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December 2018

My Dear Friend and Fellow Member:


Whenever a cycle changes, there is a brief pause, a stopping point, then it moves ahead in a new direction. The Winter Solstice coming up on December 21 is a perfect example this change. The seeds covered by a blanket of snow in the frozen earth are hibernating til the warmth of spring calls them out. Yet, inside that seed, the process is completed.


I feel like I too am in that Pause place now, that momentary stop — before moving in a new direction.......... Over the years, our Society and Fellowship has periodically experienced difficult times

when financial support has been slow and low. Looking back I’d have to say it occurs every seven to ten years. The number of students enrolled in our Course has also decreased through the years. Many drop out before finishing the first year. Actually, we currently have more Chela who have completed the Course, some more than once, who are still getting our Monthly Letter and supporting us. Even so, in the past 3 to 4 months our income, which comes wholly from your donations, was half of what has been our average for the last few years. Most of our first year students are very conscience and some even pay ahead for six months or a year.


Still, I knew it was time and I had to let my assistant, Sue Barker go. I took money out of my personal savings to pay Sue what I owed her for wages from October and November. You should also know that for the past year Sue has only been working approximately 20 hours a month rather than the 20 or so hours a week she had previously worked. Without Sue’s help I will be the one getting the Lessons and Letters out each month.


For many years I had thought about combining the Lessons together in Volumes and offer them in a book format. I am exploring that and kindle options as well as print on demand since publishing costs are rather high. Ruth Carruthers of course never took to kindly to such an idea, reminding me that it was contrary to the way in which the Course for designed to be used. However, times have changed and it is time for me to consider that avenue. Whatever help and support you can offer will be gratefully appreciated including sharing it with former members you may know.


Meanwhile, life goes on and we are about to enter the sacred season celebrated after the longest night in the depth of winter brings new hope, new light, new understanding. This powerful time in the cycle of life and death, death and rebirth known as the Winter Solstice occurs this year on December

  1. Metaphysically, it signifies the point in the cycle when the new Light awakens the Spirit in mankind. The longest night and shortest day of the year - the Winter Solstice, marks the point in time when the cycle changes. It is the pause point. All motion ceases, yet new Life begins to stir.


We each in our own ways go through cycles in our life, some occur based on the seasonal calendar, some are based on our physical age or emotions or life events. Cycles are part of our lives. They repeat again and again. We cannot stop the cycle of endings or the birth of new beginnings.

New life is always born within us. Is this not what we celebrate during this sacred season. All the world’s major religions have recognized this time of the year for centuries as representing a time of Renewal, Light and Vitality. Judaism celebrates Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights; Pagans celebrate Yule on the Winter Solstice (the birthday of the new Sun King); Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus and we no matter what else the holiday season means to us, we celebrate the birth of our own Christ Consciousness.


The Holidays bring us back to our center. I am reminded of a story of Robert Scott, great explorer of the South Pole, who was once camped alone in a tent, on an isolated polar spot. A fierce snowstorm caused a “white-out” condition, when snow, sky and horizon all seem to blend together, making movement unsafe. Visibility was zero. Everyday. Scott would try to take a short walk in one direction, always being careful to count his steps to and from his tent.


One morning as he walked back, he was unable to in find his tent. Not able to see anything, Scott decided to choose a new center. He planted a spoke firmly n the snow. Then he started pacing ten steps forward and back again in each direction. He found that by starting each time from this center, he was soon able to locate his tent. His life was saved.


Like Scott we can find our way by simply choosing a new center within ourselves. The God- center of Infinite Wisdom and Divine Guidance. This Spiritual Sun is the Guiding Star that led the Magi, The Wise Men of the East [Metaphysically the East represents the inner wisdom of our own being.] to the place where the child lay - the place of good in our life - the Presence of God at the center of our being. Here within us we find our Light, the compass of our life. Doctor suggested at the close of one of his December Chat Letters, that each of us light a candle as evidence of our conscious awareness that We Are The Light of the world and to signify the awakening in us of the Christ Consciousness. I think that is a wonderful idea. And, if you happen to attend a Candlelight Service during this season, as your candle is lit, remember that we are bearers of Light aware of our Christ Consciousness.


