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June 2019

My Dear Friend and Fellow Member,


The first of the year has gone by so quickly; it certainly feels like time is speeding up as we have been saying for some time already.  Could it actually still be going as fast as it feels?  The Summer Solstice is this Friday and I hope to have this month’s mailing rapped up and in the mail before then.


In an effort to remain grounded in the here-and-now, today as I write this, is Father’s Day, and I would like to extend Father’s Day blessings to each of you.  While we are not all of male gender, we are all the Creator of our Thoughts and Experiences.  For me during the 20 years or so I served as a pastor, Father’s Day was not complete without the allegorical interpretation of the Lord’s Prayer by Dr.  Hugh G. Carruthers. I am including a copy of this at the end of my letter.


Now to updated on the project of digitizing our Monthly Lessons.  The reason for this is two fold:  It will allow us to send the Monthly Lessons and Chats to you via email or as an automatic download from the website.  The website will require some changes to enable that function.  I did receive a quote for the scanning to a word document which seems rather fair, however, it is more that we have available.  We are seldom in the position to follow what is considered to be a good business (and personal) practice of keeping even a month or two cushion available for emergencies.  Rather, I have always relied on the spiritual Father to provide for my needs.  I do continue to have great faith, and Know that it will happen easily and perfectly.  The other reason for getting all the Lessons in digital form is so that all of our writings are preserved in a sustainable format for future generations.  This also gives us the ability to put the lessons in a book format of 3 or 4 volumes.


Volume 1 and Volume 2 have already been retyped and are available on PDF.  Some of our newer members are currently receiving these Lessons as well as the Monthly Chat Letters via email now.   I believe that our “Friends of Hugh G Carruthers” Facebook page is helping us to attract new members.   It will be a huge savings of office hours and space, as well as savings of postage to send everyone receiving Volume 1 or Volume 2 Lessons and Chat Letters via email.  If you are willing, please send me email me at,  I will then have your correct email and set up the mailing process immediately.


The Allegorical Interpretation of

The Lord’s Prayer

by Dr.  Hugh G. Carruthers


Our Father which art in heaven; in the kingdom of heaven within me - In my Mind because of the universal omnipresence.  “nor will they say, ‘Lo, here it is!’ or ‘There!’ For behold the kingdom of God is in the midst of you.”  (Luke 17:21)


Hallowed be Thy Name; so hallowed or sacred be Thy Name that I shall realize and appreciate the Power and Intelligence Which is mine to express outwardly in my life and affairs for the benefit of myself and others.  (John 10:30-38)


Thy kingdom come; Thy Will be done, on earth as in heaven: The kingdom of heaven will be experienced here in my objective life because I Will it so in my thinking. (Know it,\; accept it to be so.) (John 3:3)


Give us this day our daily bread; mana from heaven; spiritual food Wisdom and Understanding from the mind of God within;  Jesus spoke Aramaic as well as Hebrew- in both languages the word Bread was unknown.  Wisdom and Understanding to do Thy Will, and not my own, in my spiritual at-one-ment with Thee. “Manna” the word used means spiritual food - or wisdom from Heaven.  (John 5:3)


And forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. In the measure that we forgive those who trespass against us, in that measure are we forgiven our trespasses or ignorance or our misunderstanding of the Laws of Mind. (Mark 11:26)


And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.  In the One Mind of God there is no temptation nor evil, and so long as we continue to be conscious of our spiritual at-one-ment with the Infinite we cannot be conscious of temptation or evil. In God there is no evil, to Live in God is to know no evil.  Evil is merely live spelled backwards. (Matthew 26:41, 7:18)


For Thine is the kingdom - the realm of my Mind or Spirit  And the Power - of creating things to express God in all my thoughts. And the Glory  - of my Spiritual at-one-ment with God

Forever and ever Amen


My thanks for your time, attention and support of me and our mission in bringing this Knowledge to the world.


