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November 2018

My Dear Friend and Fellow Member,
It will be getting close to Thanksgiving when you receive and open this letter. This is a time of gratitude and appreciation in the hearts of many.
Gratitude is about how we look at life. Let us begin to get a new perspective on gratitude. As Doctor points out in this month’s letter “Thought, whether right or wrong, is contagious...” As a practice, gratitude feeds on itself. It causes one to perceive more for which to be thankful. The function of Gratitude is threefold: It focuses our attention on the good we are already manifesting in our life; it increases our acceptability of more good; and it heals us physically, mentally and emotionally.
Gratitude make us receptive to God’s good, we cannot see nor comprehend it except to the degree we recognize it. Our good is dependent upon the recognition of the good that is already present. We are vibrational beings and our vibration sets up a field of attraction. It is important to praise our good. As New Thought author, Raymond Charles Barker says: “Praise alerts the subconscious energies in and around us that we are proclaiming a new way of being.” Praise is active appreciation and recognition. When you praise something, you lift it up, shine the light on it, and sing its glory. It is not enough to just notice the good in your life - to increase the energy you must praise it joyfully with your thoughts, words and actions.
Change the way you think and talk about your life. Resist the temptations to
minimize your accomplishments. Tell others the good that is happening. Say "thank
you" to the Universe often. Try using the affirmation: “Life is Good!” Say it and feel it.

Focus your attention on the good already manifesting in our life. If you woke up this morning with more health than illness, you are more blessed than the million who will not survive the week. If you have food in your refrigerator, clothes on your back, a roof over your head and a place to sleep, you are richer than 75% of this world. If you have money in the bank, in your wallet, and spare change in a dish someplace, you are among the top 8% of the worlds wealthy. If you hold up your head with a smile on your face and are truly thankful, you are blessed because the majority can, but most do not. If you can hold someone's hand, hug them or even touch them on the shoulder, you are blessed because you can offer God's healing touch.
Gratitude increases our acceptability of more good. One of the least understood, yet the greatest benefit of giving thanks is that it opens the gates to the blessings of God. It can not come to us unless it comes through us. Our thanks giving becomes a magnet for greater and greater good in our life. It is so profound that it may seem almost miraculous. However, I can assure you that it is based on a spiritual law that has worked throughout our history.
Michael Abrams in his book "12 Conditions of a Miracle"; states gratitude as a necessary condition for the demonstration of the miraculous. In the miracle of the Loaves and Fishes, it is written: “And he commanded the multitude to sit down on the grass, and took the five loaves, and the two fishes, and looking up to heaven, he blessed, and brake, and gave the loaves to his disciples, and the disciples to the multitude. And they did all eat, and were filled."
"He blessed" what he had. Jesus saw it as already complete. Even though the field was just planted he saw it “already white and ready for harvest.” Bless your resources, all of them! All the time! Be acutely conscious of the gifts you have received. Cultivate a sense of appreciation at a deep level and express your feelings of gratitude in words.
Catherine Ponder, one of New Thought’s greatest prosperity teachers, in her book, The Prosperity Secrets of the Ages", has a whole chapter on the ancient secret for happy living on the
act of "blessing everything and giving thanks - as a transformative prosperity secret. If you make a habit of it, it can transform your life. Bless everything. Focus on the good and bless it. Bless even the not-so good and transform it into good.
Emmet Fox wrote, “Bless a thing and it will bless you. Curse it and it will curse you.” If you put your condemnation upon anything in life, it will hit back at you and hurt you. If you bless a situation, it has no power to hurt you, and even if it is troublesome for a time, it will gradually fade out if you sincerely bless it. Bless your spouse/partner/significant other rather than curse them. Bless your bills. Bless even your taxes. Bless your tithes and gifts. Bless your work and any troublesome co-workers. Bless your body for greater health. Begin now to bless everything in your life as good, good, good!
Gratitude heals us physically, mentally and emotionally. Giving thanks is one of the best cures for sadness or depression. Whenever you feel sad, take time to proclaim thanks for the smallest things in your life. The ritual of giving thanks is a great healing power. The process of