We did include a special Christmas Offering envelope last month, if you have not yet used perhaps you will now. Since the beginning of this Society, it has been your generosity at Christmas and Doctor’s Birthday that has put us in the black and able to continue this work. Many members use this opportunity to catch up on the months they did not send a contribution. We truly appreciate your continued support; it is your generosity which enables us to continue to make this Course of Study available.


In Him and Them we are blessed,

Rev. Ann B. Schmitt




Hugh G. Carruthers


Prior Right Established


Hugh Greer Carruthers



My dear Chela,


My thanks to you for having me in for this visit. I hope I come at a time when you are not too busily engaged otherwise; but if, perchance, you may find it inconvenient to visit with me now, I am patient, and I can wait until you shall be free from all other considerations, when we can visit and “chat” undisturbed.


We shall soon have completed another year on the Path in this earth-plane, and if we are wise we shall “seal” the “box” containing all our ills and distresses, that they may not escape into Now, as did Pandora, in Greek mythology, when, through curiosity, she opened the box which the god Zeus had given to her, containing all the ills of the world, saving only Hope, and scattering distress over the earth.


We can, if we will, apply ourselves to The Master’s suggestion, “Follow ‘Me’; and let the dead bury their dead,” by which He meant that we should leave what occurred in the Past, and forget it all; and not resurrect all our erroneous karma into every new day.


You will notice that I said “We shall soon have completed another year” on the Path in this earth- plane. I did not say that another year is coming to an end. Time never comes to an end. A year is a period in Time - not a period of Time. Time does not move; it is we who move in Time. Time is forever NOW. It is a fallacy to declare, “I do not have enough time,” for we all HAVE aeons of Time.  What is meant is that we do not have any more of Time than Now - this instant; and it is in this instant of Time Now that we should strive to grow in greater spiritual capacity to Know and to Understand and to Be and Do and Have what thing soever we Will. This, and every other accomplishment BEGINS with the Thought which is the Cause which begets, or creates the pattern of our manifested desire.


An old maxim says that “He who hesitates is lost.” How true! He who hesitates to think independently, or who procrastinates in the erroneous belief that “tomorrow,” or some “future time,” may be a better “Now” to begin to create the pattern of his desire, in a mental picture, will never develop the ability to concentrate, to say nothing about “Being, Doing and Having what things soever he may desire.”


On the Path in Karma we evidence many and varied characterizations, or conditions of Being; for it is true, as the immortal, unrecognized Initiate, Shakespeare said, “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances; And one man in his time plays many parts...”


One may play the role of “ordinary being,” and through carelessness, or ignorance, or mere “blind belief” and near constant dissatisfaction, the ordinary individual will continue on in time, experiencing practically all the ills known to humanity. Then fall into a rut of his own making, until the rut he dug becomes the grave of his misused body. A body fashioned to be a temple which he leaves as its last exhalation to return to from Whence he came into this existence, to resume his struggle on the next plane of astral Being.


Another may rise a little higher, and through desire to acquire a share of the desirable things of this plane of existence. This Being will prepare themself by study and work, and promote material interests; improve condition; attain to a larger measure of capacity and ability, and provide for loved ones and dependents. Often to the neglect of his physical body, only to learn that the “end” of his earth-plane journey compels him to discard the body and move on to the next plane of Being, for preparation to take up again at some future “rendezvous” the personal task he should have performed Here Now.


A third, perhaps, may give a greater measure of attention to what happens IN him, and develop the ability to “hear” and heed That still, small Voice within; and so become curious enough to want to Know What It IS within that so unerringly and so persistently seems to care for and guide him in all ways. and he becomes a Truth Seeker. If he persists in his quest he cannot fail to discover that there IS within What may be correctly called “God.” As this one continues to seek and learn they find and develops the ability to understand that “the kingdom of God IS WITHIN.”


If one decides to devote a large measure of attention and efforts to their own Personal Development, they will increasingly enjoy Self-improvement, through Self Knowledge, and the degree of development thereafter can, indeed, will, be commensurate with their desire and Will. We may observe this fact in humanity and in a majority of those Here Now. Many awakened Souls have chosen to be in residence on the planet at this time. It is these people - people like you who are attractedto our teaching and others like it - who are helping to awaken others and shift the consciousness of the world. It is an exciting time to be alive and that is why we are here now.


