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January 2019

January is always a busy month and this one appears to have been crazier than usually.  Something was going awry that required extra time and energy each day.  One day it was the postage machine not allowing me to download the new rates and add postage. Then there were computer update glitches, and multiple opportunities to connect with various customer support lines.  It literally felt like the planet Mercury was in retrograde when it was not! Maybe it was the Eclipse on Sunday night.  I do apologize for the lateness of this month’s Lessons and Chat.  There has been lots of heavy snow storms and now sub zero temperatures due for the next few days.


January is named after the Roman god Janus.   According to Roman mythology Janus was responsible for the gates and doors.   He was also thought to represent beginnings. The explanation for this belief comes from the idea that one must emerge through a gate or door before entering a new place.   Ancient art work depicts Janus with two faces - one looking forward and the other looking back.


So, here we stand at the threshold of the New Year.  That time and place when we look forward and backward.   The trapeze artist in the circus learns she must let go of one bar before she can grab the next one.   Similarly we can not bring newness into our lives while holding onto the past.  One way to do this is to come to a sense of completeness with our past.  The end of one year and beginning of the next is a great time to take stock of our past and plan our future.   Look at your accomplishments, acknowledge your successes.  What haven’t  you done yet -- be honest with yourself - is this something you really want or is it someone else’s dream for you.


Lack of completion in any area of our life takes energy away from us.  Unfinished projects have a way of lowering our self-esteem.  I’m sure most of you are familiar with the idea of cleaning


out your closets, drawers, basement or garage of all the stuff you no longer use and probably won’t in order to make room for the new.  It is necessary that we release all old thoughts that clutter up our lives as well.   Confucius once said, “to be wronged is nothing unless you continue to remember it.”


January for me has always been a time of reflection, it is a good time to clean up the past and take stock of  what we did; didn't do; should have done, and could have done better.  There are many ways to do this of course.  I am suggesting a mental review of the past year.  Look at your accomplishments - where you succeeded and how well you did, then focus on the areas where you would like to improve.


This year, I have given myself the gift of enrolling in a year long program called, Your Year of Miracles” which began the middle of January to keep me on target with those things I’ve been wanting to do and have not.


I am so grateful to those who contacted me after receiving the December Letter about our challenges.  Your response was beautiful, I felt so blessed.   Many of you made the extra effort to send a larger donation in December, and others whom we had not heard from for many months have been  catching up on missed donations.


For the past probably seven years or so, I have shared a January prosperity program called Unexpected Income for those who may want to participate.  A flyer about will be included in the mailings for January.


This month’s Chat Letter is one which Doctor Carruthers wrote and first published in October of 1956.


Until next month, which will be rolling around very quickly, please accept my thanks for your prayers, good wishes and continued support,


Rev. Anne













Hugh G. Carruthers


Prior Right Established, May 1956, by Hugh G.Carruthers,

Founder-Director of The Theological Science Society, Int.

for the extension of the Principles of the philosophic-religious

Knowledge of The Wisdom Religion in this Aquarian Age,

by The Hugh G. Carruthers Foundation; according to

the teachings of the Initiate-Adept, Rabind Rama Bodhisat



My beloved Chela:


It is good to be with you again in this way, and I thank you now for your time and attention in this visit and chat.  I hope you shall have profited by our discussion.  However, as I have so often suggested, if it be necessary that you attend to other important matters first, by all means do so, and put me aside until you can relax and be at ease with me, and give your full attention to the  discussion of this important subject.


I think it is important to not only have a full Knowledge of Theological Science, and the Wisdom Religion, as relates to your everyday life and affairs, but the developed ability to easily explain what you know and can prove as Truth, for the benefit of others who may be interested in changing their lives and affairs for the better.


If you were to ask a friend, or acquaintance, for instance, to explain for you his, or her, religious convictions, or the philosophy by which he, or she, lives, the chances are that you would be surprised at the inability of the average person to offer an intelligible explanation of what he, or she, actually KNOWS about the religion he, or she, professes; and perhaps, even more surprised at the fact that very few have developed a basic philosophical program for successful living.  The vast majority "Believe" what they have been told, or have read; few ever undertake to try to prove what they believe.


To imagine that Religion is a matter for the clergy, or that philosophy is merely for the scholars, is a dangerous mistake, because we live a religious and philosophical program every day of our lives, and in the everyday living we are almost constantly establishing causes of effects, or results, or conditions which we cannot possibly escape in the future.  Indeed, we are shaping our tomorrows today.  It is safe to say that the present condition of your life and affairs is the result, or effect, of what and how you have been thinking heretofore.  Your present affairs are the manifestation of your past habitual and predominant conscious attitude.  If your affairs, or the conditions of your life Now seems to be distasteful, unsatisfactory, undesirable, you have but to change your habit of thinking and see the condition so you life change for the better.  This is true because of the creative nature of Thought.


In Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, which is the Standard lexicon, Religion is defined as: "from the Latin; religion; properly, taboo, restraint.  1. The service and adoration of God, or a god, as expressed in forms of worship. 2. One of the systems of faith and worship.  3. The profession of practice of religious beliefs; religious observances collectively; plural; rites.  4. Devotion of fidelity; conscientiousness.


  1. An awareness or conviction of the existence of a supreme being, arousing reverence, love, gratitude, the will to obey and serve, and the like."


