told that they MUST have faith in the false teachings about The Christ, and about Moses, and about Mohammed, and about Buddha - and the many other “isms” about which they have been told - BUT HOW develop Faith in anything of which one is ignorant?  The mass of humanity have been told about God, but who Knows Who, or What, or Where the God of Christianity IS or May Be?


And who knows the whole true history of the Life and affairs of the wonderful Jewish Boy Who became the Seventh World Master of The Mysteries, to return to His people to try to teach them the ancient Plan For Better Living, for which He was repudiated and banished from Palestine, to return to the Orient to live out His life in the seclusion of Wisdom and peace of mind; leaving behind Him the remarkable philosophy which has proved to be a complete, correct guidance for perfect Personal Development, or self-betterment, through SELF KNOWLEDGE for whoever will correctly interpret and apply It?


Very few!  The church ecclesiastics know all about it, but they have never revealed His Truth, because to have done so would have been to “make you free” from the consequent distress of wrong thinking.  They have NEVER revealed the Truth about the creative nature of Thought; nor that you, and ONLY you, ARE responsible for EVERY Thought and for EVERY action, and for EVERY effect, or condition manifested in your life and affairs.  Nor have the false teachers ever explained Your spiritual At-one-ment with God, The Infinite Omnipresence.



The choice is the privilege of the individual.  If the individual cannot, or will not Think independently he cannot, or will not, choose, but will follow blindly, a bell-wether who will decide his way for him.  If the individual decides to learn to develop the ability to Think and Reason, he will refuse to be bound by earlier false teaching and will cast off all unprovable dogmatic demands on his mentality, and thus begin to enjoy an ever growing degree of independence and freedom.


I have tried to show that Desire can lead to developed Self-confidence; and that Self-confidence engenders the Courage to declare: “I CAN.”


You CAN Be and Become, and Do; and Have ANYTHING whatsoever you Desire, If you CAN Think and Reason.


Every man takes care that his neighbor shall not cheat him.  But a day comes when he begins to care that he does not cheat his neighbor.  Then all begins to go well.


Morally and spiritually your responsibility lies in Thinking and in controlling EVERY thought you entertain or create.  Morals respects the source, or motive, of action.  It is the science of substance and not of shows.  It is the What and not the HOW.  Morals implies Freedom of Will.  The Will constitutes the Man.  He has his life in Nature, like a beast; but choice is born in him; choice is a form of thought; here it is he chooses; hence is the Declaration of Independence.


He chooses - as the rest of the Creation does not.  Morals is the direction of the Will on universal ends.  He is immoral who is acting to any private end.  He is unmoral who does not act of free will and choice; who acts and believes blindly, or through fear of condemnation or ridicule.


He is unmoral who dares not stand alone in the Right and with courage to Think and Do Right, though the majority condemn him.


He is moral - I say it with Marcus Aurelius and with Kant - whose aim or motive may become an universal rule, binding on all intelligent beings.


IF you would be FREE - and in your FREEDOM be courageous - Come, enter into the kingdom of God which is WITHIN you - in your Mind, as Thought.  Read and re-read EVERY Lesson you receive, once or twice each week of every month, and so make this Knowledge of Theological Science - The Wisdom Religion of Thought-Power - your own forevermore.


You cannot be attentive to the evil, error, distress of the objective world of ignorant humanity and, at the same time, be cared for and guided by intuitive direction form your subjective, INNER sub-conscious ‘Father,’ Which IS in ‘heaven’.”


You MUST choose The One or the other; you “CANNOT serve two masters;” you CANNOT serve the erroneous conscious world of humanity CONSCIOUSLY, and at the same time serve your own best interests while unconscious of The Power WITHIN you.  You have proved this Truth many times in your own experiences!  Have you ever “received” what you prayed for UNLESS you KNEW and AFFIRMED your desire BEFORE you concentrated your attention in prayer?  Does anyone ever have his “wish” granted UNTIL and UNLESS he has AFFIRMED his Desire as ALREADY his?



But, when you heed the admonition of The Master, you have a different attitude, which is why your desire is gratified: “What things soever (regardless; anything) you desire, when you pray (when you concentrate and visualize your desire as a mental picture), BELIEVE THAT YOU RECEIVE THEM, and YOU SHALL HAVE THEM.”  This is Natural Law - It is Cause and Effect in operation.  IT CANNOT FAIL when you do not fail It.


Let me repeat:


You CAN Be and Become, and Do and Have whatever you may desire,

IF you will but Think: I CAN, and then fortify that declaration with



Put this thought into actual practice with EVERY thought you entertain or create.


My good wishes and love are with you, my beloved Chela; and daily I prayerfully AFFIRM your well-being in the Understanding and practice of the Knowledge of Theological Science.  May the gods love you as I do.




Your servant and friend in Him:


Dr. Hugh G. Carruthers and

Rev. Anne B. Schmitt