Going to you now is my love and best wishes for your

continued spiritual development,




Rev. Ann B. Schmitt



               Hugh G. Carruthers






Prior Right Established 1959, by     

Hugh Greer Carruthers, B-11







My beloved Chela:


My thanks to you for this visit with you again.  Let me be seated close to you in that easy chair, and let us enjoy a friendly chat together.  I daresay you will agree with me that the formal manner of writing is not quite as pleasant, and profitable, as the informal method of quietly chatting together.  In that way, when I make a statement, you will naturally consider it, ask questions, doubt, or agree, and so, make the subject matter you own Knowledge.  So, for the next few minutes, let us both cast aside thoughts of personal material interest and give ourselves to a consideration of the subject of our discussion now.


In an earlier Chat we considered what might be termed the “Evolution of Life,” and you may recall what I said about the materialization of many of the Higher Beings Whom we know as Masters, or developed Supermen.  I think that as you progress in your own development, and become aware of the subjective life in which you may so freely live, if you will, you will often become aware of the Presence of One or Some of Them.  If, as has been true, you have dreamed of contact and conversation with some loved one promoted beyond this plane of being, or if, as I daresay, you have had the experience of having “glimpsed,” or sensed, the seeming Presence of a loved One now gone on, you have had, whether you know it or not, and whether you believe it or not, a subtle indication of the fact that you live and exist mortally in a world of Spirituality - or immortality; that all about you are Those you cannot see with your mortal eyes, nor hear with your finite ears - but Who exist and have Spiritual Being if for no other reason than that there is but this One Universe - and none other - and that existence, whether mortal or spiritual, must be in this sphere of Being.


Simply because we inter a form which we once knew as the body of a loved one, or cremate it, so as to return it to earth, is no reason for imagining that one as “dead.”  There is no such condition as “dead,” save as one might be unconscious, unaware.  The word “death” means “end,” and there never is - cannot be - any such thing as an end of anything.  There is, can only be, CHANGE.  And in the same way that you might give up, or leave, a dwelling place which has become no longer useful, or undesirable, or beyond repair, so the One you once knew as a living individual, has merely “given up,” or left, or retired from that body which, through illness, or accident, or other cause, became incapable of functioning, departing from it on the wings of the last exhalation, to return to Infinite Being from whence It originally came to occupy that infant body, as its Soul, or Reality.  Mourning the “loss” of a loved One is a form of selfishness.  Better to affirm His or Her progression on The Path in The Infinite Omnipresence.


The One you knew and loved in this earth-plane was NOT a body.  He, or She (or It, the Spiritual Being) merely occupied that body which you knew during His or Her earth-plane existence - just as You are occupying the body which you now call yours.  The Real You is a Spiritual Being - a Soul - in a physical form which is made up of elements which constitute the earth on which you now live and have Your Being, and which is constantly undergoing evolvement - just as You - The Spiritual Soul, or Infinite Identity, are in constant evolvement.  At the risk of boring you, let me again call your attention to Genesis 2:7: “And the Lord God (The Infinite Omnipresence) formed man (the physical man) of the dust of the ground (the elements of the earth), and breathed into his nostrils the Breath of Life (Infinite Life), and Man became a living Soul.”  I refer you to your earlier Lessons of this Training for the revelation of birth and life.


I appreciate the possibility of someone not my Chela “listening in” on this discussion, and rejecting the Truths herein revealed; but that is to be expected.  All are not as yet aware of the Truth of Being, but those who wish to collect evidence about these matters (and it is quite reasonable that they should wish to do so) should turn to the Lessons of this Training for Personal Development as this Truth is unfolded, and refer also to the recorded history of mankind, as revealed in the numerous works obtainable, such as the Bible, the Talmud, the Koran, the Zend Avesta, The Book of The Dead, The Aquarian Records or, if preferred, the Truth of Theological Science as That Knowledge is unfolded in your Fellowship.  Eventually, if you persist diligently, you will develop the ability to read the spiritual Akashic Records, after which you will KNOW that “‘I’ and The Infinite (‘Father’) ARE ONE.”