NOTE that in (1) "the service and adoration of God, or a god, as expressed in forms of worship," presupposes blind belief without proof, as does No.2., and No. 3., and No. 4.,  Article No. 5., "An awareness or conviction of the existence of a supreme "being," indicates a belief in the idea that the supreme "being" is an individual, "in the image and likeness of man;" and this belief is intended to arouse "reverence, love, gratitude, the will to obey and serve, and the like;"  when in Truth the individual has no definite Knowledge of God, nor of Whom, nor What, he is supposed to revere, love, be grateful to, or obey and serve.


The Christian Clergy teach that God is served through His church.  It is questionable whether, in serving, we serve God, or the church and the clergy.  However, it is to be inferred that the individual is to believe in God, or a god; and it is doubtful that any living person, regardless of the titles or claimed authority, knows anything whatever about God, except what he has been told, or has read.  The clergy will say that he who is agnostic - refusing to "believe" anything he cannot understand - is a "Sinner," and "comes short of the glory of God."


If you were asked how many Americans belong to a church, or temple, or synagogue, you would probably say: "Almost everybody," or "At least ninety per cent."  The facts, however, are surprising.  Actually, better than forty percent of the population of this country, are not even claimed as church members.  This is more remarkable when you know that some denominations count as members not merely active churchgoers, but anyone who was ever baptized or affiliated with the group.


Why are so many Americans members of no church?  Has religion failed them? or is it because Orthodox religion does not satisfy? Does not answer questions satisfactorily?  There is really no simple answer.  Many of those who do not belong to a church's membership, and will not come openly affiliated, have chosen the more difficult, rather than the easy, road.  They have withstood great pressure in order to stay out of groups which it is so easy to join and which enjoy the high approval of neighbours and the community.


Many people join a church out of habit, or for a place to go to or out of respect for their parents, or for some family tradition, or for business and professional reasons, or as a "cloak" or outward indication of conformity.  Some join in order to "wear the badge of respectability," or to feel assured of a testimonial of good character.  Business and professional people often prize the "contacts" they make in a church or a temple.  They feel that their careers are helped if they conform to the community's sense of values.


Some parents want their children to have an orthodox religious education, even though they themselves feel no strong need for a formal indication of faith.   Other parents want their children to “belong," to do what others in the group do;  to associate with what they refer to as "right" people; to make a good marriage with a decent and moral spouse.


In addition, in these terrible days of anxiety and fear, millions of people, not knowing where to turn or whom to trust, attend religious services which seem to promise inner peace, salvation and life eternal.

Why, then, do so many millions stay away from the churches and the seeming solace they offer; the hope they proffer?  Is it because they are "bad,"  or "evil," people?   Certainly not!  Many stay away because of the denominational rivalries and bickering.  Some dislike formal, elaborate rituals.  And some (though they may not know it) follow the example of some of the noblest men and women our country has produced.



Abraham Lincoln, who, in a startling and little known statement of his faith, declared that he had never united himself to any church because he found difficulty in giving his assent, without mental reservations, to the long, complicated statements of Christian doctrine which characterizes articles of belief and confessions of faith.  He said:


"When any church will inscribe above its altar, as its sole qualification for membership, the Saviour's condensed statement of the substance of both Law and gospel, "Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind, and thy neighbour as thyself,"  that church will I join with all my heart."


Another great Thinker; the frau, Elbert Hubbard, wrote:  "If all Christians were like Christ, there would be no necessity for Christianity."  Hubbard wrote quite a lot about Christianity.  Let me quote a part of his philosophy on the subject:


"In courts of law, the phrase "I believe" has no standing.  Never a witness gives testimony but that he is cautioned thus, 'Tell us what you Know, not what you believe.'  In theology, belief has always been regarded as more important than that which your senses say is so.  Almost without expectation, "belief" is a legacy, an importation - something borrowed, an echo and often an echo of an echo. The creed of the Future will begin, "I Know," not "I believe."  And this creed will not be forced upon the people.  It will carry with it no coercion, no blackmail, no promise of an eternal life of idleness and ease if you accept it, and no threat of hell if you don't.


"It will have no paid, professional priesthood, claiming honours, rebates and exceptions, nor will it hold estates free from taxation.  It will not organize itself into a system, marry itself to the State, and call on the police for support.  it will be so reasonable, so in the line of self-preservation, that no sane man or woman will reject it, and when we really begin  to live it we will cease to talk about it.  As a suggestion and first rough draft, we submit this:



That I AM Here.  In a world where nothing is permanent but change, and that in degree I , myself, can change the form of things, and influence a few people;


And that I AM influenced by these and other people;


That I AM influenced by the example and by the work of men who are no longer alive,


And that the work I now do will in degree influence people who may live after my life has changed into other forms."


Americans who do not go to church are not without faith; nor is it true that life has neither meaning nor purpose for them.  Alfred Tennyson wrote:  "There lives more faith in honest doubt, Believe me, than in half the creeds."  For some have faith that resists conformity; that impels a man or a woman to face the problems of life and death and God and the Hereafter for himself or herself - that considers creeds and rituals an unnecessary part of true religious affirmation.  Such a faith means a code of honour and decency and above all- humane relations with other human beings.



Deep in the subconscious realm of mind is the powerful idea which rises persistently into consciousness that there need be no intermediary- no mediator- between a Man and God - no preacher or priest or rabbi; no liturgy, no ceremonials, no public demonstration of faith or belief.