giving thanks instills hope for the future. It brings healing to the physical body, restores balance to the community, and raises the vibration of any situation. Thanks giving or thanks living is one of the best cures for sadness or depression. Proclaim thanks for even the smallest things in your life. It could be a butterfly, flower, or your favorite chair. As you begin to give thanks, the energy of sadness will give way to hope, then joy.
Dr. Masaru Emoto whose work and photographs are featured in the movie “What The Bleep Do We Know” says “Existence is Vibration.” Dr Emoto did a lecture in Chicago in 2004 which I was lucky enough to attend. He claims that “Water is the mirror of the soul.” His book,“Hidden Messages from Water” depicts that belief through photographs of water crystals taken when the water has been subjected to various emotions, words, thoughts, prayers and music. Words of love and gratitude produce beautiful ice crystals. Emoto wrote: I particularly remember one photograph. It was the most beautiful and delicate crystal that I had so far seen -- formed by being exposed to the words "love and gratitude." It was as if the water had rejoiced and celebrated by creating a flower in bloom. It was so beautiful that it changed my life from that moment on. Water has taught me the delicacy of the human soul, and the impact that love and gratitude can have on the world.” Because our bodies are 70% water, think how the words and vibrations we are exposed to affect us!?
And today I give thanks.
I give thanks for the good I see and the good unfolding.
I give thanks for the life I have and the joy it brings me.
I give thanks in all things great and small.
I am established in an attitude of gratitude!
As we enter the busiest time of the year - that time between Thanksgiving and Christmas - take some time to sit and reflect on gratitude and your many blessings.
I am grateful to each and every one of you. I am grateful that I have the opportunity to share Dr. Carruthers’ work with you and to express this teaching in my own words and in my life as you are living it in yours. I am profoundly grateful for your generosity and support. This fellowship, our Theological Science Society is generously supported by your monthly tithes and offerings. Thank you for being so generous and making it possible for this work to continue.
Enjoy this month’s letter. Have a splendid Thanksgiving and enjoy a life of Thanks Living. Going to you now, are my love and best wishes.
In love and gratitude,
Rev. Anne B. Schmitt
P.S. Holiday envelopes are enclosed for those who wish to send an extra thank you during the Thanksgiving - Christmas Season.

Hugh G. Carruthers
Prior Right Established, 1951
Hugh Greer Carruthers
My beloved Chela:
May I come in and chat with you for a while? I think that, through you,
I may be able to explain to all of our Fellow members - Brothers and Sisters of THE THEOLOGICAL SCIENCE SOCIETY - a profound Truth which ought to answer a great many questions regarding the purpose of Personal Development.
If it were merely a case of Self Knowledge for the sake of developing the ability to control our Thought process, so as to acquire health, prosperity, and the happiness which comes of what is usually called satisfaction with our lot in this life, that, perhaps, might be reason enough for us to aim at an ever higher degree of ability through Wisdom and Understanding; but there is, O, so much more to it than that. There is the future, and if we would eventually attain to a complete mastery of Self and conditions, so as to enjoy a Future of complete harmony, it follows that NOW is the time in which we should be interested in developing that ability. Then, too, it is true that in so developing, we gain great enjoyment of living our everyday lives.
Life, of course, must be purposeful - it must have a meaning; otherwise all the evidence afforded by the Great Ones of the Past, and even our own often weak and ignorant hope and expectation of immortality, should be devoid of meaning, and man should be like a ship on the sea, without a rudder, tossed about by circumstance; and we know from experience that this is not so. We know that we CAN control Thought and so control effects and conditions in our lives and affairs. We know this because we have proved that negative, wrong, destructive thinking compels similar actions on our part, and of others with whom we come in contact, and so experience results of our thinking, in the form of distress, in one way or another.
Similar, we know that an optimistic attitude, tends toward a sense of well-being; that when we control our thinking habits so that we shall be concerned ONLY with constructive, good, positive ideas and intentions, our actions, and the actions and attitudes of others with whom we