            When I referred to the Masters and Elder Brothers in that previous discussion, mentioned above, I had in mind - but did not mention - the investigations made by one named Mr. Andrew L. Humley, a man who was high in the Civil Service in India.  Mr. Humley was a skeptical Anglo-Aryan, with a legal training, and he went into the question of the existence of the Brothers - as The Masters are also called (because They belong to The Great Brotherhood, and are the Elder Brothers of humanity) and even at that early date decided that he had over-whelming testimony that They did exist, and that They could be contacted; and a great deal more evidence has since been published by the London Psychological Society, and The Royal Asiatic Society, to bear out his statements.


Then, too, if you are more curious, you might refer to the testimony of the late Initiate-Adept Madame Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, Who was one of the very few women to have developed to that Degree and spiritual Power.  She was the President of The Theosophical Society and while She was brilliant, very capable, and an excellent Teacher, She failed to wholly devote Herself to Her great Mission and, as a consequence, She was demanded to “keep Her appointment” with The Masters, Who recalled Her Identity to The Infinite Plane of Being, from Which She has since been reincarnated, and thus has that noble effort grown weaker with time, until today there are very few Theosophists practicing Its principles.


Even after Her elevation Madame Blavatsky lived more like a male than a female.  She smoked black, strong cigars; consumed liquor and often fell under its influence.  She was sweetness and light when unopposed, but could evidence the fury of a madman when opposed, denied, or antagonized.  In Her reincarnation into that Age She carried over much of the memories of the persecutions She had undergone in earlier incarnations, for She had been, in a number of lives, important and highly developed Personages.  She could very easily manifest several of The Masters at any moment, by simply calling upon Them - so that some of Her followers could actually see and listen to Them in material bodies.  The late beloved, wise Mr. C.W. Leadbeater, Her Indian Representative, wrote and said, many times, that He Himself had been present when She was conversing with some of The Masters - while The Masters were well known to be in another part of the world.


She had been born in the year 1831 and lived for sixty years, returning to The Infinite in the year 1891.  She was undoubtedly the reincarnation of the former “Wonder Man,” the Count de Saint-Germaine, Who accomplished so much for the betterment of humanity, but with Whose teachings She was at variance during Her life Here, due to Her interest in Yoga and Buddhism.  The Master Saint-Germaine had been born in the year 1710, and progressed to The Infinite Plane in the year 1780, after a life of wonderful achievement, and the development of many brilliant and capable Chelas, among whom were such as Thomas Paine (1737-1809), and Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790).


You may wonder that so highly developed a Person as Madame Blavatsky could have given Herself to carnal living and denial of The Mysteries the while She practiced Secrets.  Here book, “Isis Unveiled,” certainly evidences the fact that She knew and understood the ancient Mysteries, the Law of Being, and the complete Knowledge of The Laws of The Universe and The Order of Melchezedek.  She was the perfect Psychic, The developed Spirituality, a Master-Initiate of The Order, Who lived on a common level with mortal humanity.  But that has been true in several Identities before Her earth-plane existence.


The Man known in His time (257-337) as Gregory The Illuminator, was an Adept, but greed and lust for power swerved Him from His Mission as a Master-Initiate when He saw the opportunity to become a Pope of the Church.  He then lost what Spiritual Power He had had, and grew to become a tyrant in His old age.  He was reincarnated after some four hundred years in the form of a cripple, who became a slave to a Roman despot - and after His “release” and return to the Higher Plane of Being, He has never again reincarnated.