Many of the millions of Americans who do not go to church would probably agree with the late John Lovejoy Elliott, Ethical Culture Leader, who declared: "I have known many good men who believed in a God.  I have known many good men who did not believe in God.  But I never knew a human being who was good who did not believe in man."


We must realize that the overwhelming majority of our non-church members are NOT antireligious.  To be sure, some of them openly profess atheism, but they are a very small fraction of the total; and they are only slightly mistaken, though they do not seem to realize that fact, because and individual who does not believe in a supreme reign of Law, as a God, must believe in Himself, because in the final analysis he can only declare, " 'I" AM!"


And some agnostics - those who say they simply do not know whether there is or is not a God, or a "heaven" and a "hell," or a live existence hereafter.  They hold that to go to church without real conviction and unquestioning faith is hypocritical, a profanation of the religious idea.  They may even quote Holy Scripture to support their stand: "...Lord, I believe; help thou mine unbelief." (Mark 9:24)


And some follow the ringing words of Thomas Jefferson:  "Fix Reason firmly in her seat, and call to her tribunal every fact, every opinion.  Question with boldness even the existence of a God; because, if there be one, He must more approve of the homage of Reason, than that of blindfolded fear. Your own reason is the only oracle give you by heaven, and you are answerable, not for the rightness, but uprightness of the decision."


Strange as it may seem, however, most of the millions who do not go to church are religious.  Many have a profound faith in God, or Jehovah, or Allah, or Deity, or the Infinite Omnipresence; they simply do not believe that any organized religion is a satisfactory expression of God's Will.  Most of them refuse to accept the statement that the clergy interpret the Will of God.


The cannot overlook the many differing conceptions of God- from Christianity to Buddhism and the other great religions of the East.  The monotheism of the Jews is not the same as the Trinitarian conception of the Christians.  The Protestant conception of man's relation to God is so different from that of the Roman Catholic Church that it was one of Luther's chief reasons for revolting in Rome.  Baptists' conceptions of faith and worship differ as much from the Episcopalian as that of the Lutherans differ from he Mormons.


There are innumerable conceptions of God: Matthew Arnold thought of God as the "Power-not-ourselves" which makes for Good; William James believed in a limited but growing God who needs our help in making the Good more prevalent; Henri Bergson spoke of the creative force which expresses itself in the evolutionary  process.


Some scientists speak of a "Cosmic Consciousness," which gives meaning to existence.  Some philosophers believe in an absolute moral law embedded in the very structure of the universe.  But how many of these conceptions are organized into a formal church with a rigid ritual and set ideas about sin or salvation?  Have these several million Americans who refuse formal expressions of belief anything in common - except the fact that they do not go to church?



Yes.  They share an important attitude- the idea that it is possible to be "religious," moral, decent, without joining a group and worshiping en masse.  They believe the individual can get as close to the idea of God as nay cleric or institution can bring him.


They hold the high faith that men are responsible for what they do with their lives.  They do not feel the need for "official" or authoritative" forgiveness or rituals or catechisms to make them men of virtue.  They try to lead a life which is honourable, productive, satisfying, right and good - for them.  (it may or may not be right or good for somebody else).


They believe, as have some of the greatest men and women the human race has produced, that personal morality is not dependant on organized religion, or on regular attendance at church.


Is it bad for our country - or for any country - that so many men and women hold this independent attitude? The Founding Fathers did not think so.  They created the First Amendment to the Constitution for the specific purpose of letting each man have the right to his own form of worship - or his own independence from religious groups.


The very richness and creativity of American life rest on the fact that people can and do think different thoughts, hold different beliefs, live in different ways.  James Madison, the "Father of the Constitution," said: "The best and only security for religious liberty in any society is a multiplicity of sects.   Where there is such a variety of sects, there cannot be a majority of any one sect to oppress and persecute the rest."  We see the truth of that statement in every country which is dominated by one sect.


Democracy means, or should mean, that people respect  the rights of others, including the right to be different.  Only Dictatorships want everybody to think, feel, and act the same.  In this respects some forms of religious worship and membership give evidence of a dictatorship beyond all reason; one of the prominent religious organizations of the world boldly declare that theirs is the only true religion - that all other forms of religion are false.


Are crimes, immortality, antisocial conduct and other delinquencies more prevalent  among  those who do not go to church than among Church members?  By no means!  Two well known social scientists, Mark May and Hugh Hartshorne, reported that they found a surprisingly high percentage of dishonesty among Sunday-school  and parochial school graduates.  The research of Negley K. Teeters and other sociologists demonstrated that criminals are not found more often among non-churchgoers.


The majority of Americans are identified with one church or another.  The majority of criminals are identified with a church.  It would be absurd to conclude that churches are responsible for delinquency and crime.  But it is equally false to conclude that the failure to attend church is responsible.  The facts do not support this.


Some people feel guilty because they do not belong to a church.  As children they were taught to hold certain beliefs; but, as they grew older they found that they could no longer believe the things they had been taught.  This did not happen because they wanted to disbelieve, or because they were "bad" people.  It happened because their experiences and intelligence led them to question their earlier beliefs.