The first and second types have been, and are, legion, and we may see the evidence of their struggles on every hand, in what is called “fear,” “lack,” “loss,” limitation, worry, illness of all descriptions, misery, suffering, failure, and other forms of observable distress. And these are called the “leaners,” because they are dependent upon the few who CAN Think.


The fourth type seems to be rare; they are that enviable two percent of the race; the Doers, the creators, the givers, the Lifters; and as a consequence they enjoy the good things of this life, and the Life itself. Out of this ambitious few there rises - too infrequently, it is true - another....



The fifth type, who in their search for The Truth discover that because “the kingdom of God IS within,” they must be in at-one-ment with The Infinite Omnipresence in ALL Its forms and degrees; and they develop a preference for Higher spiritual development - some of them becoming sages, seers, mystics; others Masters, or in lesser degrees of spiritual development, Initiates or Adepts - helpers of the race.


These greater Ones work while Here in the earth-plane for the benefit of others; especially for those who seek the Truth of Being, and, as a result They not only help those who heed their guidance, but they improve and develop themselves to astonishing degrees of Power and ability, for which some have been known as a Savior. There are still a few Saviors here now.


As Their earth-plane journey led them on to ever greater development, they were preparing to take their rightful places in the Higher plane of Being which we Theological Scientists know as “The Lodge of Elder Brothers,” and it is these advanced Ones Who are with us, guiding us, who recognize Them for what They truly are. These are they who, because of Their earth-plane activities - while here and after having responded to the Infinite summons - were misnamed by the early Church “Fathers,” “Guardian angels.”


There is, and always has been, an inner longing for Knowledge and Understanding; for beauty, for harmony, peace and justice and freedom - and there always will be, especially for those who may have acquired some degree of conscious, or unconscious, development. The individual who has never had any desire to know about Himself, his God, and the Mysteries of Life is that one who lacks ambition, and has not risen much above the brute stage, and may be classified with the lower animal nature, and the insane.


All these desires and yearnings of the inner man are fundamentally based upon one fact; i.e., the omni-consciousness of every individual; for it is a fact that “the living Soul” Which the individual became when he entered into the body he now occupies, as its first inhalation, or Breath-of-life, is a very definite part, and to Which You must eventually return. Thus, you see, the inner urge and yearning to Know The Truth of Being is a reflection of the Divinity Which dwells In you.


Whether you are aware of it or not, there has often been a sense of the realization of Your at-one- ment - a sense of recognition - which has led you to either desire more Knowledge about Deity, the Universe and Your Self, or, at least, to reason that such Knowledge is and must be available. And you are correct in this because there is Light and Understanding to be had, because the Universe is an observable orderly system of balance under Cosmic Intelligence and Justice, and that one whose earnest desire for Knowledge impels him to “seek and find” - even in an indefatigable search, in mental refusal to succumb to discouragement at any time, will be guided to That Light and Understanding.


When this conscious awareness of his inner spiritual Being comes to him, he then recognizes the fact that there is also This spiritual grandeur outside of him, in other persons; which leads to the


recognition of spiritual kinship, or at-one-ment, of All Spirituality - whether within living beings and creatures, or in the universal expanse of The Infinite Omnipresence.


Those who are spiritually awakened realize that other men and women can also be grand and noble and great; and when we fail to observe that grandeur in human expression, we realize that the nobility of spiritual development must be potential; and instead of condemning, we seek to serve and help - and it has been well said, “He even serves, who only stands and waits.” If we are patient we shall not wait very long until someone asks: “What is IT that you have which makes yo so different from others?” The answer is simplicity itself: refer your interrogator to Matthew 13:10-17.


  • And the disciples came and said unto Him, ‘Why speakest thou unto them in parables?’


  • “He answered and said unto them, ‘Because it is given unto you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven (which is within you), but to them it is not


  • For whosoever hath (Understanding), to him shall be given, and he shall have more abundance (greater Understanding); but whosoever hath not (Understanding), from him shall be taken away, even that (which) he (seemeth) to


  • “Therefore speak I to them in parables; because they seeing see not; and hearing they hear not, neither do they understand.


  • And in them is fulfilled the prophecy of Easias, which saith, By hearing ye shall hear, and shall not understand; and seeing ye shall see, and shall not perceive’;


  • “For this people’s heart is waxed gross (callous), and their ears are dull of hearing, and their eyes they have closed; lest at any time they should see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and should understand with their heart (emotionally), and should be converted, and ‘I’ should heal


  • “But blessed are your eyes, for they see; and your ears, for they


  • “For verily I say unto you, That many prophets and righteous men have desired to see those things which ye see, and have not seen them; and to hear those things which ye hear, and have not heard them’.”