The Master Saint-Germaine, or (as He was later) Madame Helena Blavatsky, was reincarnated in male form, and it is to be hoped that The Wisdom will be given to, and received, by a great mass of humanity for the unfoldment of The Aquarian Age - known to prophecy as “The Second Coming,” or, as it was foretold: “‘I’ Will Come again in the flesh (in the flesh of the mass of humanity) as ‘The Sun of Man’.  In that time ‘I’ will draw men to Me, that The ‘Father’ may be glorified in the Sun (in the Light of Mind - for surely The “Sun” of Man can be only The Mind).”  You, yourself, as you hear me know, have a rendevous with Destiny.  The mere fact of your interest in seeking The Truth and The Wisdom makes of you a disciple of The Masters and, “by their (your) works, shall ye know them (shall you be known).”


As The Master said of you: “Ye shall know them by their fruits.  Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?  Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit.”  See Matthew 7:16, 17.  You are The Tree of Life.  Your Thoughts are the fruits of The Tree.  Good (right, constructive) thoughts bringeth forth Good fruits; wrong (negative, destructive, careless) thoughts bringeth forth evil fruits, because Thought is a Cause, and as you THINK, so will your life and affairs be evidenced.  “Be ye therefore a disciple of your ‘Father’ Which is in heaven” (in the kingdom of God, or subjective, Subconscious, Omni-conscious Mind within you).  Pay attention to That intuitive guidance which rises within you, into your consciousness.  ‘Not my will, Father, but Thine be done,” must be your watchword, if you would make That Place and Condition of Being for yourself to which you naturally aspire.


Consider, too, the Truth that the possession of extended vision and other faculties resulting from the unfolding of our latent powers has also brought within our constant experience the fact that there are other orders of beings than the human, some of whom rank alongside the Adepts in a grade of existence higher than our own.  We meet with some Whom we call Devas or Angels, and with Others Whom we see to be far beyond ourselves in every respect.


Since in the course of our development we have become able to communicate with the Adepts, we have naturally asked Them with all reverence how They have attained to that level.  They tell us with one accord that no long time ago They stood where we stand now.  They have risen out of the ranks of ordinary humanity, and They have told us that we in time to come shall be as They are now, and that the whole system is a graded evolution of Life extending up and up, further than we can follow it, even unto The Infinite Itself.  After all, could The Perfected Man (there is no male and female then) be anything but Infinite Being?


We find that as there are definite stages in the earlier evolution - the vegetable above the mineral, the animal above the vegetable and the human above the animal - so in the same way the human kingdom has a definite end; a boundary at which it passes into a kingdom distinctly higher than itself - that beyond men there are Supermen, or Perfected Man, or Beings, as Masters.


In the study of this system of evolution, we have learned that there are in every man three great divisions - body, soul and spirit; and each of these is capable of further subdivision.  That is the definition which was given by Saint Paul, two thousand years ago.  It is also The Truth Which was taught by The Master Immanuel, The Christ, and by The Masters Who had taught and developed Him, and Those Who have followed Him in The World Mission of The Great Lodge of Mystics.


The Spirit, or Monad, is the Breath of God, or Infinite Omnipresence (for the word “spirit” means breath; from the Latin “spiro”) the divine spark which is truly the Man, though it may more accurately be described as hovering within and about man as we know him.  The scheme of its evolution is that it should descend into matter, and through its descent obtain definiteness and accuracy in material detail.


This Monad, which is a “spark” of The Divine (Infinite Life) cannot directly reach this physical plane in which we are now thinking and working - because the rates of Its vibration and those of physical matter (density of molecular formation) differ too widely, so that there must be intermediate states and conditions.  On what plane of Nature That Divine Spark originally exists we do now know as yet, nor do we need to know, for It is far above and as yet out of our reach.  But as we are developed we shall come closer to that Knowledge.  The lowest manifestation of It, which might be called a reflection of It, descends into the lowermost of the Cosmic planes, as was told by John The Revelator, by the Egyptian reports regarding Osiris, and explained by The Master Saint-Germaine, and which will be more fully explained to you later, as you progress in understanding.

