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December 2019

Warm Greetings to My Dear Friends and Fellow Members,


The Winter Solstice is this Saturday, I am expecting this Chat Letter will arrive by then.


How quickly year has passed.  For me it has been a very good and productive year and much has been accomplished with even more to come. My number one intention for the year was to get all the Lessons which had not been entered into the computer –  and that would be a total 153 including 13 lessons on the Occult Science of Numbers –  have this week been shipped out to be scanned and proofed.  They will return to me as Word documents.


As the year comes to a close it is an excellent time for each of us to reflect on our own lives.  What did you accomplish this year that you are particularly pleased about?   Anything you would like to have done differently?  It’s also time to think about where you would like to be a year from now.


As we enter this Season of Light, let us stay focused on that which is Holy and filled with Light. It is my belief that its important for each of us to hold fast to the Light and that which we know as Truth.   There is much strife and discord taking place on the planet at this time and we are, I believe, being called to be the Light and know the Truth.


With Warm Holiday Wishes and Much Love,







Hugh G. Carruthers


Prior Right Established, 1956, by

Hugh G. Carruthers, Founder-Director,

The Theological Science Society, Int.

  (Rabind Rama Bodhisat, I-A,  (11)



My beloved Chela:


As I enjoy these moments with you in this way, The Christmas Holy Day is but a few days more, and it should mark not only a wonderfully happy occasion for helping to give some measure of happiness to others, but for enabling us to realize that we celebrate the birth of The Christ in our own conscious awareness of our spiritual at-one-ment with God, The Infinite Omnipresence, and with All Life; for this is the true meaning of The Universal Brotherhood of Man in the Fatherhood of God.


My loved ones in Theological Science with me who profess another than the Christian Faith, will accept the Christ idea as the creative nature of Thought, expressed objectively for the purpose of doing some measure of Good to others, or helping to bring the "kingdom of God on earth" from within, in the understanding of the Truth that because God, or Jehovah, or Vishnu, or Allah, or Buddha, or Infinite Omnipresence MUST be spirituality omnipresent, a definite part, or degree, of Spirituality of The Infinite MUST Be in every living thing and creature.


In regard to that one who seeks to serve and do Good for others, I like to think of the idea behind the beautiful poem of the immortal and beloved Ella Wheeler Wilcox:  titled "The Creed."

"Whoever was begotten by pure love,

And came desired and welcomed into life,

Is of immaculate conception.  He

Whose heart is full of tenderness and Truth,

Who loves mankind more than he loves himself,

And cannot find room in his heart for hate,

May be another Christ.  We all may be

The Saviours of the world, if we believe

In The Divinity Which dwells in us

And worship It, and bind our grosser selves,

Our tempers, greeds, and our unworthy aims

Upon the cross.  Who giveth love to all,

Pays kindness for unkindness, smiles for frowns,

And lends new courage to each fainting heart;

And strengthens hope, and scatters joy abroad,

He, too, is a Redeemer, Sun of God."


Why not think about that idea in connection with Christmas?


Why not try to make this Christmas Day the occasion not only for commemorating the birth of The Great Jewish Teacher, but the birth of our own "Christ" Consciousness?


This should be an ideal time for just such a determined purpose.  Thought, as you know, is creative; the spiritual energy which expresses Mind-in-motion, and because Mind is the creative Source of every action and of every condition of Life, we become creators when we make use of, and direct, this God-given innate, inherent, inner Power intelligently.


Your Life IS What You Make It, and you make your life what it is by the quality of the thoughts you entertain, or create, from time to time, in your conscious mentations.  If your thinking has been negative; that is, envious, hateful, greedy, selfish, you have been experiencing the distressing results thereof.  If your thoughts have been, or are, largely concentrated on fear, or worry, or lack, or limitation, illness, discord, suffering, some form of failure, or other distress, you will see the reason for living under distressing conditions.  I am sure that no Theological Scientist is guilty of wrong, negative, uncontrolled thinking ...  especially if he or she has received and read, and re-read, the first Volume of the Lessons of this Course of Training for Personal Development, once or twice each week, during each month since enrollment for Fellowship in this fast-growing, world-wide Fraternity.