may be concerned, will be of a similar nature, thus compelling the manifestation of desirable conditions. You would not expect a glass of water to be as pure after having dropped some black ink into it. You would expect the ink to change and discolor, and rob the water of its purity. So it is with undesirable, negative thoughts in a mind realm which is capable of creative thinking. Thought, whether right or wrong, is as contagious as are desire or happiness.
When we learn to develop the ability to control our thinking, we rise to an ever higher condition of being, and a greater ability to control ourselves, and by degrees we become what we have desired to Be. Now, if you could acquire the ability suddenly to spiritually glimpse the State of Perfected Being, you would not hesitate for a fraction of a second to make every effort to so live as to become The Perfected Individual. While we may know that, as shown in Genesis 2:7, there is a definite purpose to this life, leading to a greater, more desirable Life hereafter, we may also know from other parts of the Same Book that there must a Divine purpose to this evolvement and reincarnation of The Soul, or Mind. Hence the reason why, although it may be that you are not as yet advanced in Training to readily realize the true meaning of Perfected Being, I believe it will be helpful, rather than harmful, if I try to give you some knowledge regarding the Great Ones and your own possibilities.
In this belief I realize that this may come to the hands of non-Members, who are not my Chelas, who may not understand and, therefore, might ridicule or deny – through lack or limitation – what I am about to reveal to you. However, I neither aver nor apologize, and I state the following for the benefit only of those who, “having eyes, may see, and having ears, may hear” “what The Lodges saith unto the temples.”
The existence of Perfected Men is one of the most important of the many facts which Theological Science – or the Secrets of The Mysteries – puts before us. It follows logically from the other great Mystical teachings of karma and evolution by reincarnation. As we look about us we see Men obviously at all stages of their evolution – many far below ourselves in development, and others who, in one way or another, are distinctly in advance of us. Since that is so, there may well be others Who are very much advanced. Indeed, if men are steadily growing better through a long series of successive lives, tending towards a definite goal, there should certainly be Some Who have already reached that goal – Some Who have become Perfect in development. We of The Order know Those Perfected Ones as our Elder Brothers.
Some of us in the process of that development have already succeeded in unfolding some of those higher senses which are latent in every man, and will be the heritage of all in the future; and by means of those senses we are able to catch a glimpse of the “ladder” of evolution extending far above us, and we can also see that there are Men standing upon every rung of that ladder.
There is a considerable amount of direct testimony to the existence of these Perfected Men Whom we all Masters, but I think that the first step which each of us should take is to make certain that there MUST be such Men; only as a later step will it follow that Those with Whom we

have come into contact belong to that Class.
The historical records of every nation are full of the doings of men of genius in all the different departments of human activity; men who in Their special lines of work and ability have stood far above the rest – indeed, so far that at times (and probably more often than we know) Their ideals were utterly beyond the comprehension of the people, so that not only the work that they may have done has been lost to mankind in general, but Their very names in the biographies of a few individuals, and that it is always the few, towering above the rest, who initiate the great forward steps in art, music, literature, science, philosophy, philanthropy, statecraft, and religion.
They stand high sometimes in love, or reverence, or appreciation of God, or The Infinite, and their fellow-men as great saints and philanthropists; sometimes in understanding of man and Nature, as great philosophers, sages and scientists; sometimes in work for humanity, as great liberators and reformers. Looking at these men, and realizing how high They stand among humanity, how far They have gone in human evolution, is it not logical to say that we cannot see the bounds of human attainment, and that there may well have been, and even now may be, Men far further developed even that They – Men great in spirituality as well as Knowledge, or artistic power; men complete as regards human perfection – Men precisely such as the Adepts or Supermen Whom some of us, who have had the inestimable privilege, to encounter?
This galaxy of human genius that enriches and beautifies the pages of history is at the same time the glory and the hope of all mankind, for we know that these Greater Ones are the forerunners of the rest, and that They flash out as beacons, as veritable Light Bearers, to show us the Path which we must tread if we wish to reach the glory which shall presently be revealed. We have long accepted the doctrine of the evolution of the forms in which dwells the Divine Life; here is the complementary and far greater idea of the evolution of that Life Itself, showing that the very reason for that wondrous development of higher and higher forms is that the ever-swelling Life needs Them in order to express Itself. Forms are born and die; forms grow, decay and break; but the Spirit grows on eternally, ensouling those forms, and developing by means of experience gained in and through them; and as each form served its turn and is outgrown, it is cast aside that another and better form may take its place and have the new opportunity for great development through Understanding and karmic evolution. This may be seen even in the plant, with its bud which flowers into bloom, remains for a time, then withers, dies and decays to feed the soil for new growth; and the plant again brings forth another form and a new and, perhaps better, stronger, more beautiful flower, while all the time The Spirituality, or Reality, or Real Bloom Itself continues in ever newer forms.
Behind the evolving form burgeons out ever the Life Eternal, the Life Divine. That Life of The Infinite permeates the whole of Nature, Which is but the many colored cloak which He, or It has donned in this earth-plane in order to manifest Himself, or Itself, to humanity (as in the case of the man Who became the Christ, of Whom it has been said, “He came as God Himself to be as men, that mankind might see and know, and so be saved.” We know, of course, that such a statement is childish, fed to the ignorant, blind believers, that they might continue in abject mental

