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February 2020

My Dear Friend and Fellow Member,


I do hope everyone is enjoying a lovely February. This is often a cold and dreary time of the year. Here in the Midwest we have actually had some warmer days and sunshine.  I’ve even noticed buds on the trees, and yesterday, some tulip and daffodil bulbs being to come up.  There will probably yet be a ‘spring snow’ that comes and goes quickly.  I can live with that knowing it won’t last long.


It is again later than I like to be getting our Lessons and Chat Letter out.  The good news is that I have already chosen a Chat for March and marked by calendar to get it started by the end of the second week of the month which means it should easily be in the mail in the third week.  Every year in March we honor Doctor Carruthers’ Birthday Anniversary of March 8.  For many years those extra Birthday donations were used for advertising expenses; in today’s world social media and the internet have taken over that expense.   For those that prefer to send your gift earlier in the month prior to receiving the March Letter, feel free to do so.


It is quite amazing to me that it has actually been about 25 years now that I have been sending out our monthly mailings. Ruth, mother and I moved from Libertyville to Wonder Lake; our mailing address for the Society was in Hebron. We no longer have regular part time help other than a dear friend who comes in for a couple hours once or twice a month as needed to fold letters and stuff envelopes.


Last year I got the nudge to get all of our 201 monthly Lessons covering 16 years worth reading onto a digital format so that they would readily be available to future generations.  With the help of some of our Members that portion has been completed.  All the Lessons are not in electronic format in Word. Another dear and member is formatting the Lessons so I can begin to distribute them to our members via email or direct download.  I’m still figuring all that out.  However, the plan is to transition to digital distribution.  And, I am most grateful for your understanding, help and support.  I must say, I have learned a lot in the past year and know that there is more to learn. If you have thoughts or experience in this area, please let me know.


So, now we segue into our February Chat Letter which was taken from our file dating back to 1949.  It never seizes to amaze me how the topics presented over 70 years ago are so current today.  It is kind of scary really and makes one wonder; have we as Humanity grown and learned so little.  This letter too begins in Doctor Carruthers’ usual manner......


How nice it is, and how glad I am, that at this time I may have the pleasure of chatting with you again, just as if you were seated here with me in my Study!  I know that you like most people are beset on all sides by extraneous interferences which compel attention and tend to swerve your thinking from the "battle" for Self-improvement and the eventual Victory of Personal Development.


Do not become discouraged when it seems impossible to think, or act, as you want to think and act; very often one is led into a morass of difficulty, a series of errors, in the face of all otherwise good intentions.  But when we know that there are spiritual Influences Which "break through" to us now and again, we also know that if we but determine to do so, we may easily learn to "expect" and "receive" Them gloriously, joyously, for our great Good, and avoid what has seemed to be interferences "over which we seem to have no control."


Seeming accidents, distress caused by unthinking persons - who imagine themselves to be our enemies, or who dislike us probably because we do not, or cannot agree with them, or they with us - involvement in undesirable disputes, or incidents; or other form of distress which alters the even tenor of our ways  - are all conditions of karma caused by a form or trend of past habitual and predominant conscious attitude of a negative nature, and may be overcome by simply determining to change and, thereby, correct, our habit of thinking.


Of one Truth you may be sure; no other person living this earth-plane life with you, and no other thing in this life, and no condition of the present, has any power over you UNLESS you allow him, or it, to affect you and your thinking.  In other words, it matters not what may happen TO you, just so you do not allow it to happen IN you.  By this I mean that anything, even of a wrong, negative, undesirable, nature can, and may, occur in your life and affairs but it cannot effect you in the slightest IF you will not give it undue attention - if you will not allow it to affect your thinking.


When you think only lightly, or briefly, about something that occurs to annoy you, or hurt you, or debase you, or humiliate you, or interrupt your earning power temporarily, or cause you grief, or even heartache, such momentary, or transitory, consideration is not of strong enough vibration (in the nervous system) to affect your emotional center (Sub-consciousness) and, therefore, cannot affect your body or your environment, or the condition of your life to any great degree.