But in the event that you might pass this "chat" letter to a friend, or acquaintance, I stress the nobility of this remarkable Knowledge and Understanding of Theological Science so that the reader might be induced to pause, think and consider the simplicity of learning to live in accordance with The Natural Law, as explained and taught by this matchless, marvelous, Teacher the Christian world has adopted as Its Saviour, Who said "the kingdom of God IS WITHIN you;" and which statement Theological Science proves to be true, and locates the "kingdom of God within you as your omni-conscious Mind - which is the Sub-conscious.


You have probably heard, or have read, the fallacious statement that "This Life Is A Vale of Tears;" a difficult existence of misery and suffering.  Theological Science proves that "Life is a vale of tears" ONLY for those who make it so for themselves by failing to control their thought processes.  And I think you will find that those who experience misery and suffering of one type or another, very often try to make everybody about them unhappy, probably because of the statement, "Misery likes company."


If this Life is at any time distressing, it is only because of ignorance of The Truth of Being.  Knowledge and Understanding open the door to a beautiful, desirable life of service to others and to yourself.  The aim of every individual should be SELF KNOWLEDGE.  Know thyself and thou shalt know God.  He who can control his thinking will control the affairs of his everyday life; he who fails to control his thoughts will be like a ship without a rudder - subject to the buffeting and direction of others  who will do his thinking for him and thereby control him and the affairs of his life.

The wrong-thinking man develops a negative consciousness which proves to be destructive, ruinous, and promotes what is called a veritable "hell on earth."  The Right-thinking individual is creative, constructive, and invariably enjoys a "heaven on earth" of his own creation.  He who is amenable to advice, suggestion and instruction must develop the ability to differentiate between the True and the false; which is why The Master Teacher bade His disciples, and whoever will learn of Him, to "Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly are ravening wolves; the Truth is not in them."  Your duty to yourself is to "prove all things; hold fast to that which is Good."


Every new day should, and Can, be a period of enjoyment in living; of smiles and laughter, inner bubbling happiness, achievement and attainment; and it can be so if we but Know (or prove to our own satisfaction) that because of the spiritual omnipresence of The Infinite, or God, The Creative Principle, a very definite part, or degree, of the Spirit of God MUST Be within you, as well as about you, and you must BE, as was said of you, "The temple of The Holy Spirit, Which IS IN you; Which you have of God."


I cannot believe that it is possible for anyone to realize the innate, inherent, Inner spiritual Presence of God, and at the same time fear anything, or worry about any seemingly impending condition, or fail to achieve the desire spiritually created in visualization.  The thought of Good and evil, together in the same mind is an impossibility; for "ye cannot serve two masters."  As Light eradicates darkness, so the conscious awareness of your at-one-ment with Infinite Omnipresence must abolish distress of any nature.


We can learn a great deal about the joy of living if we but consider the magnificent and workable philosophy of The Man Who came into earth-plane existence that humanity might live, and living, have Life more abundantly.  Some of our schools of Thought, and many so-called teachers, have depicted Him as "the Man of Sorrows," but I cannot believe that He ever looked upon life Here as a sorrowful Cycle of being, even in the face of persecutions.  Otherwise why should He have delighted in helping so many to live more nobly.


Nor can I believe that He intended His philosophic instructions to be for any certain sect, or group.  He was a Jew, and returned from His journeyings and studies in the Orient (during the so-called "Lost Years")  to teach His own people, the Jews, the ancient Wisdom which He had learned from the Masters and Adepts of the East.  The Jews had their own religious philosophy which, in many ways, was quite similar to the ancient Wisdom, as may be observed by studying the Pentateuch (the first five Books of the Bible); and the Sanhedrin were unwilling to accept the young man who had been born among them, as you may see in Matthew 13:54-58:


(54)     "And when He was come into His own country, He taught them in the synagogue, insomuch that they were astonished, and said, 'Whence hath this man this Wisdom, and these mighty works?'



(55)      "Is not this the carpenter's son?  is not His mother called Mary? and His bretheren, James, and  Joses, and Simon, and Judas?