slavery without thinking. The salvation which The Christed Master offers to humanity is NOT in His birth or death but, rather, in the Knowledge Which He gave to us, Which if we will apply in principle will prove to be our salvation from all manner of distress Here Now.
It is the Divinity, The Infinite, Which lives in the beauty of the flower, in the strength of the tree, in the swiftness and grace of the animal, as well as in the Soul (Mind) of man. It is because The Infinite Will is evolution that all life everywhere is pressing onward and upward; and it is therefore that the existence of Perfected Men at the end of this long line of ever-unfolding Power and Wisdom and Love is the most natural thing in the world. Even beyond Them -- beyond our sight and our comprehension – stretches a vista of still greater glory, a hint of which I shall hope to give later, but it is useless to write of it now.
The logical consequence of all this is that there must be Perfected Men, and there are not wanting signs of the existence of such Men in all Ages Who, instead of leaving the world entirely, to pursue a life of Their own, in the Divine or Superhuman Kingdoms, have remained in touch with humanity, through love of it, to assist in its evolution in beauty and love and Truth, to help, as it were, to cultivate the Perfect Man – just as here and there we find a botanist who has special love for plants, and glories in the production of a perfect orange, or a perfect rose.
The records of every great religion show the presence of such Supermen, so full of the Divine Life that again and again they have been taken as the very representatives of God, or The Infinite. In every religion, especially at its founding, has such a One appeared, and in many cases more than one. The Hindus have their great Avataras, or divine incarnations, such as Shri Krishna, Shri Shankarachrya, and the Lord Gautama Buddha, Whose religion has spread over the Far East, and a great galaxy of Rishis, of Saints, of Teachers; and these Great ones took interest not only in awakening men’s spiritual natures, but also in all affairs that made for their well-being on earth.
All who belong to the Christian World know, or ought to know, much about the great succession of prophets and teachers and saints in their dispensation, and that in some way (perhaps not clearly understood) their Supreme Teacher, the Christ Himself, was and is Man as well as The Divine Representative of God (in His declaration that “I” and The Father are One.”) And all the earlier religions (decadent as some of them may be amid the decay of nations), down even to those of primitive tribes of men, show as outstanding features the existence of Supermen, helpers in every way of the childlike people among They dwelt. An enumeration of these, interesting and valuable as it is, would take us too far aside from our present purpose, but I refer you to history for the time being.
There is such direct and rather recent evidence for the existence of these Great Ones. In my earlier days, I never needed any such evidence, because I was fully persuaded as a result of my studies and experiences that there MUST be such Individuals, as were. To believe that there were such glorified Men seemed perfectly natural, and my only desire then was to meet Them face to face. Yet there are many among the newer members of the Society who, reasonably enough, want

to know what evidence there is. There is a considerable amount of personal testimony. The late blessed Mahatma Gandhi and the late revered grand old Poet, Rabindranath Tagore, as well as the late Solandas Ghose, a few of our Brothers devoting Themselves to guiding Truth Seekers in other countries of the earth, and I myself – all of us have seen some of These Great Ones, and often see Them when, during our devotion, we commune in Silence with Them.
It is sometimes objected that those who have seen Them, and have listened to Their guidance and counsel, may have been dreaming, or perhaps deluded. The chief reason, I think for the possibility of such a suggestion is that we have very rarely seen the Adepts at a time when both They and we were in our physical bodies. In the earlier days of The Society and my ministry, when only my Master had the developed faculties, the Masters not infrequently materialized Themselves so that all could see Them, and showed Themselves thus physically on various occasions. There have been many statements and records made in the earlier history of our Society, but of course The Great One so showing Himself was not in His physical body, but in a materialized form.
You may have somewhat similar experiences at times – not perhaps in seeing one of the Masters, but in catching a faint, quick glimpse of a loved one who had progressed on before from this earth-plane. At such a time you may have felt that you only “imagined” you saw that One, but the fact remains that there must have been some sound reason for even causing you to have so imagined. How many times have you seen One you knew in this earth-life, during a dream, to awaken with a very vivid awareness of what you called a “dream”. That was a Subconscious experience, and it may be that you have such experiences often. It is evidence that you must have been in Subconscious contact with another Identity.
Many of us habitually and almost constantly see Them during our sleep, when the erroneously developed Conscious (or objective mentality) is unaware, or unconscious. You have but to discuss such phenomena with some ignorant, or bigoted, or undeveloped individual to have that one refute your statement, and if that one seems to you to be of authority, such as a clergyman who in his own religious bigotry, “has his own axe to grind,” you may be persuaded to ignore the very Truth Which a Master close to you is constantly trying to develop in you. Remember: “Be not deceived by appearances (conscious appearances). Beware of false teachers who come to you as wolves in sheep’s clothing; the Truth is not in them, But they have their reward.”
As you are going to learn – if you persist in your own development – we go out in our astral bodies (or in the mental body, according to our development) and we visit Them in Their physical bodies; but we are not at that time in ours, and that is why on the physical plane people tend to be skeptical about such experiences. Men object: “But in these cases either you who saw Them were out of the physical body, and may have been dreaming or deluded, or Those Who appeared to you came phenomenally and them disappeared again; so how do you know that They were what you supposed them to be?”