We speak commonly of seven planes of existence, which are subdivisions, or subplanes of the lowest Cosmic Plane, called in The Lodge the “physical plane of the Cosmos.”  The Monad can descend to the second of these sub-planes (which we consequently call the Monadic plane) but it does not penetrate lower than this.  In order to obtain the necessary contact with still denser matter, it puts down part of itself through two whole planes, and that fragment is what we call the ego, or soul.


            The Divine Spirit far above us merely hovers about us; the soul, which is a small and partial representation of it (it is as though the Monad puts down a finger of fire, and the end of that finger is the soul) cannot descend below the higher part of the mental plane (which is the fifth plane counting downwards; the physical being the seventh and lowest); and, in order that it may reach a still lower level, it must in turn put down a small portion of itself, which becomes the personality that we know.  So this personality, which each person commonly thinks to be himself, is, in truth, but the fragment of a fragment - the outward expression, or manifestation, of the Soul, or Inner Person.


            All the evolution through the lower kingdom is preparatory to the development of this human constitution.  An animal during its life on the physical plane (and for some time after that in the astral world) has a soul just as individual and separate as a man’s; but when the animal comes to the end of its astral life, that soul does not reincarnate again in a single body, but returns to a kind of reservoir of soul-matter, called a group-soul.  It is as though the group-soul were a bucket of water, supplying the need of several animals of the same kind - say, for example, twenty horses.  When a horse is to be born from that group-soul, it is as though a vessel were dipped into that bucket to be brought out full of water.  During the life of that horse all kinds of experiences come to him which modify his soul, from which it learns lessons, and these may be compared to various kinds of colouring matter cast into the vessel of water.  When a horse dies (when the animal body ceases to live), the “water” in the vessel is emptied back into the “bucket,” and the colouring matter which it has acquired spreads all through the whole “bucket.”  When another horse is born from the same group-soul, another vessel of water is filled from the “bucket;” but it will be obvious that it is impossible to take out in it exactly the same drops of water which constitutes the soul of the previous horse.


When an animal has developed (or evolved) far enough to become a human, that means that at the end of life his soul is not poured back again into the group-soul, but remains as a separate entity.  And now a very curious but very beautiful fate befalls him.  The soul-matter - the water in the vessel - becomes itself a vehicle for something much higher, and instead of acting as a soul, it is itself ensouled.  We have no exact analogy on the physical plane, unless we think of pumping air into water under high pressure, and thereby making it aerated water.  If we accept that symbolism, the water which was previously the animal soul has not become the causal body of a man (human); and the air pumped into it is the ego of which I have spoken - that soul of man which is but a partial manifestation of The Divine Spirit, or Infinite Spirit.


This descent of the ego is symbolized in ancient mythology by the Greek idea of the “krater,” or Cup, and by the mediaeval story of the Holy Grail; for the Grail or the Cup is the perfected result of all that lower evolution, into which is poured the “Wine of the Divine Life,” so that the soul of man may be born, or come into earth-plane existence, in karma.  So, as I have said, this which has previously been the animal soul becomes in the case of man what is called the causal body, which exists in the higher part of the mental plane as the permanent vehicle occupied by the ego or human soul; and all that has been learned in its evolution is transferred to this new centre of life.


The evolution of this soul consists in its gradual return to the higher level on the plane next below the Monadic, carrying with it the result of its descent in the shape of experiences gained and qualities acquired.  The physical body in all of us is fully developed, and because that is so we are supposed to have conquered it; but it should be fully under the control of the soul.  Among the higher races of mankind at the present day it usually is so, though it may break waw and “run wild” for a little at times.  The astral body is also fully developed, but it is not yet by any means under perfect control; even among the races to which we belong, there are many people who are the victims of their own emotions.  Instead of being able to govern them perfectly, they too often allow themselves to be governed by them.  They “let their emotions run away with them,” just as a wild horse may run away with its rider, and take him into many places whereto he does not wish to go.