(56)     "And His sisters, are they not all with us?  Whence hath this man all these things?'

(57)     "And they were offended in Him.  But Jesus said unto them, 'A prophet is not without honour, save in his own country, and in his own house.'


(58)     And He did not many mighty works there because of their unbelief."



The professed Christian declares his belief in Jesus as his Saviour, and points to the misinterpreted crucifixion as a fatalistic indication that He had been born into this life ONLY to be a sacrifice in expiation of the so-called "sins"  (of wrong thinking) of all mankind who believe that He is their Saviour - NOT so much for the Knowledge He gave for controlled thinking and actions, for more desirable living.   And such declaration and belief is usually evidenced in lip-service.  The average so-called Christian rarely evidences his actual belief in his actions and attitude toward others, especially others of different religious beliefs.


In many homes this Christmas there will be decorated fir trees, lighted candles; and the members of the household will enjoy the exchange of gifts, and give themselves to the enjoyment of the spirit of the Day.  And for a week or a month thereafter the spirit of Christmas will linger; to be forgotten, or ignored, until the next Christmas season.


After the Christmas Holy Day has been observed, with much "Adoration of the Magi," gift-giving,  joyous singing and kindly expressions, the spirit of Christmas seems to fade away, and any slight transgression, or error, or childish mischievousness, may arouse a fit of temper in anger, in some parent's uncontrolled thought, which may cause him, or her, to physically abuse the child from whom, or she, bought gifts but a few short months before.


And The Christ said of the children, "... for of them is the kingdom of 'heaven'. "  The spirit, or idea, of Christmas could easily obtain in every home every day of the year.  The spirit of The Christ mind should be in the conscious awareness of all Christian every day, with  love and charity for all peoples of whatever religious belief.  Being consciously mindful of The Christ and His works for one day, or one week, of the year, and forgetting His gospel of Love and Service to others, for the rest of the year makes Christmas a mockery.


And yet it is a beautiful occasion, grand enough to be continued.


One need not necessarily subscribe, in belief, to the Christian faith to participate in the recognition and adoration of The Man Whose birthday is to be celebrated on the 25th day of this month of December.  And whoever may be enlightened regarding the true Identity of The Great Teacher of Nazareth, and appreciate the distortions and misinterpretations taught by the theologians may recognize Him as Apollonius of Tyana, or Emmanuel the 7th Master of the world, or Master 7th of The Lodge of Mystics, or as Damis, the Master of the Hebrews, need not miss the enjoyment of the spirit of the Christmas season; since it is now necessarily The Individual one worships, or adores, but, rather, the Wisdom of The Ages Which has been handed down the annals of time from one generation of Thinkers to another, by Those of The Great Lodge Who have always freely given Truth to a Truth-hungry world, the majority of whom have been subjected to the scheming machinations of the false teachers of whom He bade us "beware."


If the Truth of spiritual Being had been taught inviolably since the time when Jesus left Palestine, under banishment, to return to the Orient, as It had been taught by Him, and  by the successive Masters before Him Who followed after the Aristocracy of the Lemurian Empire, this civilization should not know war, nor envy, nor greed, nor resultant personal distress.  All of the distress which humanity has experienced has been, and is, but the result of wrong thinking' and wrong thinking is due to ignorance of the Law of Cause and Effect, which has been, and is, due to false teaching.


If we carefully study the philosophy of The Christ, and correctly interpret His teachings, we should discover that He never taught the principles of a religion.   Nowhere in any part of the teachings of Jesus do we find that He sanctioned the institution of the Church, or a religious organization, or group of ecclesiastics, or hierarchy, or dogma.  His whole attitude was anti-ecclesiastical.  He was almost constantly antagonistic to religious authority and officials; for which the Sanhedrin of the Jews and the Roman officials attempted time and again to defeat Him in His purpose.  The were opposed to His teachings because they knew that He was revealing the simple Truth to the people, on whom they had been parasitically depending for survival and continued authority.  They knew that His success must spell their ruin.  They finally ended His career by banishment from the Land.