There are cases in which both the Adept and the one who saw Him were in the physical body. It happened a number of times, and I have testified on a number of occasions that I lived for many years in a monastery (or lamasery) in Nepal, where I saw three of our Masters constantly in Their physical vehicles. Some others of Them have come down more than once from Their mountain retreats in Their physical bodies. I was not the only one who saw and spoke with Them; several of my blessed Brothers in the Order also saw and talked with Them. The Master Morya, and also the Master Kuthumi were frequently at the lamasery. There is also a vast amount of testimony which has never been collected and sifted for public information, mainly because those to whom these experiences came were so thoroughly persuaded of the existence of These Supermen and of the possibility of meeting Them that they did not regard any individual case as especially worthy of record. As is shown in the Scriptures, The Master Who was The Christ, appeared in physical form to His disciplines on the twenty-first day after His punishment, as He was leaving that section of the world to return to Nepal. The disciplines saw and listened to Him as He spoke to them, without ever imagining that He was not in His physical body – although if history is correct, He could not have been at that time.
I have seen and talked with other Members of The Brotherhood under varying circumstances. My first encounter with One of Them was in the old Shepherd’s Hotel in Cairo, Egypt. I was on my way out of India with my Brother Shri Pamansah – He enroute to Spain and I to France. We used to be together in my room to cover some of the work we were to do. He and I sat about five feet apart, at either end of a fair-sized narrow desk-table. The door of the room was in fair sight, and it certainly did not open; but quite suddenly, without any preparation, there was a Man standing almost between us at the side of the table, within touch of both of us. It gave him a great start, and he jumped up somewhat in confusion. I feel sure that I recall having said to him, “If you cannot control yourself at such a natural experience as this, you will have a difficult time in this occult labor of love.” The Visitor introduced Himself; He was not then an Adept, but was newly given to the “field” for guidance of those, like myself, who were assigned to earth missions; He has since become the Master Darwahl Kul Dhas.
Some months after that the Master Morya came to us one day, looking exactly as though in a physical body. He walked through the room where Pamansah was working, in order to communicate with me, in my bedroom. That was the first time since I had come away from the lamasery that I had seen Him plainly and clearly, for I had not until then developed my latent senses sufficiently to remember what I saw in the subtle body. I saw the Master Kuthumi under somewhat similar conditions on the balcony of our Lodge Headquarters in Paris. He was stepping over the railing of the balcony as though He had just materialized from the empty air on the other side of it. I have many times seen the Master Darwahl Kul Dhas, and I recently saw a great deal, not seen by others, while I was visiting in the City of Dallas, in the Great State of Texas.
This would, I daresay, be considered less certain evidence, since the Adepts came, and come, as apparitions appear; but, as I have learned to use my higher faculties freely, and to visit these Great Ones in that way, I can testify that Those Who in the early years of my mission came and materialized for us are the Same Ones Whom I have often since seen living in Their own