Many persons often long for the seeming sense of security they had from childhood faith and conformity.  They would often like to be able to believe again what they once imagined to be true.  But they cannot honestly do it, and they feel uneasy about refusing to continue to agree with their parents and religious teaches.  Yet the nonconformist need not feel guilty.  He is agreeing with, and following in the footsteps of,


some of the greatest noblest individuals our world has known- the Hebrew prophets, Socrates, Jesus, and Saint-Germaine, to name but a few who sought dignity without dogma.


When moral and religious questions are discussed in our country, we usually refer to the position of Protestants, Roman Catholics and Jews- and that seems to take care of the religious groups.  Those Americans who are not members of any church, temple, or synagogue are dismissed as of little importance.  They live as individuals and are not united into any group; no one speaks for them.


We must remember that when the "three faiths" have expressed themselves, we have not canvassed all side of religious and moral questions.  A sincere concern with living what is said to be a good life is the ground on which those who go to church and those who do not may look for unity.  This unity will not be achieved through discussions of theory or theology.  It will be achieved through common action in behalf of common goals.


Despite differences about the meaning of religion, we all have a common stake in improving the health and education of our people, and the people of the world, in developing the fullest talents of children, in lessening discrimination, in advancing welfare and security, in forwarding democracy, in striving for world peace and world unity.


Let me cite an ancient prayer which is invaluable today: "May I be no man's enemy, and may I be the friend of that which is eternal and abides.  May I never devise evil against any man; if any devise evil against me, may I escape without the need of hurting him.  May I love, seek and attain only that which is good.  May I wish for all of men's happiness, and envy none.  When I have done or said what is wrong, may I never wait for the rebut of others, but always rebuke myself until I make amends.  May I win no victory that harms either me or my opponent.  May I reconcile friends who are worth with one another.  May I, to the extent of my power, give all needful help to all who are in want.  May I never fail a friend in anger.  May I always respect myself.  May I always keep tame that which rages within me.  May I never discuss who is wicked and what  wicked things he may have done;  but know good men and follow in their footsteps."


This is not the prayer of a Protestant minister, a Roman Catholic priest, or Jewish rabbi, a Quaker teacher, nor of any other religious person.  These are the words of Eusebius, a  pagan, who lived about two thousand years ago.  In these words is man's best hope on earth - and it can be realized if and when a majority of mankind will begin to give more attention to the Brotherhood of Man in earth, than to fears and worries about a mythical, unproved, and unprovable "hell" or "heaven" threatened, or promised, by false teachers for the life hereafter.


When the individual learns the Truth that "hell" and "heaven" are NOT locations, but states of consciousness, we shall begin to see the dawning of the New Day in this New Aquarian Age of Reason.


Then the majority develop the ability to understand what The Master Teacher really meant to convey, when He declared - as is shown in Luke 17:20 and 21: that "the kingdom of God cometh not with observation;" and that "the kingdom of God is within you,"  we shall begin to see a new and different race of men.


Nothing confounds a so-called "spiritual" teacher quite as readily as to ask him why the clergy insist upon falsely  teaching that  the kingdom of God is somewhere afar off in the skies, and that "hell" is in the bowels of the earth; in contradiction of The Master's statement shown above.



Whenever a new concept of religion has been offered, or a new and different philosophy of Life explained for the masses, he who has dared to try to introduce either is certain of religious persecution.  Socrates is the first man whose intellectual and ideal world is known to us.  All those accused of making new gods, or introducing a new religious concept, or daring to try to teach the Truth about man's spiritual nature, have always been on trial with Socrates.


Paul Valery wrote:  "To Greece in particular we are indebted for a method of thinking which tends to relate all things to man, to the complete man; he becomes the system of references by which all things must be finally measured.  If there are those who still have a wish to unite around a reliable and reasonable patron saint, they are in desperate need of repeating with Erasmus: ' Sancte Socrates, ora pro nobis.' "  (Holy One, Socrates; Pray for us)  The charges against Socrates were heresy against the State religion and corruption of the youth of the land, to whom he addressed himself in stating that "To know thyself is better than to try to know the gods."


Many others have been persecuted by false accusations, ridiculous and unfair trails, convictions, imprisonment and even death, for defying the Church and the State by daring to teach the Truth.  Defiance of the State is hardly the proper phrase; it is usually defiance of the Church and prosecution by the State prosecutors and trial judges who are invariably politicians appointed to office by the influence of the Church, and these "hirelings" are faithful members of the Church who "do the bidding of the hierarchy."


Galileo Galilei; Giordano Bruno (First Saint of the modern world); Tommaso Campanella ( who declared " 'I' will not be silent.")  John Huss ( the obstinate heretic) and many others too numerous to list here, except to include Francois Mare Arouet De Voltaire, the Comte de Saint-Germaine, Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, Martin Luther, and one named Hugh Carruthers in the Western World, and Rabind Rama Bodhist in the Orient- all of whom not only defied and told the Truth to many, but established defiant philosophies for better living - to the everlasting hatred and enmity of the Church and its priestcraft of false teachers.


Following on the heels of the rebellion of Luther and the birth of Lutheran Religion, which has spread across the earth and has been giving the Church a hard fight to retain its members, many of whom have left the Church to become identified with Lutheranism; Voltaire and his Teacher, Saint-Germaine, instigated the French religious rebellion, which eventually led to the ousting of the Cardinal who had been virtual head of State in France.