There was no such organization as the "Christian Church" until the third century after His mission; and He never acknowledge, nor was associated with, any Christian group.  He Himself, was NOT what is called a "Christian."  He was a Jew,  and history gives no evidence that He ever was converted to any other religion.


But He is, without any doubt, the most important Personality Who has ever lived.  Call Him God, or call Him Man, as you will; it will not make any difference whatever.  If you think of Him as God’s Son; born into existence as an immaculate conception, you will learn that His accomplishments were no greater, nor less, because of the religious teaching about His birth.


If you choose to look upon Jesus as a man, disregarding all speculation about His birth, you must regard Him as perhaps the world's greatest prophet and Teacher, or as a sincere fanatic Who was determined to preach an age-old philosophy in a new way, and in the phraseology of His time and day, as a contravention of the Mosaic Law; for which He came to grief and failure after a brief three-years' career.


As a teacher, He stands throughout the centuries without a peer; as a manager, and practical promoter, He was undoubtedly a failure, as is shown by his all too brief career.  None of the Christian teaching about Him, and certainly nowhere in the New Testament, gives any information about His life between the 14th and the 29th years of His age while he was away from Palestine, traveling and studying in the Orient - in Persia, Egypt, India, Nepal, and Thibet; nor that He returned therefrom to His native land twice, finally leaving Palestine under Roman banishment, to return to India and Nepal, to remain and live out His life in the Orient.


However you regard Him, you must eventually conclude that His teachings have influenced the history of the world through the thoughts of humanity, more than has any other individual who ever lived.  While the world has witnessed the activities and the passing of many great personages, it would be nonsensical to try to compare any of them with Jesus.


It is not necessary to be religiously inclined, or theological, or holy, to understand His philosophy.  The plan of salvation laid down by Him is actually nothing more nor less than a provable, workable Plan For Better Living by the Control of Thought.  He taught that Thought is Cause, as see Mark 11:24; and in full agreement with Proverbs 23:7, of the wise King-Master Solomon.


Jesus has been grossly misunderstood and misinterpreted; hence the reason why there are so many differing creeds, sects, denominations and rituals in His name.  But in any creed the Christmas Season, like the Chanukah Festival, and Purim, of the Jewish people, may mean the same.  It is, or should be, the occasion for great joy in giving with good will, and adding to the happiness of others.


It must be remembered - regardless of false teaching - that Jesus was a Jew; born of a Jewish mother; educated as a boy in Jewry, in the Talmud and Torah, at the Temple, under the guidance and direction of the Chief Rabbi, Hillel.  It is recorded that when He was thirteen years of age and became Bar Mitzvah, (confirmed) His foster father, Joseph, entered Him for study with the celibate Order of Essenes (an Order of Jewish priests Who included Zoroastrianism, the Zend Avesta and parts of the Rig Veda, of the ancient Wisdom, in their teachings).  Their monastery was the building which still stands, and is now known as the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, in Jerusalem.


It was to that lamasery the body of Jesus was taken, when released from the cross after three hours suspension; where Nicodemus, the therapeutist, treated, cared for, and revived Him, so that twenty-one days later He was able to leave the lamasery and visit His disciples before departing from Palestine under Roman orders of banishment, in the thirty-third year of His age.  It is recorded that He returned to the lamasery at Persepolis, in Persia, where He began His studies after leaving Jerusalem at the age of fifteen; from whence He traveled on to India and Nepal, where He remained and lived until ninety-six years of age.


The records of the lamasery of Changu-Nahrain show that "The Prophet and 7th Master, Emmanuel, The Hezu from the Hebrews," Who had been among them, for fifty-seven years (from 39 till 96 years of age)  "Entered into The Lodge of Elder Brothers, Adar, 3796 of the Hebrew calendar."  (meaning that He had expired, and His body cremated, according to the custom of The Lodge of Mystics).