The majority of the mass of humanity actually do not “see” and understand what they read; nor do they actually “hear” and understand what is told to them; hence the reason why it has been easy for the false teachers to deceive so many with mythical, unprovable tales about God afar off in some unprovable location in the heavens (although the Master they profess to follow located God Within you).


When reference is made to any of the ancient Masters, or Mystics, the average parrot-like ecclesiastic, mouthing what he has been taught to say in a seminary, will invariably condemn them as “pagans” - never realizing that the Pagan Masters were more enlightened than themselves. The Master said, “You shall know the Truth and the Truth shall make you free,” meaning free from the shackles of fear and subjection to the Will of the false teachers.


If and when the individual begins to glimpse even a slight hint of Truth, and discovers that there is Within every living being a “Something” - call It what you will. It is not only a Center, or Source, of All Supply, including intuitive guidance for conscious awareness, and for physical health and well- being. The seeker also learns that the Divine is operative in other human beings as in himself; and that it is possible that some of these others are cognizant of their spiritual powers and potentialities.


The thinking individual then begins to realize that there must be, and must have been, Others more highly developed than they, who may have become One with The Infinite Omnipresence, and Who manifest Their mastery over conditions and Their compassionate mastery over people; for there are, indeed, such wondrously advanced Ones in the world; in this earth-plane and in the Higher planes of Being and Becoming. and that They often make contact with those Here who are earnestly seeking The Truth, and applying principles as they become aware of their own inner powers.


These highly advanced Men are Few in the earth-plane, but They ARE Here, Now, under the spiritual direction of Their Guru and Master, and They devote Their lives and attentions to the good of those of the race who seek higher development. They are always available at your call; and your call registers in your desire to contact Them, or any One of Them. The Elder Brothers Who have long since passed this Way in Their evolutionary progression are in spiritual association with the earth- plane Initiates, Adepts, and Master and are in constant contact with humanity in the earth-plane.


These Elder Brothers are They Who have chosen - and been chosen - to remain in contact with humanity Here, while many Others have progressed to other, more important duties. All strs engaged in promoting the good of Identities in universal existence. It is quite possible that you, yourself, at one time or another may have “sensed,” or “felt,” or even “seen” a Presence close enough to you to be distinguishable. You may have imagined that you saw a “Ghost,” or, if you related your experience to a clergyman, you may have been told that you saw a “Ghost.” But the Elder Brothers are NOT “Ghosts” in any sense of the term; They are Spiritual Beings freely capable of moving about in the earth as They Will, or as demanded by necessity, and equally capable of assuming a form, as They occupied when in the earth-plane (which is Their astral form). And you as an ever awakening spiritual being are sensitive to the subtle energies and able to perceive the presence of these Brothers.


Then again, you, or someone you know, may have “seen” a less developed Identity, Which could not impart information, direction, or guidance; being not so highly developed. Haven’t you heard someone declare, at some time after the passing of a parent: “I distinctly “saw” Papa, (or Mamma) standing in the doorway” (several days, or weeks, or more, after having responded to The Infinite summons)? Many persons have had such an experience.


One of my beloved Chelas once came to talk with me and said, “I am very much frightened. I saw my father standing in the doorway of our living room, and looking directly at me.” Her father was then alive and seemingly quite healthy. “I knew he was in bed and retired for the night, because I went in to him to find out if he had enough covers. I was too scared at that moment to leave my chair and go again to his bedroom, for I should have to pass through that same doorway. Can you tell me something of this?”


I asked, first, “Why were you frightened? Your father, like all of us, occupies a physical form. He is not the form, any more than You are a body. He, like You, occupies a body; and the body is subject to eventual discontinuance in its present form and, like you and every other mortal in the earth-plane, he must one day respond to The Infinite summons and discard the body to go on to the next plane of Being. It may have been that you had been thinking about him, without being conscious that you were doing so; or it may be that you had been thinking about him and his condition of health at some time previous to that experience, and at which time you “gave” the thought to your subconscious, which was then returning it to your consciousness. Or you may have imagined that you saw him standing in the doorway; for you say that you had gone to his bedroom to note if he had enough covers. But why be fearful?”