Helena B. Blavatsky, who was born in 1831, the daughter of Colonel Peter Hahn de Rottenstein-Hahn (of a noble family of Mecklenburg, settled in Russia) and, on her mother's side was granddaughter of the princess Helena Dolgorouki, was married in her seventeenth year to a man much her senior, Councillor of State Nicephore Blavatsky, but separated from him after but a few months.


For many years she traveled in may parts of the world, visit the U.S.A., Canada, Mexico, England, Germany, India and Tibet -one of the very few women to ever have been a welcomed visitor in that strange land of spiritual values and mysteries.  She was the Founder of The Theosophical Society, much of the teachings of which are very similar to, and taken from, The ancient Wisdom Religion of The Lodge of Mystics.  The Church antagonized and attacked her on many occasions, but she always defied its hierarchy, and wrote many scathing truthful stories about the corruption of the Popes and Cardinals, for which every


Catholic writer has vilified her unmercifully, though she never have any indication that she noticed, or cared.  She responded to the Infinite Summons in the year 1891, at the age of sixty years; leaving an enormous world-wide following behind to promote Theosophy.


After that, until about the year 1918, during which time The Theosophical Society was diminishing in membership, nothing of a serious nature regarding religion and philosophy came to the attention of the Western World, except what was taught, or I should say, mistaught, by a number of itinerant Hindus who laid claim to all sorts of titles and degrees of learning, largely for what money could be earned, or received, from a gullible American public.


As had been foretold by The Master Saint-Germaine, and repeated by Blavatsky, the Aquarian Age was dawning, and was to usher in the Logical Reasoning of the Wisdom Religion beyond the limits of what had been taught before.  The Master Emmanuel, called Jesus The Christ; Lord Verylam (Sir Francis Bacon), and finally The Master Saint-Germaine, made virtually the same statement, to the effect that " 'I' Will (to) Come again in the flesh (of another Who will come after me.")  This was misinterpreted by a monk of the Church who made it to appear as, " 'I' will come again," and inferred that The Christ was to Come again into this world - His Second Coming.  This false announcement was grasped by some of the Protestants and made to seem that all Christians should look forward to the Second Coming of the Christ; and nothing could be farther from the truth.  Nearly every century has had its Master, whether silent, or active.


However, the Aquarian Age dawned in or about the year 1881 (a 9 year), and gradually developed and unfolded the karma of the Piscean Age, until 1944 ( a 9 year) when the Founder of The Theological Science Society who had foretold that the Second World War would come to an end  the middle of the next year, 1945 ( a 1 year, or Sign of The Individual), began to see his prophecy materialize.  Between the years of 1935 (a 9 year) and 1945, (a 1 year), The Theological Science Society was in process of growth and expansion in nearly every part of the world, largely because men and women were discovering that It offered a new, and yet old, conception of the true Religion - the Wisdom Religion conceived and developed by the Masters of the Aristocracy of the Lemurian Empire, with The First Master Melchi-zedek, the Teacher of Its priesthood.


The ancient Wisdom Religion proved to have been the basis of the earlier civilization which produced all of the grand Knowledge of the Thibetan Lamaism, the Aztecs, the Incas, the Algonquins, the Brahmins, the Hindus, Islam, Judaism, and eventually early Christianity which began by drawing from the Gnostic doctors who were then withdrawing from The Lodge of Mystics because they could not rule.  The earliest of so-called Christian priests (known then as The Christines) instead of following the teachings of the Masters of the Great Lodge, began to misinterpret  the ancient Wisdom and "write into" the Laws their own versions of what has finally become the "Holy Roman Catholic Church."


However, during the period between 1918 and 1944, the Bodhisat was patiently developing and putting into written for, the collective work which was to form the basis of the New Aquarian Religion, known as Theological Science - as the modern interpretation of the Wisdom Religion in modern phraseology - using the simplest synonym and antonym, so that even one without an extensive formal education might understand and develop the ability to apply the principles of the ancient, yet ever new, religious philosophy by the application of which every great and grand achievement and accomplishment of Time has been brought forth for common use and appreciation.



Theological Science is the New Wisdom Religion of the Aquarian Age.  It is actually a philosophico-religious Knowledge which enables anyone interested in Personal Development, or Self-Improvement, through SELF KNOWLEDGE, to improve himself, his condition and affairs in life, and prepare for steadily continued growth and development, Here and Hereafter in the lives to come.  It teaches that the Individual Identity is NOT a body, but, rather The spiritual Occupant of the body He is wearing now, because of the fact that "The Lord God (Law of Nature- or Cause and Effect) formed man (the Physical being) of the dust of the ground (or elements of earth- for that is all the body is composed of); and breathing into his nostrils the (First) Breath of Life; and man (the physical being, or body) became (the temple of) a living soul."  See Genesis 2:7


This is NOT your first appearance in this earth-plane and certainly NOT your first time (or cycle) of living.  You have lived before, many times, and in many different bodies- not in animal bodies, but in human bodies- because when the soul, or Identity, evolves to human status, It MUST continue in human forms.  This indicates that You - the Spiritual Identity - have reincarnated many times, and have occupied many different bodies.  You will see, therefore, that Your are NOT a body - cannot possibly be a physical body.  You occupy a body.


I am aware that this is a denial of your earlier belief, which developed your consciousness of the objective world, by the false teaching of those whose aim it has always been to keep you - and all who will not, or cannot , think for themselves - in fear of the condemnation of God, threats of damnation and eventual relegation to a mythical, unexplainable "heaven" of eternal bliss for obedience and complete conscious subjection to the Will and dictation of those you have allowed to do your thinking for you.  He who can be kept in ignorance can easily be controlled.