But when you dwell in persistent thought - give much attention to, or almost constantly think - on what happened, or was caused, to annoy, or affect, you.  These intense thinking sets up a strong rate of vibration which is nervously impressed into your Sub-consciousness, and since the Sub-conscious is Involuntary Mind, It can do nothing but transmit the vibratory impulse which It received toward, and into, various parts of your body, your aura (objective field of Influence) and even your Omniconscious Center, Where It closes "the door of universal at-one-ment" and prevents your Good from flowing to you, to say nothing of the ill effects which you must experience as a result.  This is the condition referred to by the early church fanatics as "the devil's influence."  The devil (so-called) has nothing to do with it.  Neither does any Saint, or angel, or Archangel, (as these imaginary myths have been represented) have anything t do with your Good; nor do such imagined influences have any more influence with God, or the Eternal Brotherhood of Elder Brothers, than do you; indeed, you are the ONLY One who has any influence with God and His righteous Ones.  And please do not think me blasphemous, or sacrilegious, in that statement; you shall learn the Truth which the Christian teachers should have been teaching for the past two centuries.


If you have been experiencing a great deal of "misfortune," or undesirable condition, some of your unthinking friends (and they are legion) may ask you how it is possible for one like yourself, who is a student of Truth, to have to experience so much travail.  If they but knew even the slightest hint of Truth they would not ask such a nonsensical question.  They do not know that you, like themselves, are subject to Law...Universal Law which, among any other expressions, involves karma.  Let me define "karma" for you:


Karma is the principle of causality; or the whole ethical consequence of one's thoughts and speech and actions considered as fixing one's lot in continued cycles during this earth-life and, undoubtedly in the future existence hereafter.  Or, in another way:


Karma is the continuous working of every thought, word, or deed throughout eternity, in a kind of moral causal sequence.  No other definition, or explanation, can possibly account for the Truth of Being, or the Condition of Being, and the difference in the degree of power, or lack thereof, between Souls, whether in this existence in various conditions of life, or on the planes of spiritual Being hereafter.


To teach that man's condition in life is due to "good luck," or "bad luck," or accident, or chance, or favor, or denial, of God, or refusal to plead and beg in prayer, or failure to attend church services, or failure, or refusal, to recognize and be subject to, ecclesiastical authority, or the will of the clergy, or for any reason other than his own thinking, by which he himself creates the causes which compel the conditions of his life, is false teaching, about which the Master spoke as is shown, for instance, in Matthew 7:15:  "Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves."  And as in the Second epistle of Peter 2:1:  "But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring up damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that brought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction."


Everything starts as a Thought.  We do create our reality based on our thoughts and beliefs.  As Doctor just said above: [our] intense thinking sets up a strong rate of vibration.  We are vibration beings.  Everything in our world is a vibration. We must be a vibrational match to that which we are desiring in order to bring it into Our Experience.  Often we say we want one thing and then put all our attention on why we will not get it, how we don’t have the education, or the wherewith all to create it.  And, then we wonder why it does not show up in our life.  We created exactly what we vibrate.  We create that upon which we focus our attention.


All of this false teaching has been due to a misinterpretation of the true gospel of Truth as taught by The Masters of The Great Lodge up to the middle of the second century A.D., when there began the false teachings and the formation of a new and wholly different type of Lodge.  The early church was built upon the Truth of The Lodge, which the new teachers called "Pagan," and Whose Truth was quickly distorted out of all recognition for the purpose of establishing a virtual religious dictatorship which got away from Christ's philosophy for Right living through Right Thinking.


Haven't you noticed how such a large majority of the peoples of the different countries of earth have been suffering such a distressing karma since about 1918?  Haven't you observed the many nations which have "gone down' in a change of political authority, and the weakening of religious direction?  They have all gone the same way.


Most people are not actually happy! Happiness is a state of Consciousness and few there are who enjoy true happiness.  The reason for this lies in the fact that few have ever suffered deeply, and to enjoy happiness it is necessary to know its opposite.


All of the suffering under which so large a majority of the people are laboring is for a reason.  Some, who have been erroneously educated, question the mercy and goodness of God, in the false belief that God doesn't care, or won't interfere; that God would not allow so much suffering if He were all-merciful and good.  Have you done any such thinking?  Have you wondered why God allows it to continue?  Have you wondered why God allows a handful of leaders to rise above and crush their people, and be iron-handed dictators?  and to march into, and to take over, good people of other small countries who are not strong enough to defend themselves?  How do you know it is the work of God?


Why can't it all be a way toward development?  From about the third century man was taught that every living person is silently accompanied, and attended, by an unseen "Guardian Angel," who is supposed to watch over him, but who never seems to have the ability or the power to control his erroneous thinking for his good.  That idea is a distortion of the Truth taught by the Masters of The Lodge Who knew that to be a truth, but in an entirely different way.  The idea was lifted wholly out of the teachings of the Masters, including The Christ.