Haven’t you seen, or known, individuals who could be typed as having animal characteristics - exhibiting animal qualities: the bear, the pig, the fox, the hyena, the wolf, the lion, the snake, the horse, the jackass, the cat, etc.?  How often we are apt to think - of someone who attracts our attention: “He eats like a hog;” or “He is sly like a fox;” or “He reminds me of a snake about to strike;” or “He reminds me of a laughing hyena;” or “He plods on like a faithful horse;” or “He’s just a jackass;” or “He is no more a friend than a cat would be,” and many such inferences, compelled by traits or character.  How could such traits have been developed, or evidenced, had not the human, at some time in karma, acquired, or developed them?  Fortunately, praise The Infinite, the majority of mankind have advanced beyond the animal-plane-karma; yet too many seem to have retained earlier animal instincts.


We may take it, then, that in all the best of men of the more advanced races at present day the physical body is fully developed, and fairly under control; the astral body is also fully developed, but not by any means under perfect control; the mental body is in process of unfoldment, but its growth is yet very far from complete.  They have a long way to go yet before these three bodies - the physical, the astral and the mental, are entirely subordinate to the soul.  When that happens the lower self will have been absorbed into the Higher Self, and the Ego, the soul, will have dominated the man.  Though the man is not yet perfect, the different vehicles are so far harmonized that they have but one aim: and it is, therefore, the purpose of this Training to lead you, my beloved Chela, to your Highest possible degree of development.


Up to this time the soul has been slowly controlling the personal vehicles until they become one with it, but now the Monad in its turn begins to dominate the soul; and there will presently come a time when, just as the personality and the soul have become one, the Spirit and the soul will become One in their turn.  This is the unification of the ego with the Monad; and when that is achieved the man has attained the object of his descent into matter - He has become The Superman, or Perfected Man, or Adept.  This was the fact of status attained by The Master Immanuel, The Christ, and which the Church has so falsely misinterpreted from misunderstanding of 1st Thessalonians 4:16; Luke 3:22; Matthew 3:16, and many other instances of false teachings of which The Master bade those who give heed to His Words of salvation Here Now, beware, lest they become blind believers, and victims in fear and subjection to the will of those who would do their thinking for them.


Now, when man has become Adept in the realization of his spiritual at-one-ment with The Infinite, for the first time, does he enter upon his real life, for the whole of this stupendous process of evolution (through all the lower kingdoms, and then through the human kingdom, up to the attainment of Adeptship) is but a preparation for that true life of the Spirit which begins only when man becomes more than man.


Humanity is the final class of the World School; and when a man has been trained therein, and has learned well his Lessons, he passes into the Real Life, the Life of the glorified Spirituality - the Life of The Christ, What that is, very few know but little as yet, thought we see some of Those Who are sharing it.  It has a glory and a splendour which is beyond all comparison, and beyond our comprehension; and yet it is a vivid and living fact, and the attainment of it by every one now living is an absolute certainty from which we cannot escape if we would.  If we think and act selfishly, if we set ourselves against the current of evolution, we can delay our progress; but we cannot finally prevent it.


Having finished with human life, the Perfected Man usually drops His various material bodies, but He retains the power to take up any of them if ever He should need them in the course of His work.  In the majority of cases, One Who gains that level no longer needs a physical body.  He no longer retains an astral, a mental or even a causal body, but lives permanently at His Highest level.  Whenever for any purpose He needs to deal with a lower plane, He must take a temporary vehicle belonging to that plane, because only through the medium of its matter can He come into contact with those who live therein.  If He wishes to talk to men physically, He must take a physical body; He must have at least a partial materialization, or He cannot speak so as to be heard and understood by physical men.  In the same way, if He wishes to impress our minds, He must draw ‘round Himself a mental body.  Whenever He needs in His work to take a lower vehicle, Hee has the Power to do so, because all matter is in solution in the ether (or Infinite Omnipresence) and, being a Perfected One - a Master - He controls whatsoever He Will.  But He usually holds a vehicle only temporarily.  There are seven lines of still further progress along which The Perfected Man can go, a list of which I shall give in your later instructions.