The false teachers never truthfully explain what they mean by "sin."  They sat that "sin" is wrong-doing, and that God has ordained the, and has endowed them with power to forgive "sin" if they believe it should be forgiven.  "Sin" could not possibly be wrong-doing, or wrong action , for the reason that action is an effect, NOT a Cause.  The Cause of wrong action, as of right action, is Thought; therefore it is wrong thought which is the "sin."  Control your thoughts and you avoid wrong actions.  Your are the remitter of your own wrong thinking, and the preventor of your own wrong action.  You are the ONLY one who can forgive  your wrong thinking and wrong actions, and not mediator is needed between you and your God.  Nor is your God somewhere afar off in the skies.  Your God must be in the kingdom of God, and "the kingdom of God is WITHIN you."  See Luke 17:21.  You carry your God about within you.  You and God are spiritually One!


The principles of The Wisdom Religion, known Today as Theological Science, are as follows:


(1)Your are a spiritual Being occupying a physical vehicle (body) in the earth-plane for this cycle of life ( or experience in karma).  Karma means "the ethical consequences of your Thoughts on every plane of existence."


(2)You came into the body Your are now wearing as its First Breath of Life; and You become its Soul; hence the reason why it is provable that You are NOT a body; You occupy the body.  Your are a spiritual Identity in mortal form; and Infinite Being in finite existence.  Your came into the physical body (form) You are now wearing from Infinite Omnipresence - which is more easily understandable term that the mere word "God."  Therefore You ARE a definite part, or degree, of Infinite Omnipresence, or The Creative Principle from Which all things originate, and to Which All must eventually return.



(3)Since The Infinite MUST Be The Creative Principle, it follows that It Must be The Infinite Intelligence, or omniscient-omnipotent-Omnipresence.  Therefore Your are potentially the Same in kind and quality as The Infinite - and You MUST be endowed with Infinite Mind - as the Universe IS endowed with Universal Cosmic Mind;  Hence your ability to Think.  Your Infinite Mind is Omni-Consciousness- the Source of Intuitive guidance in you.


(4)Thought is Mind in motion - and a product of  Mind.  Since Infinite (or Cosmic, or Universal) Mind IS the Creative Principle, it follows that the part, or degree, of Mind IN you is also a form of creative energy when in motion, as Thought.  Hence the reason why Thought is creative.  This is provable by the fact that you are constantly creating, and recreating, over and over again, the Causes of your environment, circumstance, experiences and affairs and conditions of your everyday life, from time to time.  Learn to control EVERY thought and you control every experience.


The condition of your life and affairs now, as your read this statement of Truth, is nothing more nor less that the result of your past habitual and predominant conscious attitude.  "As a man thinks, so is he,: and so will he Be and Become.  Proverbs 23:7.


If your environment and the condition of your life and affairs now seem to be unsatisfactory, undesirable, you have but to change your habit of thinking, to see the affairs of your life change for the better.


(5)Your ONLY Power is Thought-Power! " As a man thinks, so is he."  As you think, so you agree and so will you be and become.  Negative thought is destructive; thoughts of fear, worry, lack, loss, limitation, illness, misery, poverty, failure, or any other form of distress, is a denial of your true intention.  These are not actual desires, and as you continue to give attention to these conditions - even though they are actual experiences which distress you - you continue to nourish them and keep them active in your life and affairs.


The correct attitude is to deny them, and this you do by refusing to give them the attention.  Change your thought to positive affirmation of the conditions you actually desire to see manifest in your life and affairs.  You do not actually desire to be ill; why, then, concentrate on the erroneous condition in your body?  Deny whatever may be, and visualize yourself as you desire to be.  Concentrate your full attention on making a mental picture of yourself as in perfect health, and HOLD FAST to that mental picture.  Your creation of a better condition, in spiritual thought form will take care of results, because of the infallibility of the Natural Law of Cause and Effect which you put into operation consciously.


Make the mental picture clear and distinct.  See it as often as you can.  Affirm it as a fact.  Help your faith by Affirmation: "I thank You 'Father,' that You have heard me, and I KNOW that Your hear me and care for me always."  And 'I' AM Whole, Perfect, Strong, Powerful, Loving, Harmonious, Happy, Healthy, Prosperous and Successful, in God, praise God." (if you are religiously inclined.)


If you are not so inclined; if you are agnostic, or even imagine yourself to be atheistic, make use of a Positive Affirmation:  "I AM Whole, Perfect, Strong, Powerful, Loving, Harmonious, Happy, Healthy, Prosperous and Successful, in ALL my Ways - ALWAYS.  Therefore I AM Free in the Truth of Being."  The Law is not concerned with how you direct It,  It works!  Try it.


Or, whatever your desire may be - improved business conditions,  or professional practice, or social life, or domestic affairs, or increased income, it is only necessary to force yourself to concentrate your


attention, and make mental pictures, of the object, or objective, of your desire, in order to compel your desire into material and manifestation in your life and affairs.  The female who desires the man she loves, or wants, as her husband, will "see" herself in that capacity; be with him in visualization; "see" yourself with him in a home together.  Visualize both of you together as husband and wife, and make your mental pictures clear and distinct, and continue this until you actually "feel" it true.