homes – and One of Whom has long lived in mine. How otherwise could one individual seem to be able to know the answers to all questions and the solutions to all problems, to long continue to give Knowledge on practically every known subject, unless fed, nourished, counselled and guided by Them and Him?
As I have already said, there have been some persons who have suggested, in all seeming kindness, that I and others who have the same experience may be but dreaming, since these visits take place during sleep as well as during Silence, or mental stillness and physical quiet. I can only reply that is a remarkably consistent “dream”, extending in my own case over some sixty odd years; that is has been “dreamt” simultaneously by a number of others, and, if a “dream”, I have no desire to awaken. But if a reality in occult phenomena. I have to you as an idea of what you my look forward to in your greater growth. Whether or not it is an experience to be desired by you, is, or course, for you to determine, and if desirable, for you to develop, which you may do by following the instructions contained in this series of your Training for Personal Development.
There have been statements by eminent scholars that it is very difficult for an American, or, for that matter, any one who had not lived in the Orient, or who is of a purely singular racial strain, to develop to the high faculties during this earth-life, but that is not true. It only appears to be easier for any Aryan, or, as we may say, a Hindu, or a Brahmin, or a Moslem, to develop the higher faculties, and that is so largely because those who have lived and studied in the Orient have been more concerned about spiritual development than many of those in other parts of the world. I can testify that an Anglo-Aryan who gives himself and his life to the betterment of humanity on earth, willingly becoming a servant of mankind, will find little difficulty in developing himself to almost any degree of ability. And certainly, it is true that he or she who will devote himself or herself to Spiritual Development will find that his or her mental and physical, or all-around, development will follow in natural order. Hence the reason I have termed this Fellowship and its educational advantages a Course for Personal Development.
I have given enough now to lift the veil slightly, that you may have a glimpse of what lies ahead IF YOU WILL IT SO, I may have gone a little ahead (in this transcript) of what some of my newer beloved Chelas ought to have, but I think that you can absorb such Knowledge together with the Knowledge contained in the Lessons of the First Volume – and those of my blessed Chelas who are advanced to, and beyond, the Fourth Volume can certainly appreciate what has been unfolded here.
I should like to add that I would suggest that you try to keep your Consciousness free from thoughts of error, of any nature. If you have been reading, or watching the televised scandals brought out by the Senate Investigation Committee, (Please note this essay was written in 1951 and refers to ‘televised scandals’ from that time. The same could be said for today’s political atmosphere.) have no thought of a negative nature regarding your country, for this country had grown from the good thoughts of our founding fathers who struggled that we might be free of distress; and it will continue under the blessed guidance of our Masters Who guided the early Colonial settlers.

Try to see the good in every religion; do not condemn another faith, no matter how ridiculous that doctrine or dogma may be. If you have friends or acquaintances who have no religious affiliations, try to encourage them to either resume the faith of their earlier days, or to interest them in your faith. If the latter, send their names and addresses to us, that we may send them inspiring, encouraging, helpful literature which may prove of value.
Be not concerned about the so-called “underworld”, element in our American Way of Life. As was said of the wrong thinker, “Be sure thy sin shall find thee out,” so must it be with anyone who transgresses the Law of Cause and Effect – all such must eventually “pay the horrible price” of wrong thinking and wrong doing. Pray for them!
Whenever you may be tempted to give attention to an undesirable condition which may arise in your affairs, be sure that you do not give it Thought. Do not concentrate, or allow your attention to focus on such condition. Instead, change your conscious attitude so that you ignore the distress and THINK ONLY, in concentration and visualization on WHAT you actually desire in your life and affairs. In that way, you make your desire a Reality, and it surely must become manifest in your affairs – just as what you had been thinking of as distress, has become real for you. Avoid distress by praising your God for your well-being, and so be in tune with the Infinite.
Try to remember to pause for a brief moment every afternoon at sunset to join with me and all your Brothers and Sisters on earth, in Silent Affirmation of your own well-being, and that of all other, and so help in bringing the kingdom of God on earth for the benefit of yourself and others. Thus do you make of yourself a willing disciple of your Masters, and develop the ability to enjoy that Peace that passeth all understanding.
Everywhere on earth there is Some One Member of the Theological Science Society in Silent, Affirmative Mediation EVERY MINUTE OF EVERY DAY – so you see that in joining in this World Brotherhood Prayer you give your mental and spiritual strength to the work of The Masters and The Infinite. And there is POWER in mass prayer, just as there is great power in giving.
My thanks to you for your attention, and going to you now, as every day when, during my Daily Silence Service I affirm your well-being, are my good wished and love.
Your servant and friend
Dr Hugh G. Carruthers, B-11.