The truth is that for many long centuries a progressive civilization has been in force, steadily urging and guiding humanity toward Perfection, and while the race seems to be a long way from perfect manhood, it is true, nevertheless, that mankind is more intelligent, morally better, but still ignorant of his spiritual and mental power, through the understanding and the exercise of Which he might be as the gods.  The reason for his improved mental capacity lies in his developed ability (slight as it may be) to comprehend what he calls "hunches," or "Conscience," which he cannot define or locate, and direct his actions in accordance with That inner guidance, leading to his conscious desire for education in ethics, business, the professions, and industry.


The reason for his lack of spiritual understanding and development lies in his ignorance of Truth, denied to him deliberately by a scheming Few who prefer to do his thinking for him and so keep him as long as may be possible in subjection - so that he (and his kind) will continue them in power and support them financially; they do nothing constructive for him, and his kind.  He seldom, if ever, gives heed to the Truth that his is, actually, accompanied every moment in life, by an unseen "Something," or "Someone," he often actually "feels," or "senses" near him, or with him.  To tell the average man that he is steadily accompanied by what he cannot seem to understand - a Master, or Adept, or Initiate, or guru (teacher), in spiritual form, as a definite part, or degree, of his own spirituality, is to invite ridicule, if not persecution.


And yet, what do you suppose the great sages, scholars, and Thinkers of the past - such as Ptolemy, Khufu, Socrates, Plato, Pythagarus, Zoroaster, Apollionius The Nazarene (of Tyana) Damis, Deva Bodhisatoa, Plotinus, Euthalius, Potamon, Vespasian the Roman Emperor, Pliny the Younger, Origen (who taught that Christianity and Paganism are identical), Marcion, the father of Christianity, who appropriated and changed the Pauline epistles, Kaspar, Master of The Lodge of Magians at Persepolis, Persia, Paul, the disciple of The Christ, Galileo Galilei, Giordano Bruno, Tommaso Campanella, and back into antiquity to the teachings of Osiris, High Priest of Atlantis Who went to Egypt and taught the Divine Doctrine, and The Master Vivekananda, to cite only a small number of those great Souls who wrote and told the Truth - were teaching?


All they taught was a very simple principle of Truth.  In effect they taught - based upon findings and proof - that Whoever, or Whatever, created, or brought, the universe and all things thereof and therein, into existence - whether evolved over centuries, or within seven days - must be The Sustainer as well as The Creator of All; that in order to sustain The Creation, or universe, He, or It, must necessarily be omnipresent, interpenetrating all things, parts, and beings, in and of existence, while permeating The All, at one and the same time and the Same at every point of His, or Its, Presence; that His, or Its, omnipresence must be spiritual, since it is axiomatic that One Thing, or One Person, could not possibly occupy more than one space at any given time; that therefore a very definite part, or degree, of the spiritual Presence, or Spirituality, of (God) The Creator-Sustainer (Him, or It) must be WITHIN man as well as about him, and that The Masters were correct in teaching that man is the "temple of God," as, for instance, Paul's 1st epistle to the Corinthians, 6:19:  "Know you not that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, Which is IN you, Which you have of God, and you are not your own?"


The Masters further taught that since the Spirituality, or Soul, of every living creature on earth IS a part, or degree, of the One omnipresent Spirituality, man must be in spiritual at-one-ment with God, and that means that there is but The One universal Spirituality, just as there is but the one ocean of water, although broken up, or divided, into many different parts, or degrees.  They taught that Man is spiritually omnipresent, therefore, and that while a part of His Spirit is within the living body on earth, a part is also in the universal ocean of the All-Spirituality - in effect, that Man is everywhere.  Since this is a Truth, which you yourself may easily prove, That Spirituality or Presence Which is with you, (which you seem to "feel" or "sense" with you) is really You, or That Part of the Spirituality of You Which, being omnipresent, MUST be everywhere.


While You are a three-fold entity in existence –  a spiritual-mental-physical being - and your duty is to learn to develop the ability to balance your own triune nature –  The ONLY Reality is Spirituality.  The physical You is subject to death, or cessation when, on the wings of the last exhalation, your Spirituality - or Real You - departs from the body, leaving but an inanimate corpse which is subject to disintegration and decay, and return to original elements of earth.


The mental You will eventually cease to be, save for the Cosmic Consciousness, or God Mind within you now, which is called Omni-consciousness.  At the physical death your Consciousness will cease to be, and shortly after the physical death - depending upon your progression into astral life - your Sub-consciousness will slowly be dissipated because of lack of further "nourishment" by Consciousness in thought.