This is the Way To Have Whatever You Desire.


The man desirous of the higher, better, more remunerative position in his business will get that position by First creating the position spiritually - that is, in visualization.  He will "see" himself - in mental pictures - occupying the position - which is the spiritual creation of the spiritual Cause of the eventual material manifestation.


FIRST the spiritual creation; then the material manifestation.  You are to DO exactly what The Creative Principle, or Infinite Mind, did, as the First Book of Moses shows, as seen in Genesis 1:1-5:


Genesis: 1

(1)"In the beginning (Infinite Mind) created the heaven and the earth."  In order to create, God FIRST had to visualize the desire.


(2)"And the earth was without form, and void: (as a cosmic mental picture) and darkness was upon the face of the deep.  (the depths of Mind are always silent, and deep)  And the Spirit of God (Mind-In-Motion) moved upon the face of the waters." (just as the Spiritual You must 'move upon' the Infinite Mind.)


(3)"And God said, (decided) Let there be light; (intelligence) and there was light." (which overcame darkness, or the void)


(4)"And God saw light, that It was good; (as compared with darkness, or ignorance- which is never good) and God divided the light (of Truth) from the darkness" (of ignorance)


(5)"And God called the light Day (or Positive Power; or conscious awareness) and the darkness he (is) called Night (or Negative Power, or conscious awareness of the necessity for controlling Thought-power).  And the evening and the morning were the first day." (of creation)


This is what you MUST do with your creative Thought-power: First "see" the mental pattern of your desire, in spiritual form - when you CAN believe that you do have your desire in spiritual for, as a mental picture- just as an architect must FIRST "see" the building he intends to create and have erected before ever a spadeful of earth is withdrawn for excavation.


You ARE the creator, no matter who tries to tell you otherwise: BECAUSE anything; everything, in and of your life and affairs IS a result of Thought.  Fleeting, ephemeral thoughts, or wishes, is what is called "day-dreaming," and a form of mental dissipation.  It is ruinous.  Concentrated thought, as visualization, IS creative energy of Mind-in-motion, and IS constructive.


And ONLY you can DO your thinking for you!  When you fail to do your own thinking, you can be sure that someone else will gladly do your thinking for you - tell you what and how you are to think and act; and you then become a mental slave, in ignorance and subjection to him or those you have allowed to do your thinking for you.  And this will prove to be not only costly for you, but destructive and ruinous, since it robs you of your intelligent independence, and ability to Have What You Want.


The vast majority of humanity are deceived by self-styled "authority," in fine robes, on decorated platforms, or altars, in the false belief that those who promote and conduct pageantry in panoply must be important.  Be warned by the Master Teacher of the Jews "Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, ( to deceive you) but inwardly they are ravening wolves." (seeking to "devour" you - or deceive you into mental slavery)  "You shall know them by their fruits."  (you will detect their purposes -desire for money and power - by carefully observing that they produce, nor give you, NOTHING constructive; no actual instructions for the application and use of your own spiritual Power for your own Personal Development)


THEOLOGICAL SCIENCE is merely name or a title in modern phraseology for The WISDOM RELIGION, Which is NOT new, but as old as Time.  The first Teacher of this remarkable science-religion was said to have been Melchizedek, to Whom Abraham paid tithe as The Head of The Aristocracy.  From This FIRST of All religions came the Intelligence-religion of the Aristocracy of Lemuria; Atlantis; the Judaism of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; Brahma; Buddha; Islam; the Incas; the Aztecs; the Algonquins; and every other known Religion, including Christianity Whose early founders misunderstood and, therefore, misinterpreted This ancient Wisdom, to the detriment of a vast majority of humanity for nearly two thousand years - causing the widespread apparent distress which is to be seen on every hand, in disease, imbecility, fear and worry, lack, loss and limitation, poverty and varying forms of failure - when the same majority might have been eminently successful in the enjoyment of Health, Abundance, and the Happiness which attends normal human well-being.


The Masters of The Lodge of Mystics formed together for the purpose of trying to freely give to a Truth-hungry world the assurance of peace of mind and personal success in the knowledge of this philosophico-religious doctrine of spiritual at-one-ment with Infinite Omnipresence from Whence the Individual Identity comes into earth-plane Being, and to Whence You return on departure from the physical body, or form, You now occupy here.


You were reincarnated into the body You now wear with its First Breath-of-Life.  You will continue to occupy the body until it becomes no longer useful for your occupancy and expression when You will depart from it, to return , on the wings of the Last exhalation, to from Whence You originally came into being Here.  To blindly believe that You must be relegated to some damnable condition the clergy has named "hell," because they tell you so; or to some equally unknowable place in the skies they have called "heaven," for your docility and obedience to the dictates of the Church, is merely your indication that you have chosen to allow them to do your thinking for you - and Pay well for the deceit.  And in such a condition of ignorance you deserve exactly what you have developed as a condition of your life and affairs.


When you awaken to Your own potential spiritual Power, you will begin to try to outwardly express That Infinite Power in your thinking - and you may become a Saviour of humanity.  That idea was well expressed by the late, immortal Ella Wheeler Wilcox, in Her delightful and meaningful poem, " The Creed."