I listened as she related her fear about her father’s health. He seemed to be in reasonably good condition, and she could not account for her sense of fear about him. I asked if she had been “hearing” or “seeing” anything out of the ordinary everyday routine of her affairs and, after considering for a minute, or so, she suddenly seemed to be aware that she had, in fact, seemed to hear a voice - a rather deep, like a baritone voice, say, close to her ear, about a week before her experience of “seeing” her father, “Your father will be coming over to us soon.” At the time she paid little attention, believing that she was imagining. She did not “see” anyone nor even a form; she did not “see” anything; merely, rather indistinctly, heard the quoted remark.


As she sat beside my desk I was suddenly aware of my own intuitive prompting, and I told her that her father might be leaving her at any time; and that when he did depart, she must not grieve and mourn his “going on,” in her selfish desire to “hold” him Here. I explained that we are all entitled to release from the body which is, in part, or in whole, distressing and unfit to occupy longer. I know she understood my intimation, for when her father did expire, two days following her visit with me, she telephoned me and I went to her home, and found her in very well controlled state of mind; and she told me that she was reconciled to his passing on in greater growth and progression; and I silently affirmed my gratitude to Him and Them for this Knowledge which had so well fortified her in Understanding.


The Ritual of Farewell of The Theological Science Society is, to me, a most beautiful, meaningful and satisfying Service when we, the loved ones, or those in authority to do so, are charged with disposing of the remaining body which became no longer useful to our loved One, and from which He, or She, departed on that undoubtedly exciting experience we all one day must undertake. The immortal William Cullen Bryant must have known much about it, for in His “Thanatopsis” He urges:


“Thou go not, like the quarry-slave at night, Scourged to his dungeon, but, sustained and soothed By an unfaltering trust, approach thy grave

Like one who wraps the drapery of his couch About him, and lies down to pleasant dreams.”


The developed ability to so live as to be ready and able to “approach thy grave with an unfaltering trust,” and to “let the Christ within thee rise,” is what made men into Sages, and Initiates, and Masters and Saviors; and you CAN do the same. And as you progress in your development of Mastery over your self and conditions, and distress, and people, you will find that the old adage, “Birds of a feather flock together” still holds true, because you will become an associate of our Elder Brothers Whose only grand purpose is the guidance of those, like you, who unselfishly and persistently seek for The Truth of Being Here Now.


Reference history - World History - NOT Church history. Think of the great Ones Who rose out of the human race: The Master Melchizedek; Osiris the enlightened One Who gave to Egypt the Wisdom manifested by the Pharoahs and the Prolemys; Abraham, the “Father of many nations,” Moses, the Savior of a great people; Gautama, The Buddha, worshiped by a larger number of people than any other Individual Savior; The Master Emmanuel, the Avatar, miscalled “Jesus;” Sir Francis Bacon, Who, as Lord Verulam, put pen to paper to produce a sublime philosophy; William Shakespeare, the Initiate, Who produced the world’s grandes literature which is still a pattern for authors and psychologists, and finally the Comte de Saint-Germaine, the 10th World Master Who performed so many great feats, many of which bordered on magic, as to be astounding.


And this list does not include any of the truly great Masters Who formulated the Laws of Being by correctly interpreting The Natural Law of the Universe: The blessed Vivekenanda, Master of Masters and Teacher of Teachers, Who lived the whole span of His wonderful 126 years of life in seclusion at the lamasery of Kum Bum (pronounced like as if spelled Koom Boom) at Tangri Nor (now known as Koko Nor) the Great Blue Lake and the Wesak Valley; never appearing to be more than forty years of age at any time, and Teacher of many world Masters by telepathic communication; Mengtze, the great Chinese Master; Vidyapati, of India, glorious Teacher; The Master Kaspar, of Persia, Who dispatched the Three Magi from Persepolis to be present at the birth of the Hebrew child Who was to Become “The King Of Kings,” and Seventh World Master of Wisdom, Whose glorious teachings have been so horribly distorted by innumerable revisions and false teachers, as to have been practically lost to a world of humanity who have been taught the Way of Distress, when mankind should be enjoying a World Brotherhood of equality of all races; This Same Master Emmanuel, falsely called “Jesus,” by the false teachers who would make profit by His adoption as a Savior because of an ignominious “death” on a cross, which fable is wholly untrue, since He did not expire on a cross, nor even in the Holy Land, deliberately warned us to “beware of false teachers; the Truth is NOT in them.”