You will learn then, in due time, that the world is guided and directed to a large extent by a Brotherhood of Adepts to Which our Masters belong.  Theological Science students make all sorts of mistakes about them, simply because they too often fail to accurately apply principles of the Knowledge given.  Too many make the sad mistake that to read a Lesson once and lay it aside is enough.  The wise one will “milk” every Lesson as he would a milch cow which gives nourishing liquid food.  Mental food is often far more nourishing.  Then, too, many regard The Brotherhood as a great monastic community, all living together is some secret place.  They suppose Them sometimes to be “Angels,” and many have thought that They are all Indian, or that They reside in the Himalayas.  None of these hypotheses is true.


There is a great Brotherhood, and Its Members are in constant communication with one another; but Their communication is on Higher Planes and They do not necessarily live together.  The Master Saint-Germaine (not a saint theologically; it was His family name) strives to reach and guide humanity in the Western World, and even works with others of The Brotherhood elsewhere on the earth; The Master Kuthumi, The Master Vidyapati, The Master Meng-tse (Who is soon to be revealed - shortly following this Aquarian Age, or Cycle), and another One Who is to be revealed, are all working toward the Brotherhood of Man on earth, and have been making remarkable strides in that direction - as witness the ever growing number of humans who are constantly seeking Knowledge almost everywhere.


If They cannot accomplish the great purpose with amity among mankind, They will compel a wholesale leveling of humanity, out of which only those who are in stages of development will find eventual peace; all others will have to be reduced to distress, so as to learn the great lesson, in karma.  It was long thought that the entire world must undergo an almost cataclysmic destruction, but even the mighty of the earth can be overcome in their mad, insatiable thirst for power and material wealth.  “God is not mocked!”  I think you will observe that you, yourself, as you read this, are almost free from the fear you once knew; and that as you progress, nothing much going on in the world, such as war, creeping Socialism, threatened Inflation, political usurpation of the rights of the individual, threats of “hell” and the so-called damnation threatened by religious factors - affects you as once they did.  In changing your habits of thinking and controlling your thought processes, you are, and have been, rising to a higher level of Spirituality, and, as you progress in ability to Understand The Truth of Being, and your own at-one-ment with The Infinite Omnipresence, men and their affairs will cease to have any effect on you.


As a great part of Their work, some of these great Brothers Whom we call Masters of The Wisdom are willing, even anxious, to take pupil-apprentices and guide them; but They form only a small section of the mighty Body of Perfected Ones, and They more often work in material bodies among men.  But they have behind Them a might Brotherhood always assisting Them, so that your “call” for guidance at any moment is as the summons of a lesser Brother, and will be answered; never have any doubt of that.


Give no further thought to the so-called menace of what is erroneously called Communism.  A far greater menace silently, stealthily lurks among us, and will be brought out into the open ere long.  Give heed to the government, and the governing influences, which affect you in your own home.  The ugly-headed serpent of taxation is, and has been, slowly reducing the citizen to peonage.  Taxation is rapidly destroying the rights of citizenship, and bringing humanity to a common level of serfdom - when the State (Government) will have complete possession of all wealth, and the people will be subservient to the Officials they originally elected to be their public servants.  There is no such thing as a public servant today.  But, of one thing be sure: “God is not mocked!”  The seeds of a social revolution are in process of fermentation now.  Ere long the politician will be repudiated.  Man can stand just so much, and he will rise against his oppressors.


As will be explained later on, there are seven types of men, for every one belongs to on of the Seven Rays into which the great wave of evolving life is distinctly divided.  It would seem that one Adept on each of the Rays is appointed to attend to the training of beginners, and all those who are coming along His particular Ray of evolution pass through His hands or, as may be better said, under His guidance.