"Whoever was begotten by pure love,

And came desired and welcomed into life,

Is of immaculate conception.  He

Whose heart is full of tenderness and Truth,

Who loves mankind more than he loves himself,

And cannot find room in his heart for hate,

May be another Christ.  We all may be

The Saviours of the world, if we believe

In the Divinity Which dwells in us

And worship It, and nail our grosser selves,

Our tempers, greeds, and our unworthy aims

Upon the cross.  Who giveth love to all,

Pays kindness for unkindness, smiles for frowns,

And lends new courage to each fainting heart,

And strengthens Hope and scatters Joy abroad,

He, too, is a Redeemer, Sun of God."


THEOLOGICAL SCIENCE, or The Wisdom Religion, erects no churches, no temples, because "Know you not that your body is the temple of The Holy Spirit, Which is IN you; Which you have of God; and you ( the mortal you) are not your (the reason for Your Being here); therefore glorify God (Infinite Intelligence and Power) in your body, and in Your Spirit, Which are God's."  ( and MUST return to Infinite Omni-presence when you depart from the body)  1st Cor. 6:19-20.  And you glorify God Here Now when you outwardly express the spiritual Mind which is the "kingdom of God" within you.


Your prayers are not in supplication, pleading, begging and unknown God for your desires.  Rather, your praying is in prayerful affirmation and creation of the Causes which compel the manifestation of your desires, in material form, in your affairs.  You ARE a creator!- because of the creative nature of Thought.


Because of the fact that You reincarnated into this earth-plane for the cycle of your karmic  development Here, You could only have come from the spiritual plane of Infinite Omnipresence, as the First Breath-of-Life, to Be the Soul, or Spiritual Identity, or Occupant of the body you are wearing - and shall continue to wear, or occupy, until it becomes no longer useful, when You will depart from it, and return to from whence you came, in evolutional progression on the Path in The Infinite Omnipresence, to eventual godhood, or Mastery, and "Dwell in the House of The Lord (Law) forever," with the Elder Brothers of the race Who have gone before.


Thus are you spiritually One with Infinite Omnipresence, All Life, and ALL forms of Life - even in your ignorance of the necessity of The Brotherhood of Man in the Fatherhood of God while Here.  Being "one" with Omnipotence means "Same" - and your Are potentially capable of directing your innate, inherent, inner Spiritual (Mind) Power for the benefit of yourself and others - IF you will.  You have but to try this formula, and see It work for you.


In your spiritual at-one-ment (of Oneness) with Infinite Omnipresence, or God, you are endowed with spiritual Mind; and when spiritual Mind is put into motion the result is Thought.  Since The Universal Spiritual  Mind IS the creative Mind of the Universe, it follows that you - the mind within you- MUST also be creative in Thought-Power.  Thus you are capable of visualizing desire in concentration and thus creating the First Cause which will compel your desire into material manifestation by the use and direction of the principle of The Natural Law of Cause and Effect.  This is true of every living , thinking individual with whom You ARE One spiritually.

In the last analysis you MUST declare " 'I' AM," and because of Your at-one-ment with Omnipotence you CAN if you will declare " 'I' AM that 'I'."  You carry your God and God-Power about within you.  You ARE a THEOLOGICAL SCIENTIST, and you do not need any mediator between you and your GOD, or Source of All Supply, because " 'I' AM The Lord (Law) thy God.  There shall be NO other gods before Me!"


Here, then, is the Newest and yet the Oldest of all religions known to man.  By this remarkable philosophico-religion the ancient civilizations were made.  Because of Its misinterpretation by false teachers, the present civilization resorts to mechanical contrivances, like telegraph, cablegram, radio, television, and other apparatus, instead of using telepathic communication, as did the ancient Masters.

The Aristocracy of the Lemurian Empire and the Atlanteen Empire, and the Algonquin Grand Tribe, and the ancient Incas, were peace loving peoples and knew no wars; no greed of empire - as we of this civilization know evils born of uncontrolled conscious mentations.  The Leaders of the peoples of ancient Ages were true Leaders, for the benefit of All the people, while we, in what is called the "highest know civilization" are scourged by greedy and power-hungry politicians, parasitical priestcraft, and destructive medical practices whose members have lost the art of curing.


The ancient CURED illnesses by sensible, natural means - the use of Nature's remedies - herbs, elements, water, manipulation, etc., and never know about the destructive drugs which have been doing more harm than good.  Nor did the Aristocracy allow advertising to destroy the positive thinking of the people, like the medical, religious and political propaganda foisted today on a listening, blind believing gullible public who have lost the art of Thinking.


Give attention to EVERY Lesson you receive; read and re-read EVERY Lesson once, or twice, each week, during each month, and develop the ability to apply these principles in constructive thinking, for your own great benefit.  If you do not, or will not, give attention and time to your own Personal Development, be ready to Pay the Price of your negligence in distress.


I am very grateful to you who have been helping me to maintain our Society and Mission.  I am sure you have been "receiving" in greater measure than you have so freely given; and every day I prayerfully Affirm your continued well being.  I hope all of my loved ones will read and re-read this "chat" and make use of it in the practice of the principles of THEOLOGICAL SCIENCE- for if you could but sit with me and read some of these remarkable letters which tell me of self-improvement, I know you would be impatient to enjoy the improved good health, the prosperity and abundance, and the happiness of well-being these writers are enjoying because they changed their lives and affairs for the better as Theological Scientists.


My good wishes and thanks are with you.  God love you as I do.


Dr. Hugh G, Carruthers