The Master Ashbina of Assyria, known as “The Magician;” the Greek Master, Apollo (not the Greek god Apollo, of Greek mythology); the Egyptian Master, Matheno, the Wise, Who taught the earlier


Pharoahs and Egyptian Sages; and The Master Philo, of the Hebrews, and the Chief of Hebrew Thought, are All of our Elder Brothers, guiding us toward The Light of Understanding.


In this grand Company were many others in different parts of the world: in Peru, in Mexico, in Yucatan, in what is now the United States of America - the Chief (Master) of the Algonquins Who took the Name of their god, Ewahtah - and gave instruction to the chiefs of the lesser tribes; in the South Pacific land sand islands, as in the Philippines, the Hawaiian islands, Samoa, Bali, Figi, and the Malayans; in Asia, in Thailand and what was Indo-China; in Africa where tribal Chiefs pass the Knowledge of Khahuna on to the eldest son who, in turn, instructs his first-born son, and many of the Chiefs of little known Tribes in Darkest Africa, Whose “magic” and mysterious Knowledge has astounded many scholars.


Many such have long since responded to the Infinite summons and are of That Elect known as our Elder Brothers, and NOW guide many in the earth-plane; while many others are guides to the more advanced Souls of the Earth-chain and the Cycles of the Rounds in Higher Being; and you only need to hold this in mind to draw Them - One or more of Them - to you; for The Law of Attraction is just as potent Today as ever - and if They could demonstrate that Law there is no sensible reason why you can’t, if you Will. I have touched on but a small fraction of the Wisdom exhibited by the Wise Men of Past civilizations.


Great civilizations were continued periods, or eras, of expression. The culture of a Babylon, or a Chaldea, or of ancient Guatemala, or of ancient Peru is not a civilization by itself. And yet all are similar in manner of development. In the course of each civilization, Mystics, or Wise Men of The Order of Melchi-Zedek made use of data of mathematics and astronomy based on movements of earth and stars and asteroids and planets which are forever the same. They also used Teleois proportions, and what we call today trigonometrical proportions, which are forever the same. They built these measurements and proportions into each of the Key temples of each great civilization, including the Great Pyramid of Gizeh.


The Key temple of, perhaps, the most astounding civilization on earth was built on the high eastern side of the Andes mountains in South America. This civilization and its subsequent cultures surpassed anything that has ever followed. No other civilization has been developed on land so high, or reached such heights of power, spiritual idealism, or social justice. Not only did they build titanic structures of the most gigantic stones ever used, but they made the tiniest and most exquisite things to be found on earth. Museums at different locations in South America, Europe and Asia display intricate evidences of this ancient craft; for instance, in one museum is a tiny octagonal piece of their fine gold work, no larger than the head of a pin, each side beautifully engraved, and so finely done that it is hardly discernable by the naked eye.


Of their science there is evidence of skillful surgery, and bridge work, crowning and filling, in dentistry. To meet human needs they developed governmental, educational and economic systems so just that poverty was impossible; and they developed the greatest individual wealth ever known to mankind. Nor has any evidence of mental institutions, or homes for the indigent, been discovered;


and their method and system of social security far surpassed our own. They used gold in nearly everything they built and produced. Their Key temple was lined on the inside, and covered on the outside with great sheets of pure gold. Massive chains of pure gold served to set apart the holy plaza around the temple; altars were of gold, as were interior ornaments, and there were trees, in the gardens, of carved gold.