No one below the rank of Adept is permitted to assume full responsibility for a novice, though those who have been Chelas for a number of years are often employed as deputies, and receive the privilege of helping and advising promising aspirants.  These older pupils are gradually being trained for their future work when they in turn shall become Adepts, as in the case of several now being carefully guided in this country, in Africa, in Europe, and in Central America, and they will eventually be able to take more and more of the work off the hands of their Masters, so that the Latter may be free for higher labours which only They can undertake.


The preliminary selection of candidates for discipleship is not left to a large extent in the hands of these older workers, and the candidates are temporarily linked with such representatives, rather than directly from the Adepts.  But the pupils, or Chelas, become so wonderfully One that perhaps this is almost a “distinction without difference.”  In your own development - which must be sincere, in an earnest desire for development - you need not be concerned about Who works with you, or Who guides you; as long as you develop the ability to accept inner guidance.


The powers of The Adepts are indeed wonderful and many, but they all follow in natural sequence from faculties which we ourselves possess.  It is only that They have these faculties in a very much greater degree.  The outstanding characteristic of The Adept, as compared with the individual Chela, is that He looks upon everything from an entirely, absolutely, different point of view; for there is in Him nothing whatever of the thought of self, which is so prominent in the majority of men.  The Adept has eliminated the lower self, and is living not for self, but for All, and yet, in a way that only He can really understand, that All is truly Himself also.  He has reached that stage in which there is no flaw in His character, nothing of a thought or feeling for a personal, separated self, and His only motive is that of helping forward evolution, of working in harmony with The Masters of The Brotherhood and The Infinite Law, Who, or Which, direct it.  And yet, when He works on the human earth-plane, He is often compelled to work as a human; therefore He must be careful to observe the Law in all ways and in all things.


Perhaps the next most prominent characteristic is His all-round development.  We are all of us imperfect; none has attained the highest level in any line, and even the great scientist, or the great saint, has usually reached high excellence in one thing only, and there remain other sides of his nature not yet unfolded.  All of us possess some germ of all the different characteristics, but always they are but partially awakened, and often one much more than another.


An Adept, however, is an all-round Man...a Man Whose devotion and love and sympathy and compassion are perfect, while at the same time His intellect is something far grander than we can as yet realize.  He stands out above and beyond all men whom we know, because of the fact that He is fully developed.  And yet He will too often give little attention to His own body, perhaps because He knows that He can take another when needed.  Many of the Great Ones have gone on from this earth-plane long before they might have, had They been more careful of Themselves than of those They served.


You, my beloved, are heading in that direction.  How soon you shall attain that Perfection depends, of course, upon you - your attitude - your desire - your willingness to strive for Higher development - and you CAN attain a very high degree in this earth-plane IF YOU WILL!  You, and You alone, are the sole arbiter.  Your Master is ever willing, ready and anxious to guide you in The Way.  You have but to create - in your Thinking - the earnest desire for His care and guidance - which is your “call” to Him.  He will respond!


If you have been given to reading The Proverbs very much, I am sure you have been impressed by the admonitions of The Wise King: “To know Wisdom and instruction; to perceive the works of understanding.”


“Let not mercy and truth forsake thee; bind them about thy neck; write them upon the table of thine heart.”


“My son, despise not the chastening of The Lord; neither be weary of His correction; For whom the Lord loveth He correcteth; even as a father the son in whom he delighteth.”


“Happy is the man that findeth Wisdom, and the man that getteth understanding.”


Solomon was The Master of His Lodge in His time.


My thanks to you for your attention.  It has been very pleasant visiting with you.  I’ve enjoyed our chat very much, and am glad to have these moments with you.  I am grateful for your many letters and hope that you will be patient until I can - in the stress of all the work before me - write to you personally.  Please pray affirmatively that I may be worthy of my great Mission and of you.


My good wishes and my love to you now as every day when, in my Silence and Prayer Service, I affirm your well being.


God love you!