The Omni-consciousness, however, can never cease to be for the reason that It is The Real You - The Reality, Which must ever Be and Which MUST progress onward and upward toward the final Perfection, or Godhood.  This being true it will be readily understood how and why a Lodge, or  group, or body, of perfected Men - men who have given themselves and their lives to the one task of mental-spiritual development for perfect Understanding, may easily continue in this life to project themselves (Their Thought-force) out and into the Minds of mortal (living) men who are living in ignorance in this earth life.  Naturally Their intention could never be destructive; it must ever be constructive, for the good of humanity everywhere, of whatever color, or creed, or nationality, or condition of being.  Man needs only the ability and Will to "tune in" to Them for his own great Good.


When, after a long, or short, period of time, depending upon their tasks, and rounds, they go on from this existence on earth, They can go to but one location or condition - back to from whence Their Spiritualities came, at the first inhalation of their delivered infant bodies; back to the Universal All, or Spirituality of God.  Think that over; study it carefully.  You will see, then, that You are That "I" Which is omnipresent, and perhaps hereafter instead of being worried about wanting, or desiring, or fearing, or allowing yourself to be subject to the thinking of somebody else like yourself, or subject to illness, or misery, or poverty, or failure, you may determine that You are The Master, and begin to THINK so as to create in spiritual form, whatever it may be that you desire for your own great Good.


You are THE ONLY ONE Who can!  Who, then, will you pray to for what you want?  Will you pray to God, when You and God are spiritually One?  Or will you CREATE - c r e a t e - and develop Your Self in Perfection, and whatsoever you require?  Before you can have, or be, or do, anything, you MUST FIRST do, or be, or have, in spirituality - in visualization, in concentration, or in a mental-spiritual form.  You acquire by creating the spiritual pattern and then consciously affirming the material manifestation of your created Thing, or condition.  There is no other way.


I often ask myself that same question: “If I am One with God and the Finite expression of the Infinite Divine Presence, why am I praying to God  as if It is something outside of me?”  It is often taught today - 70 years later, at least by me it is that we should not Pray to God, but rather From God, from the Consciousness of God.  What a shift in perception occurs by changing the preposition to to from.


One of my mentors, Mary Morressey teaches that you can never get to your dream, you must come from the dream.  Before we can Be, Do or Have something we must first Be, Do and Have it spiritually in Mind. If I believed it, if I knew it were true, ‘What would I do?’  We must become it first in Consciousness then we will live from that dream rather than dreaming of it.


This is ALL that The Christ taught!  If every living individual on earth should suddenly awaken to a realization of this Truth, and act accordingly, there could not be any more war, no more suffering, no more travail.  But because of the ignorance of humanity, as a whole, the Masters must attempt to reach and guide mankind, and the Elder Brothers Who are now in the Cosmic Consciousness, and Who were Masters Here before They moved on, are guiding and teaching those who go on and join Them.


Now that you have this Truth, what will you do about it?  Will you think to yourself:  "I wonder if it is actually true?"  Or will you set yourself to applying the principles of this Knowledge and get results?  Results will be all you will need for your own conviction in Truth and your own great attainment and development.


God bless you and may your Elder Brothers lead you to the desire to prove this Truth for your own satisfaction.  Hold this letter fast; read and re-read it - over and over again, and again, and suddenly one day you will begin to notice that you are thinking this Truth, and results will begin to show themselves, and when that happens, or begins to happen, you couldn't possibly continue to be as you now are; You must prosper in health, material ways, mentally and spiritually, and you will be able to easily expect and receive spiritual guidance from within.  And you will notice that other people will suddenly be helping you in every  way.


Please join with me every afternoon at a time corresponding to four (4) o'clock Eastern Standard Time; unless you are in a foreign country, where you will become Silent at four o'clock.  All Theological Scientists gather together every afternoon spiritually, when we pray by affirmation:  "I thank You Father (or Master) that You have heard me, and I KNOW You hear me and care for me always, in all ways.  I thank You that I AM Whole, Perfect, Strong, Powerful, Loving, Harmonious, Happy, Healthy, Prosperous, and Successful, in Wisdom, in all my ways, always.  I thank You Master for our Brotherhood in You."


I join with and match our beloved Teacher’s closing in saying: Let me take advantage of this letter to try to say my thanks to you for your loyalty, kindnesses and help; and now, going to you are the good wishes and the love of


Dr. Hugh G. Carruthers and

Rev. Anne B Schmitt