These recorded facts once seemed to be unbelievable, but archeological discoveries indicate that they were true. Gold was the common element and was used freely as the holy symbol of the radiance of their God in the elements, incarnated in earth. They taught all children that their God was, in part, within all things manifest - not only within the living individual, but in the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms as well. They also taught that when one of their number responded to the Infinite summons he, or she, merely departed from, or relinquished occupancy of, the body, or temple, in which he, or she, had been reincarnated in the earth-plane; and the body was disposed of by cremation or interment or exposure to the elements on a raised platform; the Occupant, or spiritual Being, simply remaining in the spiritual plane of Being all about them - so that their departed Ones, though unseen and unheard, were forever with them and were gradually progressing and developing to the High Intelligence of Spiritual Being. They knew nothing about such terrible myth as a “hell” for the punishment and torture of Souls or Spirits; and their “heaven” was a state of consciousness while living, and a state of omni-consciousness in Spiritual Being. (and we erroneously think of our present civilization as the highest ever known)


Consider the Key temple of the Mayan civilization, whose structures have been recently unearthed, and many restored. The astronomical Knowledge known to Their Mystics is almost beyond belief. It was so amazing as to make our scholars gasp. The proportions of the Sacred Room, or Grotto, of the Great Temple of the pre-Tiahuanacan civilizations are repeated in the Great Mayan Temple; and both of them are symbolized in the Great Pyramid of Gizeh. But everything built into the Great Pyramid was known in the Andes, in Yucatan, Central America and Mexico, long ages before the Great Pyramid on the Nile was built.


Then think of the Key temple and the lesser sacred structures of ancient Cathay (which was known to western Europe as China) and before was Cataya, of Tatar origin. It was the pre-Cathayan Temple of Heaven, preceding the oldest Chinese cultures of which historians have written - and all the recordings therein are also embodied in the Pyramid of Gizeh.


The proportions of the Temple of Eleusis, where they practiced the religious Elusianian Mysteries in ancient Attica, based upon the teachings of the Mysteries of Demeter and Persephone, - known as the worship of Life, when still a highly spiritual worship - repeat the designs in the Great Pyramid; and are found also in the Temenos, sacred are of Ur of such ancient origin that Ur was then an island in the Persian Gulf.


The design and proportions of the “Holy of Holies” in the temple Jerusalem, including the dimensions of the Sacred Ark, are recorded in the Great Pyramid.


The two other temples, of the Seven Key Temples of ancient history are (1) The Temple of Conforming Power of the Great Pyramid, and (2) the New Temple in the eastern Andes.



The first three of the temples referred to were built, respectively, 4498 years; 3031 years; and 763 years before the Great Pyramid of Gizeh, on the Nile, in Egypt; the fourth was built 1330 years, and the fifth 1870 years, respectively, after the Pyramid of Gizeh was built; and the mid-year of the Great Pyramid was 2887 B.C. The New Andean Temple has been in course of construction - and not yet completed - for more than sixty years. (Date this transcription: 1955)


The Tibetan development is comparatively recent, and is an extension of ancient Cathayan culture. The time of the building of the temples of Thibet may be surprising, because most students of the ancient Wisdom have been led by false teachers and charlatans to believe that they are very old in point of time. The Truth is that all of the temples of all of Thibet are of comparatively recent development. It is not to be inferred that the Mystics Who directed the civilization of ancient Tiajura were the same Men Who, thousands of years later established Mysticism in Thibet; but it was the same Order, or Brotherhood, of Mystics Which left the records of the design of the Great Pyramid - not in Egypt, but in temples built 3679 years afterwards, thousands of miles distant - in the sacred City of Lhasa, in Thibet. There is much evidence of all this.


In the Great Hall of Initiation, in the temple at Lhasa, may be seen the same sacred boss (type of stud) which was built into the Great Pyramid 3679 years before. In the residence-ashrama, or personal temple, of the Dalai Lama, or Grand Master, in Lhasa is another symbolized Holy of Holies, from which a tunnel leads into the Great Temple; and the Great Temple at Lhasa has been so constructed that the height is equal to the depth; that is, that there are as many levels beneath the surface of the earth as above; none but the Buddhist lamas and officials are ever allowed in the chambers beneath, regardless of who it may be. In The Temple of Rammoche, and in the sacred Thibetan lamaseries at Drepung, Serah, Gahnden and Kum Bum, which are not Buddhist - the last being the Center of the Grand Lama of The Order of Mystics, are symbols and exact proportions of structures as are in Tiahuanaco, Mexico, Yucatan, Central America and the Andes, as well as in the Great Pyramid of Gizeh, the Temple of Eleusis, and the long unused and abandoned Temple at Persepolis in Persia - all of which were built, or erected by, and under the direction of the Same continuing Order of Mystics, or Wise Men.