If you will count from the year of  His birth - the 1st quarter of the Lunar cycle of the month Adar, you will find that according to our present calendar the date would have been the 8th day of the month March, the year 3796 of the Jewish calendar; which would have set His age at the time of His demise at 96 years.  In that time January was not the first month of the year; the first month of the Hebrew Adar was from what would now be the 19th or 20th of February till the 20th or 21st of March, making the first month of the year then the month of Adar, or 1st House of Pisces; for He was a Piscean, of the Water Sign.  Note that He drew His disciples from the seas (they were fishermen); that He "stilled the waters," that He taught baptism by water; and that His was a dual nature - "one fish swimming up stream; the other swimming down stream,' indicating the two opposite natures of the Piscean.


His Piscean nature also was to be seen in His love for mankind, His generous attitude, and yet He could be belligerent and antagonistic toward whatever He felt was opposed to the Good of the people, as when He dared to oppose the Sanhedrin, and flog the money-changers out of the Temple.


Regardless of religious teachings, His salvation for Humanity is NOT in His falsely taught "death on a cross," in expiation of the "sins" of whoever will blindly believe that dogmatic statement, but, rather, in the philosophy He taught that The Infinite Omnipresence, or God, and the living individual are One (as see John 10:30 and 10:38) - and the creative nature of Thought (as see Mark 11:24).


Christmas is, or should be - for ALL peoples of whatever religious beliefs - the occasion for great joy that this remarkable Man was born into this world to bring "glad tidings of great joy" in “the Truth that will make you free" from all manner of distress by the simple Truth that in controlling every thought, you control every effect and every condition of your life and affairs.  He emphasized that Truth above all else.


We Theological Scientists who are of the world-wide Fraternity known as The Brotherhood of Man on earth should rejoice at this beautiful, meaningful Christmas season, in our developed ability to introduce into a world of gross ignorance, greed, envy, hatreds, wars, lust for power, selfishness and weakness of Will, the evidence, in our conduct, of the kingdom of God within us, for the benefit of ourselves and all others with whom we come in contact - that "ye love your neighbour."


If we did not have evidence of the Truth in His statement, as shown in Luke 17:21...  “...the kingdom of God is within you," we should KNOW it for a Truth in results of our own application of the principle of that Knowledge in our own lives and affairs.  You, and any other Theological Scientist, have proved many times that The Omni-conscious Mind within, IS the sub-conscious Source of the guidance which rises into your  conscious awareness, and when least expected, directs you whenever you have thought to act contrary to Right principles.


Furthermore, if you will meditate for a moment you will be aware that most, if not all, of the distress you have ever experienced, has been due to your failure to "heed and obey the still small voice within."   Whenever you have thought to act in some way which should prove to be erroneous, That "still, small Voice WITHIN" has risen into your consciousness with the warning, "Don't do it."  Invariably you have failed to act on that Inner guidance and, as a result, you have "wished that you followed your hunch."


"Eyes have they and they see not; ears they have and they hear not."


Let the "Christ Consciousness" come forth from within on this glorious occasion, and resolve that not only the 25th day of December, but every blessed day of every year will be a blessed occasion for us who are Theological Scientists, and those with whom we come in contact - regardless of their imagined religious convictions which may differ from our own - because to us is born again a "Child of Great Promise" which shall be to us the "birth of creative Thought-power;" and that we may have the blessed privilege of trying to bring to the world about us Peace and Good Will toward All mankind, and glad tidings through the provable Truth of our spiritual at-one-ment with Infinite Omnipresence, or, if you please, with The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob - and the generations yet unborn.


We are told to fear God, and to love God in the same thought: an utter impossibility.  This remarkable, matchless, marvelous Master was not so much concerned about fearing, or loving, God as He was about loving thy neighbour.  When He was asked which is the greatest of all the commandments, what did He reply?  Let us see:  Luke 10:25-28:


(25)     “And, behold, a certain lawyer stood up, and tempted Hem, saying, 'Master, what shall I do to inherit eternal life?'


(26)     “He said unto him, 'What is written in the Law?  how readest thou?'


(27)     “And He answering said, ‘Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, (meaning emotions)  and with all thy soul (spiritual being), and with all thy strength (Will), and with all thy Mind (with every thought);  and thy neighbour as thyself.'


(28)     “And He said unto him, ‘Thou hast answered right; this do, and thou shalt live'."