The Knowledge of the Wise Men is recorded. Their prophecies are cut in stone; and they have come true, and are being fulfilled today. The mathematical recordings, and the symbolical hieroglyphics which foretell of the present Age (Aquarian) in which we Now are, are still to be seen on the East wall of the lower Grand Gallery which leads to the sunken crypt entering into the Kings’ Chamber. The Department of Hierology of the University of Oxford, in England, made and kept recordings taken during pilgrimages to Egypt, Mexico, and other locations of these ancient temples.


This all gives us a divine certainty, or reasonable faith, to know that Those Who built Their Knowledge and prophecies into the structures of all of the Key Temples, KNEW what they were


leaving to all future time. They symbolized in stone of the Pyramid the great, or principal, attainments of civilizations which had existed thousands of years before the Pyramid was built; which proves that Their Knowledge of the Past was exact.


The fact that They left in the Great Pyramid records of symbols to be built in the Holy of Holies - and the exact date when It would be built - (1870 years after the Pyramid) - there is proof of the Truth of Their prophecies of the future.


Be it noted, also, that every date shown is a numerological equation of the Septimal Cycle; that is, every date may be added up to a final seven; for example, the first date shown: 4498 years - 4 plus 4 plus 9 plus 8, totals 25, and 2 plus 5 totals to 7. The same is true of the last date shown: 1870 years after the Pyramid - and every date shown - 1 plus 8 plus 7 totals 16, which adding the 1 and the 6 makes 7. All the evidence of Their Knowledge and Prophecies show that Those Mystic Wise Men knew and understood the rate of Man’s progress of the Past and the Future, and that They have given us much upon which we may depend. Such certainty of The Truth enables us to develop perfect Faith in our Knowledge of the ancient Wisdom, in Its present form of Theological Science, and we Can depend upon our Knowledge of our own Annual Septimal Cycle. You may order a copy of your Septimal Cycle on our website, be sure to include your birth day and month.


Since these Mystics knew the Past before it was past; and knew the Future before it is future - Their guidance for us can certainly be more accurate than any human teachers in earth today. In this Age of Transforming Change there is great need of accurate guidance.


If you have any erroneous idea that you are not cared for and guided by That Great Spiritual Fraternity of Elder Brothers Who have long since passed this Way, and are devoted and dedicated to conforming earth-plane guidance, you can perish the thought. When you learn to appreciate the inner guidance and spiritual Presence of our Elder Brothers you will gradually develop the ability to “look for,” and wait patiently for guidance from within; and you may then think, as did John, Paul, Solomon, Moses, The Christ, and all other intelligent Ones, “I KNOW that my Redeemer liveth!” And as Jesus proclaimed: “Thy ‘Father” knoweth what things you have need of, before you ask; when, then, will ye ask?”


It was They Who so intelligently “drew the four corners of the world;” originated latitude and longitude, “set the planets and worlds in undeviating motion;” planned and built every Key Temple of the ancient civilizations with such perfection that we, Today, IF we Will, depend upon Their prophecies and predictions (left cut in stone for us to decipher) as safely as we can rely upon Their guidance. The average individual needs a new realization that the Divinity of old is the Divinity of Today.


Or, if you wish to be scientific and resort to written guidance, in connection with spiritual guidance within you, you have an infallible chart which you CAN follow closely in what is called “The New Testament,” which is supposed to reveal the teachings of The Master of Galilee; the only


necessity being that you appreciate the fact that, after many revisions by ecclesiastics you will find it necessary to decipher His instructions allegorically and symbolically, to find the hidden Truth which you may weave into your life and affairs in your thinking.



You will find, too, that it makes not the slightest difference what religion you profess, or imagine you believe - because His teachings ARE exactly like the teachings of All other Masters - Abraham, Isaac, Moses, Isaiah, Hillel, Eli, Solomon, Mengtze, Vidyapati, Pythagoras, and the Great One, Melchi- Zedek - and the many lesser Initiates and Adepts of the Ages.  It is not a matter of religious belief; it is purely a matter of Truth, and The Truth is the Same in any religious (hidden) doctrine, or even in the absence or religious principles.


Our thanks to y for your attention, and for our kindness nd helpfulness to me and our Fraternity. Our wishes and love are with you, as we prayerfully affirm your well-being every day. God blesses you, and The Chosen Ones of The Infinite stand every ready to guide you.


Dr. Hugh G. Carruthers