Then read the rest of that chapter to the 37th verse, and learn who is your neighbour.  And discover that the Caucasian, the Ethiopian, the Malay, the Mongolian, and the Red man are all brothers and sisters - or, as the immortal Rudyard Kipling might have put it:  "For the Colonel's lady and Judy O' Grady, are sisters under the skin."


If it be true that “the kingdom of God" IS WITHIN you, where else could you expect to locate your God?  And if it be true that you have your God IN you, what more could be required?  You carry your God about with you - WITHIN you - which fortifies you with ALL the Power and ALL the Intelligence necessary to your well-being and eternal Life.   This is what this remarkable Teacher told His disciples and you.  This is, perhaps, the greatest Christmas Gift I could offer to you, through Him - the Gift of Eternal Life in at-one-ment with your God, because of the creative nature of your Thought-power, and my own Peace of Mind.



“And as you would that men should do to you, do you also to them likewise."  “For if you love them which love you, what thank have you?  for sinners (ignorant thinkers) also love those that love them."


“And if you do good to them which do good to you, what thank have you?  for sinners also do even the same."


“And if you lend to them of whom you hope to receive, what thank have you?  for sinners also lend to sinners, to receive as much again."

“But love your enemies, and do good, and lend, and give, hoping for nothing again; and your reward will be great in good measure; and you shall be children of The Highest; for He is kind unto the unthankful and to the evil."


“Be ye therefore merciful, as your 'Father' also is merciful."  Luke 6:31-36.


God be praised for giving us another opportunity to celebrate, commemorate, and prove our gladness that a Teacher walked the earth that men might learn the joy of living courageously.   Let us remember, every day following the 25th day of December, that when we rise after sleep, we are confronted with another opportunity for helping to bring the kingdom of God among men.


My loved ones who are not of the Christian religious conviction need not worship, or adore, This Teacher as their Messiah, BUT every living individual CAN study what He taught, and find that He stands beside Moses, Isaiah, Solomon, Mohammed, Buddha, Rama, as One of, if not the ablest of, the world's great Teachers.  His Wisdom may be applied in principle at any time, in any instance, with astonishing results; for, as He taught, to do good unto others is to correctly apply the Law of Cause and Effect, for the benefit of ourselves and others.


Control every thought and you control your environment and every condition in and of your life and affairs.


This is my Christmas Gift to you.  I cannot wrap this gift in beautiful tissue, tied with pretty ribbons, but I can, and now do, gladly give this Knowledge of which you will be consciously aware - and even more aware as you allow me to continue to be your humble friend and servant.


I am sure you will enjoy the Merriest Christmas, and that the year ahead is going to prove to be a succession of days in good health, prosperity, and the happiness of well-being in well-doing, with many similar recurrences in the years ahead of you.


You have been kind and helpful to me.  You have evidenced your love of me.  Your love and loyalty of, and to, me and our wonderful Mission to so many who have been helped so much by this remarkable Knowledge has many times been cause for me to gratefully acknowledge your appreciated Fellowship in holding my feeble hands aloft, that many others might progress.  I know God, our Masters and Elder Brothers richly bless and care for and guide you; and daily I prayerfully affirm your well-being in close attention to the creative Thought-power which is yours to direct, in your spiritual at-one-ment with Him and Them.


Our Christmas Day Silence communion and adoration will be at sunset, wherever you may be.  I hope you will light a candle, if possible, as evidence of your conscious awareness that You Are The Light of the world.  Wherever you may be, whatever you may be doing, with whomsoever you may be, it will require but a moment of Thought to join with me, in holding the Affirmative Thought: “I thank You 'Father'  (or Lord, or as you wish) that You have heard me; and that You care for and guide me and mine, in All our Ways.  I thank You for my developing ability to outwardly express the Kingdom of God for the benefit of all with whom I come in contact."

The Spirit of The Christ will be in your mind and heart and home, or room, this Christmas Season.  My peace I give to you with my best wishes and love for a joyous Christmas and a Happy, Prosperous New Year in Good Health.  May God love you as I do.






Dr. Hugh G. Carruthers. B-11